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Facebook and smartphones narrowing the open web

The original open web known for its blinking text, pixelated images and blue hyperlinks was participatory. It was a production space where the people who enjoyed using it, also helped make it. “Back then it was messy and it was always broken and it was always really ugly,” Canadian journalist Sue Gardner says. The web was a space for free […]

David Greenberg hopes that JSwipe will help him find his perfect Jewish match. (Chase Stark)

It’s a match: Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov! Those words flashed across the screen as silhouette figures were tossed in the air on their white chairs. But I’m not describing a typical Jewish wedding. There’s no rabbi, no blushing bride and definitely no broken glass on the floor. Instead, I’m looking at these famous two words and the animation light up the screen of my iPhone […]

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Life Without Instagram: My Journey Through a Six-Day Cleanse

By MacKenzie Patterson Just six years after its inception in 2010, Instagram has blown up to epic proportions. It boasts 400 million monthly users, and most companies actively promote their products and services on the app. Teenagers and adults under the age of 35 are especially active on the social networking platform. It’s rare to hear someone in their teens […]

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Plugging in for mental well-being

Jessica Crawford turns off the lights and settles into bed. With her heating pad soothing her sore shoulders, she turns on her Stop, Breathe & Think app. Listening to the voice streaming from her phone, she sinks further into relaxation. “I never make it to the end of the meditation, I always pass out,” she says. Going through her body […]

Mobile games among most popular apps for young adults

Mobile games among most popular apps for young adults

Does obsessively trying to reach the next level on Candy Crush Saga or attempting to launch birds with slingshots on Angry Birds sound like something you’ve done on your mobile device?

Facebook’s Bunz Trading Zone makes mobile app

Facebook’s Bunz Trading Zone makes mobile app

The popular Toronto-based Facebook group, Bunz Trading Zone created an official app, BUNZ, which was launched on two weeks ago.

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Ryerson ad shoot, April 9, 2010.

DMZ’s GO mobile app retires, commuters react

Metrolinx retired the GO mobile app on Jan. 2 and commuters are still dealing with the rocky transition. The mobile app that was launched in 2011 by Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ) was having continuous technical issues.

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The Good2Go app.  (Deanne Bender)

No longer ‘Good2Go’: Sexual consent app goes back to the drawing board

A controversial smartphone app for sexual consent has been taken off the market just two weeks after its launch. Called Good2Go, the app was removed from iTunes Tuesday after Apple Inc. determined that its content was “excessively objectionable or crude.” It was voluntarily removed from the Google Play store shortly afterward. Marketed toward “college age adults,” the app was created in […]

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If you’re appy and you know it, download now

If you’re appy and you know it, download now

Rocketman   Available for: Apple, Android and BlackBerry   This transportation app will help students get around the city easier. Rocketman informs you of the closest bus and subway stops based on your current location. When a bus stop is chosen, the app tells you what the next scheduled departure time is. Students can even save their favourite stops so […]

Four apps for the journalist in everyone

Four apps for the journalist in everyone

Every budding journalist needs a smartphone. Whether you’re using it to stay in touch with your profs and editors via text, scanning your email for tips or playing Candy Crush while waiting for a source to talk to you, up-to-date reporters would be lost without a phone. So whether you’re an aspiring reporter or just the newsiest one out of […]

by Stephanie Chan· · Science & Technology
Apps to help you stay gluten-free

Apps to help you stay gluten-free

Some people go gluten-free for health reasons. Hello, celiac disease. Others, do it because their favourite celebrities, who probably have no understanding of how their bodies work, are doing it. Hello, bandwagon. But whatever your reason, here are some apps to help you on your gluten-free journey. Find Me Gluten Free iOs/Android/Website                 […]

Apps to keep your tasks on track

Apps to keep your tasks on track

From writing essays and studying for mid-terms, to juggling jobs and stacking our social calendars, we’ve all got a million things to keep track of. To ease the stress of planning ahead and avoid missing important appointments, however, there are plenty of apps to help manage time and tasking. Do It (Tomorrow) The title of this app and website speaks […]

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