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Courtesy of Noctem App

Rye students build an app to curate nightlife

A group of Ryerson students is developing an app to curate Toronto nightlife. Noctem is an app, in its developing stages, designed to better answer the question, ‘What are we doing tonight?’ The app functions similarly to Spotify. Users choose their vibe, ranging from a comedy bar to a club. Then, the app asks how adventurous the user is feeling, scaling […]

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Akindi App, Photo by Kevin Siazon

In brief: Akindi launches new grading app for professors

By Robyn Fiorda & Shaian Martin DMZ-based startup Akindi partnered with Toronto company Tiny Hearts this summer to launch a mobile app that gives professors an easier way to grade exams. The app is an extension of Akindi’s Scantron-alternative system. “It helps instructors not only access their grades on their phone, but they can actually generate the bubble sheets from […]

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Owen Osinde, CEO of Sneakerdeck, and Jasem Ahmady, lead of operations and design, at the Branded TO competition April 8. (Courtesy Sneackerdeck)

Students’ app combines social media with sneakers

A group of Ryerson students created Sneakerdeck, an app they hope will become the go-to social platform for people who love sneakers.

(Courtesy RightBlue Labs)

Logit app helps athletes stay healthy

RightBlue Labs — a start-up company partnered with the Ryerson’s DMZ — recently announced a new partnership with Racquetball Canada to provide raquetball players with Logit, an athlete monitoring system. The Logit application monitors different health risks during training sessions with the goal of preventing or minimizing time lost due to injuries. Geri Powell, the administrator of high performance and […]

(Mikaila Kukurudza/Ryersonian Staff)

Rye students release DormRoom social networking app

The DormRoom app was released Feb. 10 after receiving approval from Apple. The app intends to be a combination of Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder just for students.

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Rye grad, OCAD students help make Uber accessible

Rye grad, OCAD students help make Uber accessible

AccessNow’s Maayan Ziv and the Inclusive Design Research Centre students at OCAD enlightened Uber on challenges faced by people with disabilities.

A screenshot from the app (Courtesy Twitter/@PhMai).

TRSM’s Social Media Lab monitors election buzz using new online tool

The Social Media Lab at the Ted Rogers School of Management recently launched an online tool that helps monitor social media buzz about Canadian politics and the upcoming federal election. Called PoliDashboard, the tool monitors Twitter activity containing the hashtags #cdnpoli and #elxn42.   PoliDashboard was launched online on Sept. 15 and was revealed to the public last Tuesday, when […]

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Ryerson student’s new app wants to sell you an electric car

Ryerson student’s new app wants to sell you an electric car

A Ryerson student is hoping to convince people to drive electric cars by aiming for the place they care about most: their wallets. Fifth-year marketing and entrepreneurship major Ilya Zatolokin has created a web application that shows users how much money drivers can save with an electric car. The app, Drive EV, allows users to compare the costs of their […]

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Cristian Villamarin and Alanna Harvey are co-founders of Flipd.  (Jessica Murray/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson alumni to launch new app called Flipd

Here’s one app that won’t have you glued to your phone. Ryerson alumna Alanna Harvey and co-founder, Cristian Villamarin, are launching their new app, Flipd, at the beginning of February. The app limits time people spend using their phones and controls the habit of excessive device use. Users can lock – or flip off – their mobile or tablet devices […]

A Tree App for Ryerson’s Campus

A Tree App for Ryerson’s Campus

Ryerson University’s Nature in the City project will be launching a web app that allows a person to walk through campus, stop in front of a tree, and using a mobile browser, be given a wealth of eco-information specific to that tree. is the spawn of the recently launched, a city-wide tree learning experience on trees and the […]

The Vessels app will allow the user to take a narrated virtual tour of the cardiovascular system, and give them a close-up look inside models of the human heart, veins, arteries and capillaries.
(Deepika Shewaramani/ Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson students develop ‘Magic School Bus’ app

A group of fourth-year Ryerson University students is bringing The Magic School Bus to life by developing Canada’s first virtual, curriculum-based field trip. Vessels VR is an immersive virtual reality application that will explore the blood vessels in the human body. It completely surrounds its users with a 3-D computer-generated world to step into. The Vessels app will allow the […]

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Ryerson mobile app encourages interaction with Toronto trees

Ryerson mobile app encourages interaction with Toronto trees

Researchers at Ryerson are moving education to the outdoors in an immersive way with the development of a mobile app about Toronto’s urban forest. Called, the app was created with the goal of inspiring increased stewardship for city trees. It fosters education by allowing users to learn ecological and environmental information about a specific tree or city park. Led […]

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The go-to money tools for students

The go-to money tools for students

There are dozens of financial apps and tools available to help students keep track of their finance, from budgeting to grocery shopping. The number of choices, however, can be a bit hard to wrap your mind around. National Post personal finance reporter Melissa Leong recommended four free phone apps and websites that all students should consider using. Technology reporter Alexa Huffman […]

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Sharing sounds on smartphones

Sharing sounds on smartphones

It wasn’t really an “aha!” moment. Rather, the idea for enRUe, the equivalent of Google Docs for audio files, evolved slowly out of an incessant need to share real-time audio files between several users as efficiently as possible. Although the smartphone app is the culmination of six years of hard work for Jacky Tuinstra Harrison, she doesn’t plan on cashing […]

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Figure 1: A photo-sharing app for doctors

Figure 1: A photo-sharing app for doctors

The medical world finally has its own version of Instagram. Figure 1 is a mobile app that allows medical communities in North America to post photos for medical learning without sacrificing patient privacy. Users can also ask questions and give advice through the app. Co-founder Dr. Joshua Landy came up with the idea while he was working in the intensive […]

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Ryerson grads develop app to locate parking

Trouble finding free parking in downtown Toronto and around campus? Well, there’s an app for that. Ryerson electrical engineering graduate Deyan Ilolov is one of the three developers who created the Toronto Parking Finder app that allows users to locate free parking in any given area based on address, landmarks and through the device’s GPS. It is currently available for free […]

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