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What I learned at Ryerson: Friends come and go

Over the years, I’ve had many friends come and go in my life. Whether it was from moving or changes in school, we’ve somehow always managed to lose touch. There have also been some friendships that have ended because they proved they weren’t good influences or true friends. One thing that was hard about coming to Ryerson was having to […]

by Kelsey Rambaran· · Editorial, Opinion
New grads are worth the investment

New grads are worth the investment

For graduating or recently graduated students, having the money talk is hard.

For many students, the idea of landing a job is just as stress inducing as not. This is what’s known as a career identity crisis.  (Courtesy of Wikicommons)

A nine-to-five day scares millennials away

Career anxiety among Ryerson students is a growing problem.

A new study says university graduates don't have the essential skills necessary for the workforce. (Ryersonian)

New grads lacking essential skills

Ryerson University is expressing interest in a pilot program that will assess whether new graduates are prepared for the workforce. The program is a result of a study, conducted by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO), that found that new university and college grads were lacking essential skills like problem-solving and math. Ryerson hopes to be a part […]

by Greg Hanna· · News, Off Campus, On Campus
Budgeting, credit cards and goal-setting are important for graduates. (Tiffany Crawford / Ryersonian Staff)

How to get a handle on after-grad finances

The Ryersonian’s Robert Liwanag spoke with RBC director of student banking Mandy Mail who offered financial advice to post-secondary students who are months away from graduating.

How to display your work for future employers

How to display your work for future employers

  The paperless wave is taking over the job hunt. Employers in fields like graphic design, journalism and photography want to see your resumé and portfolio online. “More and more we’re getting students coming in asking about online – their presence, social media, a website,” said Ian Ingles, Ryerson Career Centre’s operations manager. Ingles said a website “makes your application […]

Aeman Ansari / Ryersonian Staff

This Week in Magical Thinking: David Foster Wallace’s This Is Water

I only have a few more days left as a student at the school of journalism and I am terrified. I’m terrified of not having the status of being a student to hide behind anymore, terrified of having to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. But most of all, I’m terrified to graduate […]

by Aeman Ansari· · Arts & Life, Literature
Hayley Wickenheiser holds up the jersey Ryerson presented her as an honorary doctorate. (David Chen/Ryersonian)

UPDATED: Wickenheiser receives honorary doctorate from Ryerson.

Hayley Wickenheiser, an accomplished Olympic athlete, received an honorary doctorate of laws from Ryerson last Wednesday. Wickenheiser is known to many as one of the best female hockey players in the world. She competed in all five Olympics that women’s hockey has been a sport, winning silver in the first year and four straight gold medals since then, including the […]

by Beth Bowers· · Hockey, Sports, Videos
Kelly McDowell is in her fourth year of Journalism at Ryerson University.

Last fee is the last straw for graduates

Here I am, halfway through my last semester of university. I need to apply for graduation and I think, “Well that must mean they actually expect me to make it to convocation, that’s a good sign.” I log onto RAMSS, something I do only when necessary, and click on ‘My Academics.’ I’m buzzing with excitement. I’m so close. No more […]

by Kelly McDowell· · Editorial, Opinion, Voices
Students on the convocation guest cap: “It would be nice for them to see me walk across the stage”

Students on the convocation guest cap: “It would be nice for them to see me walk across the stage”

Graduation is a special day many students look forward to spending with their closest friends and family. But when many Ryerson students apply to graduate, they discover they can only bring two people to their convocation. And that there’s a surprise $40 application fee. We asked class of 2014 how they feel about the guest limit and how they plan to choose between […]

by Tanya Cruz· · Arts & Life, Interactives, Top stories
Interactive: Students discuss their plans after university

Interactive: Students discuss their plans after university

For many fourth-year students’ graduating this year, deciding on what to do afterwards can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Deciding whether you want to travel, go to grad school, or get a job in your field is a dilemma many post-secondary students face. We asked fourth-year students the ultimate question, “What will you be doing once you graduate?” Listen to their […]

by Amanda Soufi· · Arts & Life, Interactives, Top stories
Graduation: no room for family, lots of room for improvement

Graduation: no room for family, lots of room for improvement

I didn’t take my high school graduation as seriously as my classmates did. It didn’t feel like “the end of an era,” and I didn’t cry when I received my diploma. It was just a day like any other, except I had to wear a particularly ugly hat. But as I prepare to graduate from Ryerson, the feeling is entirely […]

by Kelsey Rolfe· · Editorial, Opinion
Zip lining in Punta Cana last May

Bitten by the travel bug

  The best moments of my life have happened while travelling around the world. There’s something about being surrounded by clear blue waters, tall palm trees, soft white sand and foreign foods that is so tranquil. It’s an atmosphere I’ll never tire of. As my university career comes to an end this April, I often wonder about the future. I’ve […]

by Amanda Soufi· · Opinion, Voices
Graduates not falling for fall convocation

Graduates not falling for fall convocation

Thousands of Ryerson students graduated last week, but just more than half attended convocation. Just over 2,000 students were eligible to graduate last Thursday and Friday, but only 55 per cent RSVP’d to the four fall ceremonies, spanning two days. Last year, 62 per cent said they would attend. “It didn’t appeal to me too much,” said James Vukasinovic, a […]

by Katrina Sieniuc· · News, On Campus

Graduating Rams reflect on their Ryerson legacy

  Michael Paolo – electrical engineering It’s Ryerson Rams’ hockey player Michael Paolo’s fifth and final year and his graduation may signify a permanent storage of his skates. “Currently I don’t have any plans of continuing my hockey career,” he says. “I have played hockey for 22 years of my life and I think it’s time to close that chapter […]

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