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courtesy of The Hummussiah via Facebook

New restaurant comes to campus

A restaurant new to Ryerson’s campus is every chickpea lover’s dream.

Located at 113 Bond St., The Hummussiah is one of the only restaurants in Toronto to specialize in warm hummus.

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Ryerson’s best “lesser known” cheap eat spots

Ryerson’s best “lesser known” cheap eat spots

So you come to school every day and you eat the same food, huh? You spend money every week at McDonald’s, you say? Ha, that’s funny. Or Burrito Boyz? Delicious if you’re a burrito lover (side note — burritos are nasty). Panera Bread? C’mon guys, spruce it up. It’s about time that you start allowing your eating habits to feel love. Excite your taste buds.

Below, you will find spots to eat near campus that you may not have heard of. Most likely, you’ve never been to at least one or two of these restaurants, if not all of them.

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Changes may come to Ryerson’s food services

Changes may come to Ryerson’s food services

Food retail services at Ryerson will be changing based on results from a survey that’s open to all students, faculty and staff.

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(Tristan Simpson/Ryersonian Staff)

Are you going to pass, or artichoke? We test students on veggie knowledge

WATCH: Do students know their vegetables?

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Ryersonian file photo.

R U satisfied with the food at Ryerson?

Ryerson University’s food master plan survey by Ryersonian TV’s Jaclyn Tansil and Madison Good.

Santa Claus. (Courtesy Pixabay)

Get in the Christmas spirit with these Ryerson events

With the holidays just around the corner, why not take a break from studying for exams and working on final projects? Instead, get in the Christmas spirit on campus. From skating to shopping to taking photos with Santa, Ryerson’s got you and your friends covered.

(Courtesy Chayonika Chandra)

Things to do this weekend (Nov. 18-20)

It’s been a long week at school, so you should go out and enjoy yourself. It’s just over a month away from Christmas and that means this is the weekend the city kicks off some holiday events. 1. The Distillery Christmas Market Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the @TOXmasMkt this holiday season — Live2UToronto (@live2utoronto) November […]

Volunteers at the Ryerson Good Food Centre: Zennia Seneres, Renee Labrido and Evan Tang. (Samraweet Yohannes)

Students still struggling to fill their plates

Ryerson students are still stuck choosing between tuition and groceries, according to the Good Food Centre, which saw over 150 new members this year. On Thursday, the centre, which used to be known as the Community Food Room, released its annual hunger report for the 2014-15 school year. Increase in members and visits This year it found an increase in the number […]

[Left to right] Alexander Mines, Tanner MacDonald, and Trevor McConnell, three of the four founders of the Food Innovation Hub, attend the Urban Farm Fall Harvest Party on October 25, 2016. Osama Sbeitan (not pictured) is the fourth founder and director of the Food Innovation Hub. (Courtesy Chayonika Chandra)

Ryerson introduces new food incubator

 The Food Innovation Hub (FIH) is Ryerson’s first student-led food incubator that helps companies start to grow and monetize their businesses. The FIH is a subset of the new initiative in the science faculty called the Science Discovery Zone (SDZ). “Toronto is a mecca for food; go around any corner and there’s 50 different ways in which different cultures innovate […]

Students studying in the SLC. (Danielle Lee)

Procrastination? No Problem

By: Danielle Lee and Amira Zubairi With only one month left of the semester, students are feeling the pressure of upcoming deadlines. If you haven’t started that assignment due next week, now’s a perfect time. Tonight, Ryerson Library and Student Learning Centre are joining force to host the annual Long Night Against Procrastination, an all-night study marathon held at the SLC. […]

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(Courtesy Amanda Gilmore)

Things to do this weekend (Nov. 4-6)

Winter is almost here, so why not go out and enjoy the spring-like temperatures while they last? 1. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair We're #proud to sponsor the #GiantVegetable competition the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2016! @THERAWF #RAWF16 — St. Lawrence Market (@StLawrenceMkt) November 1, 2016 Spend time with some farm animals this weekend at The 94th Royal […]

