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Casandra Fulwood, co-ordinator of the Racialised Students' Collective. (Photo by Milca Kuflu)

Mental health services need more diversity

Ryerson’s Health and Wellness Centre has been a vital resource for students battling mental health issues, but its lack of diversity has many students of colour feeling left behind.

The hued racial composition on campus is hard to miss. Walk along Gould Street on a busy afternoon and you’ll see a true reflection of Toronto’s fast-growing ethno-cultural community, which now makes up almost half of the city’s population.

by Milca Kuflu· · Health, News, On Campus
Photo by Maggie Macintosh

Utilities, Wi-Fi and trauma: Rye students and grads open up about the health costs of living downtown

Cardboard cutouts plastered with packing tape line the apartment’s teal baseboard vents where they meet the dirty linoleum. While they appear to be holding something together, resident Clara Purdy said the cardboard is there to keep something out: unwanted houseguests.

“I don’t like hearing the mice run in the walls,” said the fourth-year Ryerson fashion communications student. “It still bugs me, even after four years.”

by Maggie Macintosh· · Features, Health
The wellness centre has been held up for a year but will be operational in the basement of the SCC in January, said RSU president Susanne Nyaga. (Photo by Aidan Macnab)

Wellness centre to open next semester

After a year-long delay, renovations that violated building codes and thousands of dollars paid by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU), a mental health support centre will finally open next semester.

Former RSU president, Obaid Ullah, said that the current administration is accusing the previous one of fumbling with the renovations for political reasons. He said the code violations were due to the work not being completed, as he and former vice-president of student life, Harman Singh chose to pause the renovations in order to pay back students for the 6Fest debacle.

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Urban geography specialist Florian Mayer comes to Toronto from Germany. Toronto’s car centric layout served as a good test bed for Mayer.

Former Ryerson intern dreams of a greener Toronto

Smaller streets, green spaces and more accessible public transit could give Toronto an environmental facelift. Florian Mayer, a former research intern at Ryerson this past summer, is going to present his recommendations to the 54th International Making Cities Livable Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Oct. 2.

He now lives in Denmark, but he came to Canada to research ways to improve city infrastructure, namely roads, with a public health angle in mind.

by Mansoor Tanweer· · Environment, News, Off Campus
Brooklyn Neustaeter writes about an app that tracks her daily activity, sleep cycles and stress levels.

86 per cent stressed? There’s an app for that

“I actually got stressed about how stressed I was.”

by Brooklyn Neustaeter· · Opinion, Voices
Monique Jagpal/Ryersonian Staff

Editorial Cartoon: Honest campus tours

Riley lifting weights in his room before heading to the gym for a full workout. (Julia Ho/Ryersonian Staff)

The journey to health, fitness and … the drug dealer

With social media at play, there has been an influx of health-inspired young adults ready to show off their toned abs and vegan lunch. It is many of these same individuals that are doing hard drugs recreationally. How did these two paths converge?

by Julia Ho· · Features, Health
Why students should kick back and enjoy nature

Why students should kick back and enjoy nature

Deena Shaffer talks about Mood Routes and why taking a break and getting closer to nature will improve your overall health. Ryersonian TV’s Iva Celebic and Madison Good have the story.

Courtesy of Charlon, Flickr creative commons.

Ryerson prof developing new way to grow marijuana

A researcher from Ryerson is collaborating with Beleave Inc., a company that develop and grows medicinal marijuana, on a project to develop more precise breeding techniques for cannabis plants.

Toronto skyline. (Shannon Cuciz / Ryersonian file photo)

Are Ryerson students risking their health by living downtown?

Evidence suggests air, noise and light pollution could do more harm than students may think.

by Daniel Melfi· · News, students

Watch: Are Ryerson students getting enough sleep?

Do you sleep for at least seven hours a day? No? It’s okay, neither do we. Watch as Ryersonian TV’s Joseph Wong talks to students and offers tips to help make sleep more consistent.

by Joseph Wong· · News, students, Videos
(Tristan Simpson/Ryersonian Staff)

Are you going to pass, or artichoke? We test students on veggie knowledge

WATCH: Do students know their vegetables?

by Ryersonian Staff· · Arts & Life, Food, Videos
Ryersonian file photo.

R U satisfied with the food at Ryerson?

Ryerson University’s food master plan survey by Ryersonian TV’s Jaclyn Tansil and Madison Good.

