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OPINION: It’s time to invest ethically

There’s a saying that goes, he who is not a liberal at 20 has no heart, but he who is not a conservative by 40 has no brain. Is this true? Does entering adulthood, earning an income and raising children force us out of our values and dirty ourselves with the evils of global capitalism?

by Aidan Macnab· · Opinion
Leslie Roberts has resigned from his position with Global TV Toronto since the scandal (Courtesy Pete Morawski, Wikimedia)

Canadian journalism face-to-face with conflict of interest issues

Canadian journalism has become a strange place: sex scandals, secret businesses and Kevin O’Leary becoming the less controversial half of the former show Lang and O’Leary Exchange. After the disturbing allegations against Jian Ghomeshi surfaced late last year, no one expected another journalist to outshine his scandals, and no one has. But some sure are creating scandals of their own. […]

by Erin Petrow· · Editorial, Opinion
From Ray Rice to sweat shops, ethics expert weighs in on recent controversies

From Ray Rice to sweat shops, ethics expert weighs in on recent controversies

Ryerson University Prof. Chris MacDonald is one of the world’s leading business ethics bloggers. His site,, features more than 1,100 posts on stories such as the domestic abuse scandal of professional footballer Ray Rice, religion in corporate culture and Facebook’s (ever looming) privacy control controversies. His commentary fuses philosophical and business perspectives when analyzing current events. MacDonald’s writing has […]

The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 5

The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 5

In this edition of our arts and life podcast, Jonathan Forani and Lauren Murphy speak with Ryerson Review of Journalism reporter, Rebecca Melnyk, about her piece on the ethics of the journalistic coverage of Lac-Megantic’s train disaster. We break down some of the week’s hottest topics including funeral selfies and the Arcade Fire’s latest album. We dish on the latest […]

by Lauren S. Murphy· · Audio
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