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Photography student exhibits a series on African Last Names

Photography student exhibits a series on African Last Names

  Fourth-year photography student Aleia Robinson-Ada showcased her photo series called Untitled Portraits of Black Women at the Girls By Girls gallery held at the Ryerson University School of Image Arts. Robinson-Ada’s photos of relatives and close friends tell a story about the significance and the alteration of African last names during colonial times in the U.S. Girls By Girls […]

by Lara Onayak· · Arts & Life, Photography, students
Aditya Aman is the frontman of Beige Shelter, an indie folk band from Mississauga, Ont.

Engineering grad breaking into Toronto music scene with Beige Shelter

  Aditya Aman has come a long way since he graduated from Ryerson in 2009. When he was a student, he was too shy to even take part in an open mic night. Eight years later, he now feels comfortable playing to an audience. “Once you do something a few times, it feels like brushing your teeth. You don’t think […]

by Robyn Bell· · Arts & Life, Music, students
Students to Watch: TRSM student is an up-and-coming singer

Students to Watch: TRSM student is an up-and-coming singer

Tiffany Williams’ music career has always been her number one priority, but for the next two years, school is her full-time job. “I thought I might broaden the spectrum and get a business degree as well,” said Williams. Williams has known she wanted a music career since she was 10 years old. “At first I was so lost. I was like where do I start?”

by Shawntae Harris· · Arts & Life, Music
Official comic book cover illustrated by Katie Burns

Bringing a comic book to life

Yona Strauss and Izzy Ahrbeck explore the theory of dual personas through a comic book and web series.

by Andre Varty· · Arts & Life, Media
Q-and-A: Ryerson grad, Stephanie Noritz

Q-and-A: Ryerson grad, Stephanie Noritz

How a fine arts student turned into a successful photographer.

Facebook’s Bunz Trading Zone makes mobile app

Facebook’s Bunz Trading Zone makes mobile app

The popular Toronto-based Facebook group, Bunz Trading Zone created an official app, BUNZ, which was launched on two weeks ago.

by Samantha Tapp· · Arts & Life
The Delorean time travels to Ryerson University. (Photo illustration by Brittany Ferreira/Ryersonian Staff)

Tracking tech promises from ‘Back to the Future’

“Where are our hoverboards, Mattel?”
Did all the technological gadgets promised in ‘Back to the Future’ make it to market now we have caught up to the film’s timeline? Reporter Rebecca Wood finds out.

by Rebecca Wood· · Arts & Life, Film & Television
Courtesy of Chloe Wise

Montreal artist schools Ryerson students

Canadian artist Chloe Wise is not much older than many of the students she spoke to in the packed audience at Ryerson’s Image Arts building Tuesday night. Yet, attendees had much to learn from the 24-year-old Concordia University graduate who has captivated the international art world with her sculptures, paintings and videos. Wise’s art is a commentary on social media, […]

by Edward Wilson· · Arts & Life, Visual Arts & Design
The Hub's falafel wrap is one of the many healthy options students can find on campus. (Courtesy Beza Getachew)

The Daily Scoop: Falafel wrap

Ingredients: Made to order. I picked  red onions, red peppers, arugula, carrots, guacamole, mixed greens and spinach. Description: Whenever I can’t decide what to eat I make a wrap. A simple, safe option that’s hard to mess up. I have made so many of my own wraps that I think it’s safe to say I know a good one when […]

by Beza Getachew· · Arts & Life, Food
First-year fashion design student Sarah Spooner is currently enrolled in Ben Barry’s fashion class.  (Kyla Dewar/Ryersonian Staff)

Diversifying fashion, one selfie at a time

Snap, crop, filter, hashtag, post. Basic steps to posting a selfie. But in Ben Barry’s fashion theory and concepts class, taking a selfie has only two steps: snap and post. As an assignment for class, Barry challenged his students to take a selfie and post it on Twitter or Instagram — without a filter or pose. Students had to post […]

(Courtesy Jason Howie, Flickr)

Mass Exodus goes digital with new e-commerce app

For the first time ever, Ryerson’s student-run fashion show, Mass Exodus, will be offering an e-commerce platform through its app where attendees can purchase clothing, accessories and books produced by the fourth-year fashion design and fashion communication students. Robert Ott, chair of the school of fashion, said the idea stemmed from previous years when students’ designs were not for sale […]

by Sharnelle Kan· · Arts & Life, Fashion, Media
(Courtesy Cliff, Flickr)

Are the Oscars racist? White subjects ’98 per cent’ of the time, says one critic

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences attracted quite a bit of criticism this month when a lack of diversity was noticed in this year’s group of nominees for the 87th annual Academy Awards. For the third time in 16 years the 20 acting nominees are all white, and females have been excluded from many of the major categories. […]

by Jordan Sprague· · Arts & Life, Film & Television
(Aaron Navarro/The Ryersonian)

The Daily Scoop: Mango Pork Rice

Meal: Mango pork with Jamaican rice and peas Ingredients: pork, scallions, pineapples, mango, rice and kidney beans Description: I took my taste buds on a trip to the Caribbean for my latest lunch escapade and went for sliced pork tenderloin. Covered with chunks of mango and pineapple, it was served with a side of traditional Jamaican rice and peas. Of […]

by Aaron Navarro· · Arts & Life, Food
Interview with Gaelle Morel: Burn With Desire

Interview with Gaelle Morel: Burn With Desire

(Jessica Murray/The Ryersonian)

by Jessica Murray· · Videos
Let them eat bagels

Let them eat bagels

Bagels, cream cheese and hummus lovers rejoice. Continuing its seven-year tradition, Jewish student group Hillel@Ryerson will offer its free weekly lunch in the winter semester. People are welcome anytime to the Hillel loft at 2A Elm St., but a kosher lunch is provided Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Bagels and cheeses in different flavours lined the food table, […]

by Melissa Wronzberg· · Arts & Life, Food
(Courtesy  WOLF LΔMBERT, Wikimedia)

Spotify: to charge or not to charge?

Could Spotify save the music industry from the evil grips of music piracy? The possibility is not unlikely, according to the company’s 2014 subscriber figures, which were released Jan. 12. The Swedish music-streaming company boasted 15 million paid subscribers and a combined total of 60 million active users (free and paid) by the end of December. The number of paid […]

by Luke Williams· · Arts & Life, Music
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