Testing for osteoperosis has just gotten easier... all you need is a nail clipping. (Courtesy iStock)

Rye prof nails new test kit for bone disease

A Ryerson professor has invented an at-home test kit that uses toe and fingernail clippings to assess the risk for osteoporosis. Mark Towler, a biomedical engineering professor who was recruited to Ryerson for his research, originally came up with the idea 10 years ago in the U.K., and on Oct. 9 the Osentia test kit went on sale in the […]

Press conference releasing the Ryerson-led study on the health impacts of precarious work on racialized immigrant women. (Isabelle Docto)

Ryerson study shows temporary work is a public health crisis

Racialized immigrant women working as temporary employees are facing a serious health crisis. This comes from findings of a Ryerson-led study released Monday to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The Ontario government is currently reviewing the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act and researchers say that if nothing is done to reform precarious work conditions, […]

by David Greenberg· · Health, News
(Courtesy RightBlue Labs)

Logit app helps athletes stay healthy

RightBlue Labs — a start-up company partnered with the Ryerson’s DMZ — recently announced a new partnership with Racquetball Canada to provide raquetball players with Logit, an athlete monitoring system. The Logit application monitors different health risks during training sessions with the goal of preventing or minimizing time lost due to injuries. Geri Powell, the administrator of high performance and […]

Illustration by Lillian Greenblatt.

Editorial cartoon: Drink, detox, repeat

Visualizing the young adult weekend.

by Lillian Greenblatt· · Editorial Cartoon
Ryersonian's Mikaila Kukurudza gives you a five minute work out for when you need to squeeze in some fitness between studying.

Rye gets fit: cubicle core workout

Ryersonian’s Mikaila Kukurudza gives you a five minute workout for when you need to squeeze in some fitness between studying.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Arts & Life, Health
Ryersonian Weekly Wrap Episode: 42 – •	Potential lawsuit against RSU, Cormac McGee’s update on petition against unpaid internships and more

Ryersonian Weekly Wrap Episode: 42 – • Potential lawsuit against RSU, Cormac McGee’s update on petition against unpaid internships and more

The Ryersonian weekly wrap is a news audio series produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto. It features weekly news from and from the Canadian University Press.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Audio, News, Podcasts
Ryerson, St. Mike’s come together to create new health technologies

Ryerson, St. Mike’s come together to create new health technologies

Ryerson joined a 20-year partnership with St. Michael’s Hospital to research and develop health-care solutions on Jan. 26, 2016 at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Fundraising underway for injured Ryerson dancer

Fundraising underway for injured Ryerson dancer

Fundraising has begun for dance student, Napu Boychuk’s medical expenses in Cuba after suffering a severe swimming accident.

by Emily Silva· · Health, News, Theatre, Travel
Lee and his cousin Paula showed their support for the Toronto Blue Jays while Paula visited him in the hospital. Paula started Lee's GoFundMe page (courtesy of Paula)

Engineering student fights to walk again after falling 20 feet

Family of Lee Melymick put their faith in experimental stem-cell research following summer-job accident.

by Jessica Albotra· · Health
RyersonianTV: November 13, 2015 – Men’s issues group not happy about coverage, birth control options, ironic ad removed from bus shelter

RyersonianTV: November 13, 2015 – Men’s issues group not happy about coverage, birth control options, ironic ad removed from bus shelter

RyersonianTV is a daily newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Monday to Friday, at noon EST.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Newscasts, RyersonianTV
True or false: processed meat causes cancer

True or false: processed meat causes cancer

How should you, a worried and careful reader approach understanding of the daunting claim that processed meat is bad for you?

by Rebecca Wood· · Opinion
Editorial Cartoon: November 3, 2015

Editorial Cartoon: November 3, 2015

Find out how the pigs are feeling about the study that bacon causes cancer.

by Robert Liwanag· · Editorial Cartoon, News, Opinion
5 healthy fast food restaurants around campus

5 healthy fast food restaurants around campus

Are you tired of greasy fries and heavy burgers? These fast food places will leave you feeling better.

Alternative fitness options for those who hate the gym

Alternative fitness options for those who hate the gym

Going back to school can mean the abandonment of healthy choices for some Ryerson students who are overwhelmed by the daunting demands of academia. Dumbbells, rowing machines and treadmills are not for everyone, but alternative forms of fitness with reasonable pricing can be hard to find near campus. Here are four fitness studios within a 15-minute walk from campus with unique approaches to exercise.

by Caitlin Martin Newnham· · Arts & Life, Health, students
Iram Partap says fruits and vegetables are a distant memory since living off frozen dinners and Tim Hortons through university. (Iram Partap/Ryersonian Staff)