Volunteers Andrew Feldman and Kate Davies hand out refreshing drinks at the Urban Farm Fall Harvest Party on Oct. 24, 2016. (Courtesy Hongen Nar)

Harvest season in full bloom

Ryerson Urban Farm celebrated the end of the growing season with a fall harvest party, which took place on Oct. 25 in Ryerson’s Sears Atrium. The Ryerson Urban Farm harvest party had everything from a pie eating contest to garlic planting on the rooftop farm. The harvest party also hosted food and drink stalls serving iced tea made from herbs […]

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(Courtesy Dave Crosby/Creative Commons)

MAP: Kosher, halal and vegetarian options near campus

For students who observe religious dietary restrictions, like kosher, halal and vegetarian, it can be difficult to find food options on campus. To help with this struggle, here’s a map with information about restaurants near campus that offer food to accommodate students with various dietary restrictions. These restaurants are either on campus, in residences or within walking distance of Ryerson. View Dietary Restrictions […]

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(Courtesy of Kenneth Lu via Flickr Creative Commons)

Jewish students need kosher food options

Since 2014, Ryerson has offered halal lunch and dinner options daily at two campus locations: the International Living/Learning Centre and the Pitman Dining Hall. Halal options first became available on campus in 2013 and Ryerson Eats has consulted closely with the Muslim Students’ Association to improve the halal food options available to Ryerson community members. Together they have made great […]

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Ryerson campus (Sissi Wang/ Ryersonian)

Top 6 things to do in Toronto this weekend (Sept. 16-18)

Get outside, check out some good eats, see some animals and listen to music. Here’s our list of the top things to do in the city this weekend. 1. Get some fresh air at High Park with “Let’s Go Blue Jays” family nature walks Embrace your inner nature lover with a leisurely walk through High Park while also brushing up […]

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(Ryersonian File Photo)

NutraRights to bring fresh ideas to Ryerson

One of Ryerson’s newest student groups is working on a plan to help elementary schools provide students from low-income families with healthy meals. “One third of every food bank user is a child, so we can see an issue that we still have poverty, we still have children going to school without food and that’s something that they don’t have […]

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(Courtesy Jason Howie/Creative Commons)

Life Without Instagram: My Journey Through a Six-Day Cleanse

By MacKenzie Patterson Just six years after its inception in 2010, Instagram has blown up to epic proportions. It boasts 400 million monthly users, and most companies actively promote their products and services on the app. Teenagers and adults under the age of 35 are especially active on the social networking platform. It’s rare to hear someone in their teens […]

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Twenty-on-year-old Lindsay  Sganga on vacation in Maui in 2015. (Lindsay Sganga/Ryersonian Staff)

More than just a #TransformationTuesday

It was an ongoing battle, from crying in dressing rooms in the mall because I didn’t fit into that pair of jeans to endless nights spent wishing I were born in a different body.

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Questions are being raised about the implementation of Ontario’s $1.7 million investment. (Ryersonian Archive)

How the 2016 Ontario budget affects you

While free tuition for students from low-income families may be the highlight from the 2016 Ontario budget delivered Feb. 25, it’s not the only aspect of the budget that will affect students. From booze in grocery stores to an increase in cigarette taxes, here are some of the ways the 346-page spending plan could affect you: If you’re looking for […]

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As the dollar continued to fall in value this week, it took C$1.45 to buy US$1 (Mikaila Kukurudza/Ryersonian Staff)

Students affected by high food costs

The cost of fruits and vegetables has skyrocketed with the Canadian dollar hovering around 70 cents, affecting the shopping habits of students.

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The Shops at Aura cafeteria could make for a prime study spot. (Lee North/Ryersonian Staff)

The Shops at Aura could be Ryerson’s student study oasis

There’s an underground mall close to Ryerson’s campus that appears to be empty. Why not utilize the space?

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Courtesy Instagram/@ joshnamaharaj
Executive chef Joshna Maharaj is leaving Ryerson after two years.

