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Brooklyn Neustaeter writes about an app that tracks her daily activity, sleep cycles and stress levels.

86 per cent stressed? There’s an app for that

“I actually got stressed about how stressed I was.”

by Brooklyn Neustaeter· · Opinion, Voices
Riley lifting weights in his room before heading to the gym for a full workout. (Julia Ho/Ryersonian Staff)

The journey to health, fitness and … the drug dealer

With social media at play, there has been an influx of health-inspired young adults ready to show off their toned abs and vegan lunch. It is many of these same individuals that are doing hard drugs recreationally. How did these two paths converge?

by Julia Ho· · Features, Health
Trainer+ is available for students at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. (Ryersonian archives)

Trainer+ app looking to boost Ryerson fitness

Keeping in shape has gotten a lot easier for Ryerson students this year. Ryerson Athletics announced its partnership with Trainer+ in September, a web and mobile based fitness app designed to help trainers create and share workout programs more efficiently. Launched out of Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone in June, the Trainer+ app currently has over 800 free subscribers – around […]

by Connor Hewson· · Sports
Twenty-on-year-old Lindsay  Sganga on vacation in Maui in 2015. (Lindsay Sganga/Ryersonian Staff)

More than just a #TransformationTuesday

It was an ongoing battle, from crying in dressing rooms in the mall because I didn’t fit into that pair of jeans to endless nights spent wishing I were born in a different body.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
Ryersonian's Mikaila Kukurudza gives you a five minute work out for when you need to squeeze in some fitness between studying.

Rye gets fit: cubicle core workout

Ryersonian’s Mikaila Kukurudza gives you a five minute workout for when you need to squeeze in some fitness between studying.

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New gear for the RAC

Say goodbye to the old white and blue, sweat-stained machines at the Ryerson Athletic Centre.

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Alternative fitness options for those who hate the gym

Alternative fitness options for those who hate the gym

Going back to school can mean the abandonment of healthy choices for some Ryerson students who are overwhelmed by the daunting demands of academia. Dumbbells, rowing machines and treadmills are not for everyone, but alternative forms of fitness with reasonable pricing can be hard to find near campus. Here are four fitness studios within a 15-minute walk from campus with unique approaches to exercise.

by Caitlin Martin Newnham· · Arts & Life, Health, students

RAC considering circus arts fitness classes

Ryerson’s Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC) may introduce a circus arts fitness class.If all goes well, students could join as early as this fall, says the RAC’s manager of recreation, Anthony Seymour. Seymour points out that he has had only a preliminary meeting with the Toronto School of Circus Arts (TSCA) but says he was “quite impressed” with what it […]

by Rachel Surman· · News, On Campus
(Erin Petrow/The Ryersonian)

Living in a healthy and balanced way

It’s the end of the month, which means that gym rats everywhere are beginning to see the light at the end of the long January tunnel. The resolutioners are on their way out. After a long bitter month of awkward stretches, disorganized weight racks and packed classes, the Ryerson gyms should go back to normal next month. It’s the same […]

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Ryerson athletes get fitness testing for free

Ryerson athletes get fitness testing for free

Ryerson University’s athletes may outdo themselves in the coming season thanks to a new fitness initiative that was launched this month. The Nutrition and Exercise Testing (NExT) Lab, a high-tech fitness testing lab, can accurately determine resting metabolic rate, body composition, and fitness levels. The services are free for Ryerson’s athletes. Other students and faculty get a 50 per cent […]

by Veronika Latkina· · Rams Athletics, Sports
Five Student-Friendly Fitness Centres

Five Student-Friendly Fitness Centres

As a busy student, there are three healthy habits we often fall out of touch with: enough sleep, a balanced diet and most of all, regular exercise. But as a Ryerson student living in downtown Toronto, the city has a number of great fitness options on and around campus. From Madonna’s ultra-swanky gym (including a juice bar) to free yoga, […]

by Bryan Sparrow· · Arts & Life, Health
Winning the battle of the bulge

Winning the battle of the bulge

It’s hard to be active during the cold Canadian winter. Sub-zero temperatures make staying home an infinitely more appealing option than trucking to the gym in your spandex. But giving in to that comfort and laziness can have dire consequences. A study published this month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that the obesity rate in Canada has tripled in […]

