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Females far less likely to run for student elections, University of Alberta study

Females far less likely to run for student elections, University of Alberta study

Gender is the single largest factor in whether undergraduate students run for school elections, according to a recent report from the University of Alberta.

The study, named Identity Matters! found that women are just as interested in student politics as men, but are far less likely to actually run.

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Students who select all-gender housing can be placed in any of the three residences on campus, including Pitman Hall.
(Photo by Melissa Galevski)

Ryerson University makes the move to ‘all-gender’ housing

Ryerson University has changed the way campus residence rooms are assigned to include all gender identities. This is the first year incoming students had the opportunity to choose an all-gender housing option on their residence applications. This means that they could be paired with students of a different gender identity. Students were also not required to indicate their gender unless […]

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(Courtesy Ben Barry, Photo by Jaclyn Locke)

Q-and-A: Ryerson fashion professor, Ben Barry

Bringing issues of diversity to light in the fashion world has been Prof. Ben Barry’s goal since he was 14. The Ryerson School of Fashion associate professor is behind the Ben Barry Agency, a unique modelling agency for models who don’t necessarily fit the size 2 demographic. His agency has been making waves in the fashion world. Last December, he […]

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(M. Forbes/Ryersonian Staff)

Love in transition

Too few people truly understand what it means to be transgender. The trans community is severely misunderstood and people aren’t trying hard enough to educate themselves on the issues. I can say that I didn’t know what being trans meant, or that it even existed, until I started meeting people who are transgender. While my knowledge of the trans world […]

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Markus Harwood-Jones in the Trans Collective'd office in the SCC on Feb. 23, 2016.

Ryerson Trans Collective tackles transphobia on campus

Starting in March, the Ryerson Trans Collective will launch a campaign to tackle systemic cissexism and transphobia in classrooms and on campus.

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Man in pink shirt: Bryan Koivisto
Panel (from left to right): Vicki Saunders, Lynda McCarthy,
Leslie Bone, Michelle Lucas

Addressing the gender gap in science at Ryerson

There’s been progress over the last few decades in the proportion of women working in science and enrolling in post-secondary science programs, but change has been slow and the issue is multi-faceted.

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A screenshot of the Facebook page of Ryerson's fledgling "Men's Rights Issues" group. (Facebook)

Student hopes to create new ‘men’s issues’ group at Ryerson

  A Ryerson student is trying to start a men’s issues group on campus. Kevin Arriola, a fourth-year politics and governance student, recently announced the launch of the Ryerson Men’s Issues Awareness Society in a Reddit thread. And he says he’s taking steps to have it formally recognized by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). “There’s been previous efforts to form […]

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A sketch in a men's washroom in Kerr Hall

Female vandals more polite than men: bathroom graffiti at Ryerson

The Ryersonian sent a team of reporters to conduct statistical analysis on dozens of the university’s 524 washrooms. The results revealed striking disparities between male and female vandals, as well as between the university’s departments.

No comment: Dealing with Internet trolls as a female writer

Most people know trolls as cute fuzzy-haired dolls. But in the age of online journalism, trolls have a more sinister connotation — and their toxicity is shaming young female writers from pursuing their careers. Female-identifying writers face relentless gender-based attacks from misogynistic internet trolls. These attacks often include online comments about their work based on appearance, intelligence, race and sexual […]

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In Touch magazine's Photoshopped cover of Bruce Jenner as a woman.
(Courtesy Mike Mozart / Flickr)

Society failing to ‘trans-ition’

This version corrects mistakes in paragraphs two and nine, changing female to woman; six and 12, changing transsexual to trans person; and paragraph seven, changing heterosexual to cisgender.  When In Touch magazine Photoshopped Bruce Jenner’s face onto Dynasty actress Stephanie Beacham, she told Inside Edition that she thought it was funny. The photo, meant to portray how Jenner would look […]

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Joobo Shim says that gender-specific clothing is restrictive. (Courtesy Danier)

Gender-ambiguous design wins Danier Design Challenge

A new winner for the annual Danier Design Challenge was crowned on Friday. Third-year fashion design student Joobo Shim and his winning gender-ambiguous jacket walked away with $5,000 and his jacket will be mass-produced and sold in some Danier stores. Shim said designing gender-specific clothing is restrictive to him. “To be honest, from the start of my design practice, I […]

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Ben Barry, fashion school professor at Ryerson University.

Ryerson fashion professor proposes new textbook

Boys wear blue and girls wear pink. It’s a social norm we’re taught, but it’s something Ryerson fashion professor Ben Barry wants to redefine. Barry has partnered with University of Hawaii Professor Andrew Reilly to co-edit a textbook titled Crossing Boundaries: Fashion to Deconstruct and Reimagine Gender. The proposed 300-page textbook will be divided into four chapters: the construction of […]

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Ryerson student Jennifer Sousa exercises during women-only gym hours at one of Ryerson’s gyms.

No plans to roll out more women’s gym time: Recreation and Athletics Centre, university

Ryerson’s student union is looking to expand the university’s women-only gym time program. The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) passed a motion at its semi-annual general meeting Nov. 11 that it called for an expansion of the program after the pilot project was dubbed a success by the union and the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC). But a spokesperson for the […]

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Playing with dolls instead of  joining sports teams like his cousins was helpful to Bryan's development.  Courtesy Bryan Sparrow

Choosing Barbie over Hot Wheels

Growing up on the Musqueam Indian Reserve in Vancouver, I was surrounded by my dad’s huge extended family: nine aunts and uncles and 21 first cousins. Out of the latter, I spent nearly every day with Josh, Malcolm and Clarke. Born within a year of one another, we were best friends before we could even walk or talk. While being […]

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Facebook now has more gender descriptors than 'male' and 'female'. (Courtesy Facebook)

Facebook adds more than 50 gender identity options for profiles

Facebook offered an early Valentine’s Day present to the LGBT community. On Feb. 13, the social networking site introduced more than 50 gender identity options for users’ profiles. From who choose to be non-gender conforming, to individuals that consider themselves two-spirited – the mixing of gender roles in Aboriginal communities – the website now recognizes that things are not so […]

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