Executive chef who transformed campus food services with Ryerson Eats is leaving this month

Chef Joshna Maharaj, who brought change to what campus food looks and tastes like at Ryerson, is leaving this month after two years.

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Four halal food restaurants near Ryerson campus

Four halal food restaurants near Ryerson campus

Ryerson students suggested their favourite places to eat halal food near campus.

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Rooftop garden produces pickup truck’s weight of food

Rooftop garden produces pickup truck’s weight of food

Rye’s HomeGrown harvests produce grown on top of the engineering building

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A selection of tall cans in the sandwich display at Oakham Cafe. (Melissa Myers/Ryersonian Staff)

Oakham Café now offering local tall cans at student campus centre

Students can buy beer, local and non-local, along with their lunch at Oakham Café .

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5 healthy fast food restaurants around campus

5 healthy fast food restaurants around campus

Are you tired of greasy fries and heavy burgers? These fast food places will leave you feeling better.

Rising food costs weigh heavily on students’ grocery budgets

Rising food costs weigh heavily on students’ grocery budgets

With food prices rising at well over the rate of inflation, The Ryersonian asked students what they’re doing to stay nourished on a budget.

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From breakfast to dinner: top cheap eats around campus

From breakfast to dinner: top cheap eats around campus

By Taylor Stinson Ryerson can be an overwhelming university to navigate, especially if you’re a commuter hunting for food. We’ve got you covered with our list of the top restaurants around campus, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. From quick sit-down spots to underrated takeout joints, here are our picks. Breakfast Mutual Street Deli: This small and unassuming restaurant is […]

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Deepika Shewaramani / Ryersonian Staff

Students hungry for change in Ryerson’s meal plan

More than 250 Ryerson students have signed a petition urging reform of the university’s meal plan policies. The petition, started on March 25, says Ryerson’s OneCard and meal plan policies need to change because they force students into plans they can’t afford. UPDATE: University makes way for meal plan refunds Jonathan DaCosta, a first-year business management student, started the […]

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Students can order these "Good Food Boxes," full of fresh produce, from FoodShare Toronto. They cost $13-$32 and can be delivered or picked up on campus and other sites around town.

Ryerson’s Good Food Centre releases first Hunger Report

Food insecurity may be a bigger problem at Ryerson than most expect, said Ryerson’s Good Food Centre in its first Hunger Report released on Feb. 26. The report revealed that more than 400 Ryerson students and faculty members signed up for the service and more than 2,500 visits were made to the Good Food Centre last year. The centre is […]

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The Hub's falafel wrap is one of the many healthy options students can find on campus. (Courtesy Beza Getachew)

The Daily Scoop: Falafel wrap

Ingredients: Made to order. I picked  red onions, red peppers, arugula, carrots, guacamole, mixed greens and spinach. Description: Whenever I can’t decide what to eat I make a wrap. A simple, safe option that’s hard to mess up. I have made so many of my own wraps that I think it’s safe to say I know a good one when […]

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A chef at work in the newly renovated Hub cafeteria. Photo by Sean Wetselaar/Rersonian Staff

Hunger pains: a look at changes to Ryerson’s food services, so far

Madelyn McColl always ordered the usual chicken Caesar wrap. As the lines snaked in the Pitman Hall cafeteria, students lined up with their stomachs growling and waited to order from Extreme Pita. For nearly two years, McColl listed off her desired ingredients to the cooks at her go-to fast-food joint without even glancing at the menu. One day, that all […]

by Melissa Wronzberg· · Features
(Aaron Navarro/The Ryersonian)

The Daily Scoop: Mango Pork Rice

Meal: Mango pork with Jamaican rice and peas Ingredients: pork, scallions, pineapples, mango, rice and kidney beans Description: I took my taste buds on a trip to the Caribbean for my latest lunch escapade and went for sliced pork tenderloin. Covered with chunks of mango and pineapple, it was served with a side of traditional Jamaican rice and peas. Of […]

by Aaron Navarro· · Arts & Life, Food
The Daily Scoop: Hub Burger

The Daily Scoop: Hub Burger

Meal: Hub Hamburger Ingredients: Angus beef, hamburger buns, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup Description: Underwhelming is how I’d describe the Hub’s hamburger. That’s the word I’m sticking with — for now. While I commend Ryerson Eats’ use of locally sourced ingredients, there was one glaring problem with this burger and that was how dry the meat was. Every bite was […]