What I learned from my two-day long detox

I feel tired, sluggish, distracted, unmotivated, and mentally out of it all the time. Kind of like a permanent hangover from life. I’d like to think that working two jobs in order to pay my rent and school fees while being in school full-time is a legitimate excuse. I have no money almost 100 per cent of the time and […]

by Iram Partap· · Opinion
In this file photo, Tara's daughter is at Point Pleasant Park in Nova Scotia. (Courtesy of Tara Lindemann/Ryersonian Staff)

Caught in the undertow

I watch my daughter drown. Every day. I watch her claw her way to breach the surface throughout the day, every day. I watch her clutch tightly to an interim sedative and slip into a fractured sleep, only to awaken under water. Again. I wonder how long it was there, that silent, unremitting undertow waiting to clasp her ankles to […]

by Tara Lindemann· · Opinion, Voices
Centre for Student Development and Counselling (Peter Lozinski/Ryersonian file photo)

CSDC wait times are down, number of cases requiring therapy are up

More than 2,500 students sought help at the CSDC during the 2013-2014 academic year – a five per cent increase over the year before.

by Monique Hutson· · News
Hannah Van Dyk hopes to implement nap rooms on campus during her term next year on Ryerson's Board of Governors. (Courtesy of Hannah Van Dyk)

Newly elected Board of Governors student representative hopes to implement nap rooms on campus

Pulling all-nighters or getting little-to-no sleep is a common occurrence for many Ryerson students. Newly elected Board of Governors student representative Hannah Van Dyk is hoping to change that. When she becomes one of the 24 board members for the next academic year, she hopes to implement nap rooms around campus. “As a commuter school we ask our students to […]

by Jacqueline Bradley· · News, On Campus
Facebook rolls out new tool for helping at-risk users

Facebook rolls out new tool for helping at-risk users

Facebook is rolling out a new tool to help users at risk of suicide. Users of the social network will be able to report their friend’s posts if they contain worrying language or thoughts, and Facebook will give them an option to send a message of personal support. The new tool will only be available in the U.S., and Facebook […]

by Emily Joveski· · Health, Science & Technology
Ryerson Close to Unveiling Updated Sexual Assault Policy

Ryerson Close to Unveiling Updated Sexual Assault Policy

Ryerson University hopes to unveil an updated sexual assault policy by the end of the academic year. Over the past few months Vice-Provost for Students, Heather Lane Vetere, met with student groups and stakeholders, such as campus security, counselling services and community activists, to determine what the policy update needs. “I’ve heard very consistent things, and I’ve distilled all of […]

by Danielle Gresko· · News, On Campus, students
Lower loonie drives up food cost

Lower loonie drives up food cost

Food prices are going loony, and the loonie is to blame. Opting for healthier food is already leaving your wallet empty, and it’s about to get worse — at least this time of year. But with the right planning, dodging the price hit is possible. “The fallen dollar has affected food prices and will continue to affect particularly fruit and […]

by Amal Ahmed· · News, Off Campus
From left to right: Beau Standish, CEO 7D Surgical, Gary Goodyear, Minister of State, FedDev, Southern Ontario
Federl MP John Carmichael
Victor Yang, Ryerson University & Sunnybrook Hospital

Ryerson medical group receives almost $1 million investment from Ontario government

The Ontario government is investing almost $1 million to help market a Ryerson University invention in a move that is expected to raise the university’s profile in the field of medicine. The technological breakthrough is a surgical navigation device created by a team of graduate students led by Victor Yang, an associate professor at Ryerson’s Department of Electrical and Computer […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · News, On Campus
Students may soon be able to access counselling services on their mobile devices. (Kyla Dewar/Ryersonian Staff)

Digital therapy could be future of counselling at Ryerson

A $6-million grant application for e-mental health research means it may become easier for Ryerson students to access counselling services. If the application is successful, the money will be delivered to and used by the Centre for Student Development and Counselling over three years to find potential methods of digital counselling and therapy, in collaboration with Confederation College and the […]

by Kyla Dewar· · Science & Technology, Top stories
Detoxes: Are they healthy?

Detoxes: Are they healthy?

Detoxing has become quite popular in recent years. A quick Google search of the terms “detox plan” will give you about 14,100,000 results. Cleansing recipes that promise to “maximize immune and digestive health,” “flush the fat away” and “kick start your metabolism” can be found all over Pinterest and Instagram. The internet is flooded with tons of “before and after” […]

by Jessica Defreitas· · Arts & Life, Food, Health
A flu vaccine. (Courtesy Government of Alberta)

No health card, no cost, no problem for flu shots on campus

Ryerson is one of the only universities in the province that has flu shots administered by nursing students. It may seem odd that a student doesn’t even need to bring a health card to get immunized; but apparently, it’s normal for Toronto clinics and other local universities. The catch is that without a health card, the person would usually be […]

