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Illustration by Melissa Oro

The ‘unconventional’ choice: Ryerson reacts to Doug Ford’s narrow election as PC leader

For Husam Khalo, head of Ryerson’s Campus Conservatives, the right candidate won the race for leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. “For me personally, I was leaning towards Doug [Ford.] He was my first choice on the ballot. I first met Doug last month and my first interaction with him was so genuine.” The tumultuous six-week race ended Saturday in […]

by Ilina Ghosh· · News
Are students uninterested or uninformed?

Are students uninterested or uninformed?

Ryerson students are politically uninformed, at least according to a Rebel Media video. Founded last February by conservative pundit and former Sun News host Ezra Levant, Rebel is an online news outlet. They sent two correspondents to campus last week. They pulled students aside on Gould Street and asked them various questions related to Canadian politics and history. The result […]

by Alison Shouldice· · Editorial, Opinion, students
Ryerson plans to help students navigate Fair Elections Act

Ryerson plans to help students navigate Fair Elections Act

With the 2015 federal election just over a month away, Canadians face a new set of voter identification rules that some critics say may discourage university students from going to the polls. Among other voting regulation changes, the Fair Elections Act has banned two means of voting for people who do not have a photo ID with their name and […]

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Despite the expressions of  interest  by the two most powerful women in Ontario politics, none of the ideas are on the forefront of their party’s agenda. Or any party’s agenda, for that matter. (Andrea Vacl / Ryersonian Staff)

Politicians don’t care if youth don’t vote

By Sarah Traynor Deb Matthews, deputy premier of Ontario, leans against an imposing wood pillar, the shoulder of her blue dress crumpling slightly into the grand structure outside the entrance to the legislative chamber in Queen’s Park. A small group of Ryerson journalism students gathers around to ask her about one of the biggest issues facing young people and politics: […]

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Justin Trudeau favourite federal leader among young Toronto voters, poll suggests

Justin Trudeau favourite federal leader among young Toronto voters, poll suggests

By Kathleen O’Toole for JRN112 A poll conducted by Ryerson University undergraduate students last week suggests that young Toronto voters favour Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. The poll indicates that of the students who favour a leader, a little over half (53 per cent) favour Trudeau over leaders of the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, On Campus
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