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Let them eat bagels

Let them eat bagels

Bagels, cream cheese and hummus lovers rejoice. Continuing its seven-year tradition, Jewish student group Hillel@Ryerson will offer its free weekly lunch in the winter semester. People are welcome anytime to the Hillel loft at 2A Elm St., but a kosher lunch is provided Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Bagels and cheeses in different flavours lined the food table, […]

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Ryerson’s lone food truck finds its niche on Church St.

Ryerson’s lone food truck finds its niche on Church St.

By Caroline Dinnall Students line up patiently as they wait to be served by the cooks in the big green truck outside of the Rogers Communications Centre. In exchange for a crisp blue bill, they receive a hearty lunch to make it through the day. “It’s mainly convenience for me. If I had the option to go anywhere else I […]

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Ryerson hospitality and tourism course aims for upscale dining and low prices at student-run restaurant

Ryerson hospitality and tourism course aims for upscale dining and low prices at student-run restaurant

Ryerson students have many food choices, with the Eaton Centre urban eatery steps away from campus, the Hub Café’s recent opening in the Jorgenson Hall, and various hotdog stands and fast food restaurants nearby. But the school of hospitality and tourism’s restaurant, RU Dining, lets students make food choices in the kitchen. Led by instructor Brian Heasman, RU Dining is a […]

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President Sheldon Levy and  Julia Hanigsberg cutting the grand opening tape to the Hub Cafe.

Grand opening of Hub Cafe brings fresh, local produce to students

As you walk through Ryerson’s newly-renovated Hub Cafe, you can see buckets full of freshly-picked fruit, hear the sizzling sound of bacon frying on a grill, and smell freshly baked butter tarts. The big reveal came after $840,000 worth of renovations. The Hub Cafe is part of a larger initiative by Ryerson Eats, promoting fresh Ontario-sourced food for the campus […]

Arlene Throness is the coordinator of Rye's HomeGrown, a group that maintains the gardens at Ryerson University. (Tristan Simpson/Ryersonian Staff)

RHG: Growing from the ground up

Scroll over the map to find gardens on campus.   As Arlene Throness heads to work, she weaves her way through the crowd of students in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, eager to get to the stairwell to escape the chaos that surrounds her. She unlocks the door at the top of the stairs and enters her paradise: […]

by Tristan Simpson· · Business, Features, Food, Health, students
The Gould Street Party ran from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 18.

Success for inaugural Gould Street Party

Saturday afternoon marked Ryerson’s first Gould Street Party, and organizers say the event could certainly happen again in the future. Part of Ryerson’s Alumni Weekend, the Gould Street Party invited past graduates and current students out onto the busy blue and gold pathway to enjoy a number of activities including food truck eats and homegrown entertainment. Hala Bissada, hospitality and tourism […]

Ryerson’s new Hub is open for business

Ryerson’s new Hub is open for business

The much-awaited Ryerson Hub opened its doors to students on Monday, debuting its new facility and ethical food options with the hopes of bringing students back to eating on campus. In an effort to be transparent with its food sourcing, the Hub has a window looking into its kitchen. “Human beings are back there cooking their food. We wouldn’t put […]

Virginie Corneau, 28, heard about In-N-Out Burger through her friend while on exchange in Germany and decided to give it a try after seeing tweets about it was coming to Toronto. Corneau had to wait in line for four hours before getting her hands on her food. 
Zac Dodds/Ryersonian

In-N-Out Burger pop-up shop attracts huge crowds

  A popular U.S. burger chain’s one-off shop near campus on Thursday — which operated for just four hours — saw snaking lines with hours of wait time. And for those who could not brave the lineup — no burgers for you. In-N-Out Burger opened its temporary store at Italian restaurant Ganzi Osteria on Jarvis Street at 11 a.m. — but anyone who […]

