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The Calling of an Engineer

The Calling of an Engineer

Aerospace engineer student, Prati Pradhan, shares what it means to earn the iron ring. A century old tradition that holds significance for many to this day.

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Aditya Aman is the frontman of Beige Shelter, an indie folk band from Mississauga, Ont.

Engineering grad breaking into Toronto music scene with Beige Shelter

  Aditya Aman has come a long way since he graduated from Ryerson in 2009. When he was a student, he was too shy to even take part in an open mic night. Eight years later, he now feels comfortable playing to an audience. “Once you do something a few times, it feels like brushing your teeth. You don’t think […]

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The winning ‘idea’ for accessible living space

The winning ‘idea’ for accessible living space

Ryerson interior design and engineering students worked together to design spaces for those living with paraplegia at this year’s Interior Design and Engineering Affiliation (IDEA) competition. On Oct. 8, over 90 students were given six hours to design a two-storey living space in the form of a floor plan and virtual prototype. The students had to create a design that […]

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(Brooks Harvey)

PHOTOS: Saturday’s Gould Street Party

Wine tasting, a beer garden, live music and giant Jenga: these were some of the things that welcomed visitors during Saturday’s Gould Street Party, which was part of Ryerson’s Alumni Weekend festivities. While the turnout wasn’t huge, those that showed up didn’t seem to mind the rain.

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Profs awarded for clean energy and biomedical research

Profs awarded for clean energy and biomedical research

On Aug. 26, five Ryerson professors each received a $150,000 boost to their new research efforts as recipients of the Early Research Award from the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science.   The award provides financial support to recently appointed faculty at publicly funded Ontario research institutions. The funding will help the projects develop robust labs and assemble capable research […]

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Sunshine List reveals gender disparity at Ryerson

By Emily Stachera and Rebecca Goss Despite the efforts of Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) to create gender parity, the Sunshine List for 2015 showed that only 24 women were among the 153 faculty members who earn over $100,000. Tom Duever, dean of FEAS, said that they are “keenly aware” of this gender gap and actively encourage […]

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Ryerson engineers complete annual bug push for Cancer Society

Ryerson engineers complete annual bug push for Cancer Society

Ryerson engineering students geared up at 11 a.m. Thursday morning to start their annual bug push, an event dedicated to raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society this year. Rain or shine, this event will go on, and this year, it’s rain. The bug push involves students pushing a new 1973 Volkswagen Beetle around Ryerson’s Kerr Hall quad for 24 hours. The […]

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Researcher looks through a microscope. (Courtesy National Cancer Institute)

New study finds males underestimate their female classmates

The study found that males in technical fields often think their female classmates are less intelligent.

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Justin Trudeau announced the $12 million pledge at the University of Waterloo on Jan. 14, 2016 (Courtesy the University of Waterloo).

Ryerson benefits from $12 million pledge to Southern Ontario Water Consortium

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged $12 million for the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, of which Ryerson is a part of, in an effort to help create new clean water technologies.

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Ryerson’s wind tunnel gets revamped

Ryerson’s wind tunnel gets revamped

Down in the basement of Kerr Hall, upgrades to a decade-old wind tunnel have officially been revealed.

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Ryerson engineering and architecture students catch TimberFever

Ryerson engineering and architecture students catch TimberFever

Eight teams of students worked for 36 hours and raised plenty of sawdust, as they competed to build emergency shelters for prize money.

Energy was high as the students pushed the Bug yesterday afternoon. All volunteers are from the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) at Ryerson, but everyone is welcome to jump in and help out. (Samantha Crisp / Ryersonian Staff)

Gallery: Ryerson Engineers complete annual Bug Push

Ryerson’s engineering students survived yet another grueling 24 hours of pushing a Volkswagen Bug around Ryerson’s quad — using only their hands. The annual charity event raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation this year. In previous years, donations were made to the Sick Kids Foundation. Student Adam Cote participated in the event for the fourth year in a row. […]

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Anesi Bra: Ryerson students help women through engineered comfort

Anesi Bra: Ryerson students help women through engineered comfort

A group of Ryerson University students have merged couture and engineering technology to create a brasserie that can shape itself to any woman’s breast size. Five fashion and engineering students worked together to build the Anesi Bra, which conforms to changing cup sizes and shapes by using a using a form of memory gel. It’s diverse enough to work for […]

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Nika Zolfaghari stands by her office in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre. (Courtesy of Emily Joveski/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson pushing for more women in engineering

York University is loudly pushing for equal male-to-female student ratios across Canada’s engineering programs, while Ryerson University says they’re doing enough to address the issue. Last Wednesday, York announced a new $1.5-million initiative to become the first engineering school in Canada to have an equal number of male and female students. “Achieving a 50:50 gender balance should be a necessity […]

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Mohammed Ali, known online as Abu Turaab, is a former Ryerson student who says he left the country to join ISIS.

