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(Courtesy Ahmad Moussaoui)

Ontario grads call for debt forgiveness

A petition asking the Ontario government to forgive all OSAP loans is gaining traction on and off Ryerson campus. Following the budget promise last week that Ontario will provide free tuition for students from families making under $50,000 annually, the new petition demands the same benefits to be applicable to people who already graduated or will graduate before the plan becomes effective. With […]

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Students at the Ted Rogers School of Management feel that
Ryerson's polytechnic past is hindering their chances of landing jobs. (Lilly Greenblatt/Ryersonian Staff)

TRSM launches new master’s diploma

Launched in January, the enterprise information security, privacy and data protection program offers four courses which will be taught by top researchers and industry experts from the TRSM and the department of computer science.

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Dalton McGuinty talks with Ryerson students Nov. 27, 2015. (Katie Raskina/Ryersonian Staff)

“Do what’s right,”: Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty discusses leadership with Ryerson students

Dalton McGuinty talked to students about leadership Nov. 25, 2015 and promoted his new book.

Ban Ibrahim (Steven Goetz/Ryersonian staff)

My life behind standardized testing: LSAT

Ban Ibrahim shares her trials and triumphs with LSAT prep

by Ban Ibrahim· · Opinion, Voices
I finally saw myself in a syllabus

I finally saw myself in a syllabus

For our voices section, reporter Angelyn Francis shares her experience taking ENG 108 with a professor who made it a point to teach work that was by and about racialized people.

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How higher education doesn’t always mean higher learning

A lot of misogynistic, discriminatory and downright threatening things have been happening on campus these past few weeks. Our editorial takes a look at what it might mean, and what we should do about it.

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For many students, the idea of landing a job is just as stress inducing as not. This is what’s known as a career identity crisis.  (Courtesy of Wikicommons)

University ‘Demagnetizing’ Graduates and Employers

A couple of weeks ago, the Toronto Star published a feature addressing the challenges university graduates face when finding jobs. Their report said that 20 per cent of young Torontonians are unemployed. In part, the blame may be put on the less-than-demanding labour market, but liberal university education is also responsible. Universities are more focused on general education rather than […]

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Under Ontario's new sexual education curriculum, Grade 1 students will learn about issues such as healthy relationships and consent. (Courtesy of Ged Carroll)

Ontario sex-ed reform: When it comes to sex-ed, ‘yes’ matters

In September, Ontario Grade 1 students will start learning about healthy relationships, consent and a wider curriculum that deals with other issues. In third grade they’ll learn about the concept of same-sex relationships and the next year they will start learning about how to be safe online, as well as how puberty works. In Grade 6, they’ll be taught what […]

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Kelly McShane, a Ryerson psychology professor, will be creating four 15-minute modules based around program evaluation with the grant money she received. (Eman Ali/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson profs’ online modules to enhance learning across Ontario

Eight Ryerson professors have been given a total of $375,000 by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ Shared Online Course Fund to develop seven online learning modules that will enhance in-class learning. The modules have names such as “Fundamental Techniques of Modern Imaging” and “The Naked Entrepreneur, Season Four: Canadian Entrepreneur Icons.” Ryerson faculty prepared 32 proposals and seven […]

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Live Blog: Digital Learning Reimagined

Live Blog: Digital Learning Reimagined

On Feb. 19, Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is launching its inaugural ChangSchoolTalks 2015. “Digital Learning Reimagined” will explore the evolution of technology in academia and how educators and students can use technology to their advantage. Industry experts will be sharing their ideas on the latest advances in technology-enhanced education. Speakers include: Audrey Watters, education technology […]

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DMZ startup combats Ebola crisis with tablet donations

DMZ startup combats Ebola crisis with tablet donations

Sending a digital tablet to a country devastated by Ebola might seem like an unusual — and unnecessary — venture. But the rippling effects of Ebola extend beyond health when services like schools have been closed since July.The closure has affected more than 1.5 million children in Liberia alone, according to a UNICEF report in September. “You have a country […]

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The Ryerson Senate has approved two new minors. 


Ryerson Senate approves two new minors and department name change

Two new minors were approved during the Nov. 4 Ryerson Senate meeting and the Department of Geography was renamed to department of geography and environmental studies. The Senate agenda stated that the name change will “better reflect the diverse offerings of the department.” A minor has also been approved and will now be offered to students following a demand for […]

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Groups at Ryerson, such as the Tri-Mentoring program and First Generation are helping students grapple with the difficulties of succeeding at post-secondary education.