The Hub pushes organic, in-house food to make on-campus eating attractive

The Hub pushes organic, in-house food to make on-campus eating attractive

  Ryerson’s new food services program says it wants to make eating on campus more attractive by featuring locally sourced, freshly made food in its soon-to-open cafeteria, The Hub. Joshna Maharaj — who is in charge of menu options for Ryerson Eats — says the new program will make the cafeteria “a brighter, happier space to get food.” “We are really going […]

by Zachary Dodds· · Arts & Life, Food, Top stories
Vicki’s food column: mom’s carbonara pasta

Vicki’s food column: mom’s carbonara pasta

Ingredients: – 1 package of spaghetti – 1/3 bunch Italian parsley – 1 pack of cheddar (or other shredded cheese) – 1/2 package of bacon – 5 eggs – 2 lobster tails – Black pepper to taste – A splash of milk The recipe I decided to replicate this week is one of my favourites, carbonara. My mom used to […]

by Victoria Kuglin· · Arts & Life, Food, Top stories
Vicki’s food column: coconut Cajun shrimp and black rice

Vicki’s food column: coconut Cajun shrimp and black rice

Ingredients: CHILLED BLACK RICE: 2 cups of black rice 2 cups of white rice ½ bunch of cilantro 6 shallots, chopped 1 teaspoon of coconut oil (for frying) DRESSING: (proportions are approximate) ¼ cup soy sauce ¼ cup sesame oil 2 tablespoons of honey ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon of lime zest 1 teaspoon of ginger CAJUN SHRIMP: […]

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Vicki’s food column: duck legs with smoked Gouda crostini

Vicki’s food column: duck legs with smoked Gouda crostini

Ingredients: Duck Legs: – 2 duck legs ($4.50 each) – 5-6 cloves of black garlic ($4-5 a package) – 2 tablespoons of balsamic fig mustard – 4 dashes of Tabasco (optional) – 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce (optional) – Fresh ground pepper Smoked Gouda Crostini: – 1 cup of shredded Thunder Oak Smoked Gouda – 8 mini ciabatta buns ($4.50 […]

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Pie options for the hipster (Courtesy Dan Sheadel /Flickr)

Love pie? Here are our 5 favourite Toronto pie joints

Since today is Pi Day, we wordsmiths here at The Ryersonian have sugary pies (and not numbers) on the mind. In no particular order, we bring you a list of the top five places to buy your pie in our city. Trust us, you’ll want to check them out. Most variety: Wanda’s Pie in the Sky Wanda’s Pie in the Sky […]

by Victoria Kuglin· · Arts & Life, Food
Vicki’s food column: quiche

Vicki’s food column: quiche

Food: Quiche (on a budget) Inspiration: Ham and cheese quiche from Toronto’s Le Gourmand on 152 Spadina Ave. Ingredients: – 1 cup grated applewood cheddar ($15/kg) – ½ cup chopped prosciutto ($15.50/kg) – 3 whole eggs ($5.50/carton) – 2 egg whites – 1/3 cup whole milk ($5) – 1 pie crust – A couple sprigs of thyme (to garnish) This […]

by Victoria Kuglin· · Arts & Life, Food
The Toronto Grilled Cheese festival is on February 28 from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Vanessa Druckman/Flickr)

Top 5 grilled cheese places in Toronto

The Toronto Grilled Cheese Festival gets underway on Friday, Feb. 28 at the Roy Thomson Hall. The sold-out event will feature unconventional takes on the gooey snack, including ingredients like kimchi, Chinese barbecued pork, onion chutney and macaroni and cheese. But if you don’t have tickets to the mouth-watering fest, The Ryersonian has a list of the best grilled cheese […]

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Oakham Cafe most popular food place on campus

Oakham Cafe most popular food place on campus

The poll is reliable to within plus or minus 5.19 percentage points. [View the story “Oakham Cafe: Best Eating Option on Campus ” on Storify]

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