ISIS fighter, a former Ryerson student, continues to promote jihadist ideology online

An ISIS jihadist, who says he was in the aerospace engineering program at Ryerson, continues to promote his extremist opinions on social media. Mohammed Ali, who goes by the name Abu Turaab, created a new Twitter account on Thursday after the site suspended his original one. In his first tweet from his latest Twitter account, Ali said, “help me spread […]

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Engineering competition drives innovation

Engineering competition drives innovation

Over 300 students worked late into the night at the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre on Friday – some building miniature race cars, others a machine to cut toilet paper. The student teams were competing in the junior and senior design competitions for the eighth annual Ryerson Engineering Competition (REC). This year, the competition had more participants than ever […]

Science dean reacts after student booted from class

Science dean reacts after student booted from class

The dean of Ryerson’s Faculty of Science says the “unusual” incident where a professor booted a student from class for being late, then called security, is being dealt with. Imogen Coe told The Ryersonian on Monday that there are no faculty-wide rules concerning late students. “It’s up to the professor to ensure that there is an appropriate learning environment,” said […]

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Students walking through the chemical engineering hallway Above right - A shot of the skyline in Dubai (Jenn Yoo / Ryersonian Staff)

Jobs not co-operating for co-op students

Over 40 applications and four job interviews later, third-year chemical engineering student, Aleks Krunic is still at risk of falling behind another year. Enrolled in one of Ryerson’s oldest co-operative education programs, Krunic thought going into chemical engineering would give him a head start in the “real-world” after graduation. But what he didn’t expect was the stiff job market even […]

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An empty classroom. Ryersonian file photo

Ryerson student kicked out of class for arriving late, classmates walk out in protest

So prof calls security on a kid that was late, followed by half the class leaving in protest. Just another day at ryerson — Myles Songolo (@MylesSongolo) October 28, 2014 A student uprising took place in a Ryerson classroom last week when a professor ordered a student who arrived late to leave. The incident, which occurred in a database systems class Oct. […]

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Go ENG Girl Comes to Ryerson

Go ENG Girl Comes to Ryerson

On the concrete floor of an empty lecture hall, young girls work in groups, equipped with only toothpicks, duct tape and pipe insulators to build a complex structure of loops, ridges and steep slopes.With the simplest of building materials, their challenge is to safely transport a marble through an intricate roller-coaster without it falling out. It’s the first activity of […]

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Alibaba: Students get to the source of outsourcing

Alibaba: Students get to the source of outsourcing

A Chinese company made stock market history on Friday, but few North Americans have heard of the new market giant. After months of promotion and rumours, Hangzhou-based company (NYSE: BABA) went public on the New York Stock Exchange and raised a record-breaking $25 billion through share trading, with more than 100 million shares changing hands in the first 10 […]

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(Ryersonian File Photo)

Racist and sexist remarks allegedly made at Enginooner event

Racist and sexist comments were allegedly made at a Ryerson engineering event Thursday and left some of those in attendance uncomfortable. Enginooner, which took place at the Ram in the Rye, was organized by the Ryerson Engineering Student Society (RESS). But the student group says the comments did not come from organizing members. Jonathan Forani, a master of journalism student […]

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Ryerson engineering students to light up CN Tower through chain reaction

Ryerson engineering students to light up CN Tower through chain reaction

Ryerson’s engineering students are participating in an Ontario-wide Rube Goldberg relay. A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption that sets off a series of chain reactions to complete one task. Engineering students plan to light up the CN Tower purple on March 24 with their creation. The machine will be revealed on Tuesday at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Read Peter […]

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Gallery: Snowstorm at Ryerson

Gallery: Snowstorm at Ryerson

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David Xu, Ryerson engineering professor, and the small lithium polymer battery he is testing on. (Peter Lozinski / Ryersonian Staff)

Professor researches power-saving batteries for office buildings

  These aren’t your typical batteries. While a regular AA battery can power a remote control for a few months, the lithium polymer batteries David Xu, a Ryerson engineering professor, is researching could power about 1,000 homes for an hour. Xu is hoping he can use these shipping container-sized batteries to help supply power to office buildings and to solve one […]

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Liping Fang. (Courtesy Ryerson)

New program designed for engineering students with enterprising edge

Enrolment is now open for a new optional program that helps engineering students turn their innovative ideas into realities. “We obviously have a group of students that are entrepreneurial in the program and want to divvy up new products or services,” said Liping Fang, the associate dean of undergraduate programs and student affairs at the faculty of engineering and architectural […]

Steve Taylor and his fiancée Jen Lavers welcome newborn Bennett to their family. (Ryan McKenna/Ryersonian Staff)

Taylor stickhandles pucks and pacifiers

By: Ryan McKenna and Dan Berlin, Ryersonian Staff Varsity Hockey Player. Electrical engineering student. Proud new father. Welcome to the wild world of 23-year old Ryerson undergrad Steve Taylor. Taylor, in his third season with the Rams men’s hockey team, became a dad for the first time six weeks ago on Sept. 21, when he and fiancée Jen Lavers welcomed […]

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One of the emails sent on Monday night.

‘Easy’ email hack spams thousands of Ryerson engineering students

A Ryerson email list has been disabled after a bogus email account infiltrated students’ inboxes with a slew of spam messages Monday night. An unknown person or group used a website called to create a fake, anonymous email address that sent out spam emails to an engineering email listserv run by Ryerson’s Computing and Communications Services (CCS). “The fake […]

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Ryerson condemns engineering stunt

By Olivia Stefanovich, Samuel Greenfield and Yasmin Jaswal Engineering students who made classmates crawl through the slush of Lake Devo in sub-zero temperatures last Thursday sparked anger and controversy from school administrators and public figures, but they will not be reprimanded for their actions. Student leaders met with administrators Monday to apologize and promise measures to prevent similar events from […]

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