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A screenshot from Dam! The Story of Kit the Beaver. (Courtesy Kjell Boersma)

Ryerson alumnus creates silent film for Canada’s 150th

Created by Ryerson film alumnus Kjell Boersma, the movie follows Kit, a young and spirited beaver who finds herself on adventures with different animals as she collects wood for her colony’s dam. The film officially premiered to the public on Saturday at the end of a film-themed concert performed by the TSO and conducted by Earl Lee.

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Ryersonians in New York: Alison Hall

Ryersonians in New York: Alison Hall

Mahyn Qureshi   “I basically ambushed him. He was coming out of a building and secret service was there, and he had already won the nomination. ‘Mr. Trump! What do you think of Barbara Res’s article about working with you?’” This was the question Ryerson journalism alumna Alison Hall had for President Donald Trump, who at the time was the […]

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Aditya Aman is the frontman of Beige Shelter, an indie folk band from Mississauga, Ont.

Engineering grad breaking into Toronto music scene with Beige Shelter

  Aditya Aman has come a long way since he graduated from Ryerson in 2009. When he was a student, he was too shy to even take part in an open mic night. Eight years later, he now feels comfortable playing to an audience. “Once you do something a few times, it feels like brushing your teeth. You don’t think […]

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Ryersonians in New York: Christina Dun

Ryersonians in New York: Christina Dun

Living in New York is a dream for people all over the world, including Ryerson alumna Chirstina Dun. Through refining her education through journalism school and plenty of hard work, she turned her dreams into a reality and found herself living and working in the concrete jungle.

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(Courtesy of Araya Mengesha)

Ryerson’s theatre school alumni bid farewell to the building

Now that the theatre school building has closed down, alumni reflect on their time at Ryerson. 1. Araya Mengesha, actor on CBC’s Shoot the Messenger “I’m kind of sad [that the building is closing down]. We were just on our own in this old building and there’s something about that felt like it was a world of our own. With that […]

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(Courtesy Surita Gor)

Rye grad to be published in national library

When Ryerson graduate Virus the Poet started doing spoken word, he said it was a way for him to “give a voice to the voiceless.” Now the Toronto-based artist is being published in an anthology for the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. “Spoken word poetry, to me, means encouraging and supporting human beings,” said Virus, born Viral Gor. He […]

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Q-and-A: Ryerson grad, Stephanie Noritz

Q-and-A: Ryerson grad, Stephanie Noritz

How a fine arts student turned into a successful photographer.

Ethical veganism now protected by Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ethical veganism now protected by Ontario Human Rights Commission

Last month, The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) announced it would be expanding its definition of creed to include veganism as an ideology with similar discrimination protection rights as other belief systems.

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Mena Massoud  (Courtesy David Leyes)

Past and present Ryerson students work the set at YTV

It’s a story made for TV — YTV to be exact. Ryerson graduate Mena Massoud and Duhin Nanda, a third-year media production student, were roommates in Neill Wycik student residence in 2012. The pair now share more than just that in common as they both work with YTV. The Tuesday Jan. 20 premiere of Open Heart put Ryerson theatre school […]

Cristian Villamarin and Alanna Harvey are co-founders of Flipd.  (Jessica Murray/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson alumni to launch new app called Flipd

Here’s one app that won’t have you glued to your phone. Ryerson alumna Alanna Harvey and co-founder, Cristian Villamarin, are launching their new app, Flipd, at the beginning of February. The app limits time people spend using their phones and controls the habit of excessive device use. Users can lock – or flip off – their mobile or tablet devices […]

Don Obe dies, leaves Ryerson legacy

Don Obe dies, leaves Ryerson legacy

Ryerson alumni and former School of Journalism chair Don Obe died on Nov. 7 at Toronto General Hospital after a period of declining health. He was 78. Obe graduated from the Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1959 and would return to the school to take the journalism chair position from 1983 to 2001. His journalistic career spanned both magazines and […]

Juno-nominated folk musician Peter Katz will be headlining the first-ever Gould Street Party. (Courtesy Peter Katz)

Juno-nominated Ryerson alumus to perform at Gould Street Party

A Juno-nominated Ryerson grad will be returning to campus for the university’s first-ever Gould Street Party. Acclaimed folk musician Peter Katz will be headlining the event on Saturday as part of Ryerson’s alumni weekend, which takes place October 17-18. Katz will be performing alongside Karen Kosowski, a music producer and songwriter who splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles. Katz […]

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Ryerson alum bring Arctic horrors to TIFF

Ryerson alum bring Arctic horrors to TIFF

As a child growing up in Nunavut, Nyla Innuksuk was told terrifying myths by her elders. The tales are a tradition in the Inuit culture, and serve as cautionary tales for youth. “The environment’s so harsh that if you do something wrong as a kid in the Arctic, the consequences are that much more severe,” the Ryerson film graduate said. That […]

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Ryerson student documents experiences of the transgender community

Ryerson student documents experiences of the transgender community

Markus Harwood-Jones, 22, proudly wears his heart on his sleeve. He emanates confidence donning a sweater with words from anti-apartheid social activist Desmond Tutu: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” The quote is fitting for the Ryerson University sociology major who is creating a documentary about transgender experiences in Canada […]

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The 2005 graduate wanted an engraved plaque placed on a seat to honour a friend who died after a three-year battle with cancer. (Rebecca Sedore / Ryersonian Staff)

Alumnus’ donation in honour of deceased Rams player unacknowledged for months

By Matthew Kennedy & Allie Coulman A Ryerson alumnus donated $500 to name a seat at the Mattamy Athletic Centre in honour of his deceased friend, but the university did not provide an update after receiving his donation two months ago. Alex Husarewych, who graduated in 2005, will play in this weekend’s alumni hockey game. He said he wanted an […]

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Film rights sold for Ryerson grad’s book about Rob Ford

Film rights sold for Ryerson grad’s book about Rob Ford

Ryerson graduate Robyn Doolittle has just sold the film and television rights of her newly published book Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story to Blue Ice Pictures, a Toronto-based production company. Doolittle’s Crazy Town has been on the market for only one week. The book tracks Rob Ford’s rise to mayor and subsequent scandals from Doolittle’s perspective as a reporter for […]

From left to right: Ilana Pluchik,Elaine Zlotkowski, Ramya Jegatheesan, Althea Manasan (from left to right), pose at the Toronto Urban FIlm Festival at the Drake Hotel. (Courtesy Greg Bunker)

Ryerson grads’ documentary to screen at national film festival

Three Ryerson graduates have been nominated for Canada’s National Screen Institute (NSI) Online Short Film Festival. Emerging filmmakers and alumnae from the master of journalism program, Althea Manasan, Elaine Zlotkowski and Ramya Jegatheesan, along with York University graduate Ilana Pluchik, produced and directed the short documentary, The Missing, which looks at the oil paintings of Toronto artist Ilene Sova’s The […]

Graeme Smith, Ryerson journalism alumni and former Globe and Mail war reporter.

Ryerson grad shortlisted for Taylor Prize

A Ryerson journalism graduate has been shortlisted for the RBC Taylor Prize for literary non-fiction. Graeme Smith’s war memoir, The Dogs Are Eating Them Now: Our War in Afghanistan, was one of five nominees for the 13-year-old prize. In it, Smith recounts shocking details of his time reporting from the front line of Canada’s mission in southern Afghanistan and how […]