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The number of counselling cases has increased over the past six years, overwhelming the campus counselling centre's shrinking resources.

Counselling wait times at Ryerson still on the rise

*The red bars for the last 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 years in the graphs above indicate only the number of individual cases. Statistics courtesy of Ryerson University’s CSDC. ————- Demand is at a record high for counselling services at Ryerson. The Centre for Student Development and Counselling is becoming overwhelmed with more requests for appointments and the subsequent increase in wait […]

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Depression can affect anyone, and it can be incredibly hard to shake. Peter Lozinski / Ryersonian Staff

The never-ending battle against depression

In 2009 I was diagnosed with depression. It was around then that I realized the way I was feeling was in no way normal. Apparently, it isn’t normal to be convinced everyone hates you. Apparently, it isn’t normal to outwardly loathe yourself. Apparently, it isn’t normal to wish yourself out of existence. They said it would get better. It did. […]

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