by Rebecca Ananda· · Arts & Life, Food, Health

Roc-Fit with Nic: Halloween Edition

by Nicole Servinis· · Sports

Rock-Fit with Nic: Over at the Mattamy Athletic Centre

by Nicole Servinis· · Sports

Rock-Fit with Nic: It’s time to get fit for fall

by Hayley Morrison· · Sports, Videos
Girls’ guide to surviving the hockey season

Girls’ guide to surviving the hockey season

Ladies, I know some of you are as crazy about hockey as your significant others, if not more so. But if you’re like me, the sound of those skates on the ice is like nails on a chalkboard. If you’re part of this sisterhood of women attached to men who, in late September, turn into jersey-wearing, beer-chugging, hockey-obsessed bros with […]

by Lauren S. Murphy· · Hockey, Sports
Winston Chow: Ryerson’s main camera guy

Winston Chow: Ryerson’s main camera guy

Behind the lens but on the front lines of the action, Ryerson student Winston Chow knows how to snap sports shots better than most on campus. But Chow, now a seasoned photographer, didn’t end up behind the camera on purpose. “It was an accident, a serious accident,” says Chow, who was first handed a camera during his 2008 frosh week. […]

by Hayley Morrison· · Sports, Uncategorized

Ssshhh!! It’s time to Rock-Fit with Nic at the Library

Reporter: Nicole Servinis Camera: Jordan White

by Ryersonian Staff· · Sports
Triwizard time: Ryerson enters ‘magical’ tourney

Triwizard time: Ryerson enters ‘magical’ tourney

University sports just got a little more magical. Ryerson announced it will participate in York University’s first triwizard tournament, an event inspired by the magical contest that took place in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Broomsticks and wands aside, competitors will use their brawn and knowledge of wizardry and magic in order to rise above their adversaries. Ryerson, […]

by Kim Brown· · On Campus, Sports
Leafs player Cody Franson on the ice at MAC

Leafs player Cody Franson on the ice at MAC

No longer skating under the radar, Toronto Maple Leafs player Cody Franson has been training with the Ryerson Rams over at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. The defenceman will be on the ice with the Rams until his contract is figured out. Franson has been with the Leafs since 2011. He scored two goals for the Leafs in Game 7 of […]

by Hayley Morrison· · Hockey, News, On Campus, Sports

Rock-Fit with Nic

by Hayley Morrison· · Interactives, News, On Campus, Sports, Videos

Ready, set, volley! Talking with the volleyball team

Ryerson’s Athletic Council ready for action

Ryerson’s Athletic Council ready for action

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) has stepped up its efforts to gather support for the university’s sports teams by forming a council dedicated to athletics. The newly created Athletics Council, formed this summer, has aims of planning new sporting programs and initiatives to support the Ryerson Rams. “We decided that to actually get work done … we would need a […]

by Hayley Morrison· · News, On Campus, Sports

Ryerson Rams: Men’s hockey training camp

by Nicholas Carafa· · Hockey, Rams Athletics, Sports
Ryerson Rams women's hockey team, 2013

Skating into the season with a new strategy

  Last year’s Ryerson Rams women’s hockey coach is heading to Sochi for the year, but her replacement, interim coach Pierre Alain, plans on bringing the Sochi style to her team while she’s away. Alain, a coach who brings 27 years of experience to the team along with a couple gold medals with Canada’s national women’s teams, is hoping to […]

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Baseball Player Brittany Chan

Brittany Chan: Strikes out in bid to make men’s baseball team

    She never thought her gender would be an issue during her tryout for the Ryerson Rams baseball team, but being the only woman on the field brought Brittany Chan some unexpected attention. After all the questions were answered and cameras were put away, the Ryerson Rams began their inaugural season with a 5-3 victory over the University of […]

by Hayley Morrison· · Baseball, Sports

Looking to bulk up? Calm the nerves? A work-out for all many needs

During the past five weeks at The Ryersonian I’ve spent my fair share of time at the gym, sweating it out to give students some information on the classes offered here at Ryerson. I’ve tried various classes to include all types of workouts. So, take a look to see my recommendations for every type of gym-goer.   Strength trainer: Kettlebell […]

by Rebecca Williams· · Sports