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Facebook and smartphones narrowing the open web

The original open web known for its blinking text, pixelated images and blue hyperlinks was participatory. It was a production space where the people who enjoyed using it, also helped make it. “Back then it was messy and it was always broken and it was always really ugly,” Canadian journalist Sue Gardner says. The web was a space for free […]

Facebook Reactions get mixed reactions from students

Facebook Reactions get mixed reactions from students

By Rebecca Goss and Erin Hesselink Like it or not, Facebook’s “like” button has got company. On Feb. 24, Facebook rolled out “Reactions”, five new buttons – “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry” – for users to express emotions beyond “like”. The change was in response to users’ complaints that certain statuses, such as one about a death in the […]

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Rye students release DormRoom social networking app

The DormRoom app was released Feb. 10 after receiving approval from Apple. The app intends to be a combination of Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder just for students.

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Your Facebook flag filter doesn’t solve anything

Would introducing flag filters for every country that experiences tragedy really make a difference?

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In this Nov. 20, 2014 file photo, protesters set up camp outside Jorgensen Hall calling for the university to freeze tuition fees. (Marija Petrovic / Ryersonian Staff)

Co-operative tone set after RSU-Reignite meeting already off key

New Reignite Ryerson post addressing vice-president education Cormac McGee’s connection to Rise for Ryerson campaign leads to accusations of a smear campaign

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Delete Facebook, Save the World: 5 things Cory Doctorow needs you to know right now

Delete Facebook, Save the World: 5 things Cory Doctorow needs you to know right now

In the future, people will let their right to privacy slide. Computers, in our homes, cars and bodies can be easily hacked and exploited. Big data and algorithms can be used to determine who is a terrorist and automatically target them with with missile-firing drones. Governments and security agencies can look into your home with impunity, through computers, televisions and […]

Facebook rolls out new tool for helping at-risk users

Facebook rolls out new tool for helping at-risk users

Facebook is rolling out a new tool to help users at risk of suicide. Users of the social network will be able to report their friend’s posts if they contain worrying language or thoughts, and Facebook will give them an option to send a message of personal support. The new tool will only be available in the U.S., and Facebook […]

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High-tech DMZ classroom connects students across Canada

Students from five different universities across Canada simultaneously pull out their smartphones to take part in a poll asking them about their experiences with the Canadian health-care system. Once the results are gathered, they appear on large screens at the front of all five classrooms. The poll sparks an interactive discussion between all five campuses on how their health-care systems […]

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Law enforcement says social media posts are admissible in court. (Susana Gomez Baez / Ryersonian Staff)

Social media fair game in police investigations

Oversharing on social media can be innocuous enough, but it seems that some don’t realize that what they post on the Internet — especially if it’s offensive or illegal — can later land them in hot water. Police arrested and charged a 16-year-old Pittsburgh teen with murder Monday after he sent a picture taken with the body to a friend […]

Unite Ryerson candidate applauds killing of New York City police officers

Unite Ryerson candidate applauds killing of New York City police officers

  By Billy Johnson and Nicole Thompson   The Ryersonian has obtained screenshots of remarks made by Zidane Mohamed condoning the killing in December of two New York police officers. Mohamed is Unite Ryerson’s candidate for vice-president for education in the upcoming Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) election. “Is it bad of me that I applaud the killing of the two […]

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Beards of Ryerson gear up for Movember

Movember is here but some Ryerson students have been showcasing their facial hair for weeks now, on the new student-run Facebook page: Beards of Ryerson. “All the beard fans can enjoy and explore the wonderful beards that Ryerson has to offer,” says Abdullah Idroos, a third-year business management student and one of the men behind Beards of Ryerson. “It’s a […]

Screenshots from before RSU nixes Facebook comments

Screenshots from before RSU nixes Facebook comments

The RSU shut down the ability to post on its Facebook page after a video, which can be described as an an anti-Muslim statement, entitled “Hamas on Campus” was posted by a mysterious user named Eggy Ryerson.

This storify is made from screen grabs. These posts have been removed.

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From left to right: Hind Awwad, Nadi Saadeh and Kat Lapointe speaking at the Thomas Lounge on Wed. Sept.

RSU nixes Facebook comments section after ‘hate speech’

The Ryerson Students’ Union closed down the comments section on its Facebook page on Saturday after an eruption of heated posts. On Friday, some students reacted angrily after the RSU removed a video post for alleged anti-Muslim hate speech. The video, called “Hamas on Campus,” suggests that the Ryerson group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is associated with Hamas […]

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This student vows to make Ryerson’s campus more positive

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The University of Ottawa (Wikimedia Commons/ Rob CA)

Two serious sexual harassment allegations hit uOttawa this week

Two stories surrounding sexual harassment have surfaced at the University of Ottawa this week. For the first time in the university’s history, the school’s hockey team has been suspended amid allegations that some members assaulted a young woman in Thunder Bay last month. Police are currently investigating the case. According to CBC News sources, the incident occurred on the weekend of […]

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Facebook now has more gender descriptors than 'male' and 'female'. (Courtesy Facebook)

Facebook adds more than 50 gender identity options for profiles

Facebook offered an early Valentine’s Day present to the LGBT community. On Feb. 13, the social networking site introduced more than 50 gender identity options for users’ profiles. From who choose to be non-gender conforming, to individuals that consider themselves two-spirited – the mixing of gender roles in Aboriginal communities – the website now recognizes that things are not so […]

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Tech Talk: Social media

Tech Talk: Social media

With Twitter’s IPO having gone bananas, some analysts wonder if we’ll see more advertising fused between our favourite tweets and facebook photos. Perhaps it’s time to step back from the major social media platforms that have most of us hooked … or maybe it’s just time to try out some other emerging platforms. Here are three free social media platforms […]

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