Study links educators’ skepticism to poor academic performance among minorities

Some Ryerson educators aren’t surprised at a study that says teachers who don’t believe in students might negatively affect their success. “Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Yes,” says Wendy Cukier, founder of the Diversity Institute of Ryerson. “While we know unconscious bias is everywhere and we have to work to combat it.” Cukier was commenting on a recent study published […]

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Go ENG Girl Comes to Ryerson

Go ENG Girl Comes to Ryerson

On the concrete floor of an empty lecture hall, young girls work in groups, equipped with only toothpicks, duct tape and pipe insulators to build a complex structure of loops, ridges and steep slopes.With the simplest of building materials, their challenge is to safely transport a marble through an intricate roller-coaster without it falling out. It’s the first activity of […]

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Q-and-A with Ryerson’s new distinguished visiting professor, Helen Burstyn

Q-and-A with Ryerson’s new distinguished visiting professor, Helen Burstyn

    Ryerson University has recently welcomed Helen Burstyn as a distinguished visiting professor in social innovation and enterprise. Burstyn has been involved in government, community service and business for 35 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share with students. The Toronto resident is chair of The Partnership Forum, the Ontario government’s advisory body on the not-for-profit sector. She […]

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Theatre school looks for new home

Theatre school looks for new home

Ryerson Theatre School students will be moved out of their current building by the end of 2015, according to Gerd Hauck, dean of the faculty of communication and design. The school is moving locations because the building has been worn down over the years. “Any old building that is used very heavily will decay over time. The theatre school is […]

REPORT: Unemployment lowest in 6 years, just not for students

REPORT: Unemployment lowest in 6 years, just not for students

A labour force survey released today shows that 74,000 more Canadians held jobs in September than in August. The Statistics Canada survey says the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since December 2008, resting at 6.8 per cent. Most of these jobs are either in the private sector or the food services industry, and Statistics Canada claims they are […]

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Ryerson campus (Sissi Wang/ Ryersonian)

Why Ryerson is better than the University of Toronto

After four years of undergraduate studies at the prestigious and history-laden University of Toronto, a master’s degree in journalism at Ryerson was exactly what I needed. I was ready to put my knowledge to good use at Ryerson, a school with a much more hands-on approach. You can always spot journalism students filming on Gould Street or find a free seminar […]

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(Ryersonian file photo.)

Rye VP Julia Hanigsberg leaves to head kids’ hospital

Julia Hanigsberg, Ryerson’s vice-president of administration and finance, will be leaving the school this winter to head a children’s hospital. According to a statement from Ryerson president Sheldon Levy Wednesday evening, Hanigsberg has been appointed the next president and CEO of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Janice Winton, current chief financial officer and assistant VP for financial services, will take over […]

Relationships on top: hierarchies of dating

Relationships on top: hierarchies of dating

It’s a woman’s world on campus, according to a recent Statistics Canada report, which said that about 60 per cent of college and university students are female. According to Ramona Pereira, an Etobicoke-based certified relationship coach, having fewer men acquiring diplomas and degrees means that women will be “dumbing down” when it comes to dating selection. “There’s been a shift […]

New mental health support group to launch on campus

New mental health support group to launch on campus

When she couldn’t find a support group for students dealing with mental illness, Liz Wood decided to develop her own. Wood, a third-year Ryerson student, founded Students for Mental Awareness, Support, and Health (SMASH), which will start meeting this semester, to get students talking with one another about their mental health in an open and non-judgmental environment. “I think that […]

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“There are more students than funding:” aboriginal youth struggle to go to university

“There are more students than funding:” aboriginal youth struggle to go to university

Renata Meconse once dreamed of enrolling in Ryerson University’s journalism program. But the mother of three rapidly woke up. “The cost of living is higher there. It’s very hard for a First Nations person to move to one of the big cities for university,” she says. Meconse, 35, had to take what was available to her. She was lucky enough […]

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Video: First Nation chief on funding for Aboriginal education

Video: First Nation chief on funding for Aboriginal education

by Maria Assaf· · Features, Top stories, Videos
Figure 1: A photo-sharing app for doctors

Figure 1: A photo-sharing app for doctors

The medical world finally has its own version of Instagram. Figure 1 is a mobile app that allows medical communities in North America to post photos for medical learning without sacrificing patient privacy. Users can also ask questions and give advice through the app. Co-founder Dr. Joshua Landy came up with the idea while he was working in the intensive […]

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Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

A diamond ring, a white dress and a graduate degree are all at the top of my wish list—but not in that order. Like many young Canadian women, I’ve decided to get an education before I get hitched, and according to economist Marina Adshade, my dreams are ruining the marriage prospects of women who don’t go to university. Last week, […]

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