(Dasha Zolota / Ryersonian Staff)

Face paint toxins could cause skin problems

Environmental Defence Canada is advising Canadians to make educated decisions this Halloween when it comes to face paint. “Things like parabens and phthalates are commonly found in face paints. Parabens are linked to skin irritants, so that’s a serious concern for people,” said Mariah Griffin-Angus, program co-ordinator at Environmental Defence, which is a non-partisan group that addresses environmental and health […]

by Jessica Defreitas· · Arts & Life, Health
Arlene Throness is the coordinator of Rye's HomeGrown, a group that maintains the gardens at Ryerson University. (Tristan Simpson/Ryersonian Staff)

RHG: Growing from the ground up

Scroll over the map to find gardens on campus.   As Arlene Throness heads to work, she weaves her way through the crowd of students in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, eager to get to the stairwell to escape the chaos that surrounds her. She unlocks the door at the top of the stairs and enters her paradise: […]

by Tristan Simpson· · Business, Features, Food, Health, students
Ryerson’s new Hub is open for business

Ryerson’s new Hub is open for business

The much-awaited Ryerson Hub opened its doors to students on Monday, debuting its new facility and ethical food options with the hopes of bringing students back to eating on campus. In an effort to be transparent with its food sourcing, the Hub has a window looking into its kitchen. “Human beings are back there cooking their food. We wouldn’t put […]

Flu season bad for health and grades

Flu season bad for health and grades

Deep, throaty coughs and excessive sneezing can already be heard across campus, signalling the beginnings of the always-dreadful flu season. While many students may choose not to get their flu shot this year, Ryerson photography student Justine Marasigan says she’s not taking any chances with her health or her marks. “My academic performance is one of the biggest factors in […]

by Alexis Goncalves· · Arts & Life, Health
Exhibit review: The 7,024th Patient

Exhibit review: The 7,024th Patient

Art should provoke thought and emotion within its viewer. Ryerson School of Nursing professor Jennifer Lapum decided that her research study should have the same impact. The 7,024th Patient, a new exhibit at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, launched on Tuesday and is an “arts-informed, narrative study” that explores a patients’ experiences following open-heart surgery. Sixteen individuals participated in Lapum’s […]

Five Student-Friendly Fitness Centres

Five Student-Friendly Fitness Centres

As a busy student, there are three healthy habits we often fall out of touch with: enough sleep, a balanced diet and most of all, regular exercise. But as a Ryerson student living in downtown Toronto, the city has a number of great fitness options on and around campus. From Madonna’s ultra-swanky gym (including a juice bar) to free yoga, […]

by Bryan Sparrow· · Arts & Life, Health
Winning the battle of the bulge

Winning the battle of the bulge

It’s hard to be active during the cold Canadian winter. Sub-zero temperatures make staying home an infinitely more appealing option than trucking to the gym in your spandex. But giving in to that comfort and laziness can have dire consequences. A study published this month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that the obesity rate in Canada has tripled in […]

by Rebecca Ananda· · Arts & Life, Food, Health
Epilepsy awareness project is ineffective

Epilepsy awareness project is ineffective

It’s been almost two years since my last seizure. Doctors talk a lot about “auras,” warning signs or premonitions of an impending episode, but the experience is a lot more nuanced and frightening than any pamphlet about epilepsy can tell you. There are six different types of seizures, ranging in severity from muscle stiffness and rigidity—tonic—to a grand mal, or […]

by Victoria Kuglin· · Editorial, Opinion, Voices
Liam Scott demonstrates how a raw onion can keep you healthy. (Rebecca Sedore / Ryersonian Staff)

An onion a day keeps the doctor (and a date) away

It may give you bad breath, but a glass of garlic water and some chopped onions can help you stay flu-free this winter season, says a Toronto nutritionist. Jennifer Baer, a naturopathic doctor and nutritionist, treats different ailments like colds and flus with diet and exercise. She says students are more susceptible to getting sick, especially during the winter months, […]

by Angela Hoyos· · Arts & Life, Food, Health, Top stories
Healing with the force of nature

Healing with the force of nature

There is nothing more terrifying than losing control of your own body. I would know. In second year, on a crisp fall morning, I was making my way to class. As I began to approach Ryerson, the right side of my body went numb. I lost all sensation in my limbs. With my mobility resting on one leg, I managed […]

by Angela Hoyos· · Opinion, Voices

Roc-Fit with Nic: Halloween Edition

by Nicole Servinis· · Sports

Rock-Fit with Nic: Over at the Mattamy Athletic Centre

by Nicole Servinis· · Sports
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