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Partners and organizers of the one-day Toronto event complimentary to the 2017 annual Ashoka U Exchange conference celebrate a successful turnout, including Jean-Paul Boudreau, social innovation’s special adviser (far right). (Luke Galati/Ryersonian Staff)

One more Ryerson group affected by U.S. travel ban

Ryerson’s social innovation provided an alternative for students who feared travelling to the U.S. amid travel ban.

(Courtesy Michael Dougherty via Flickr)

American Rye students torn between two homes

Throughout the course of the U.S. election campaign many Americans vowed that if the Republican nominee Donald Trump won, they would move to Canada. However, what of American students already in Canada. The Ryersonian asked students if the results of this election have changed their post-graduation plans. “When I started here I wasn’t too sure about what my plan was,” […]

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The trouble with not recognizing Canadian newcomer credentials

The trouble with not recognizing Canadian newcomer credentials

Ryerson University professors Usha George and John Shields shared some insight on this issue, and the potential consequences.  Three immigrants, including one Syrian refugee, share their struggles to employment here in Canada.

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New Canadians inducted at first citizenship ceremony held on campus

New Canadians inducted at first citizenship ceremony held on campus

By Maham Shakeel Ryersonian Staff Ryerson’s soon-to-be interim president Mohamed Lachemi shared his experience of coming to Canada from Algeria at the first citizenship ceremony held on campus. He added that 30 years ago he faced many of the same barriers the people in the room may be up against, like leaving behind a familiar way of life and venturing […]

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Linda McQuaig, Bill Morneau and Colin Biggin at the St. James Town debate. (Kiah Berkeley / Ryersonian Staff)

Audience participation limited at Toronto Centre candidates debate

Toronto Centre candidates participated in their first debate of the 2015 campaign Tuesday night, but some of the attendees at the forum were upset that they didn’t get to ask questions of their own. While Conservative candidate Julian Di Battista did not attend, Bill Morneau (Liberal), Linda McQuaig (NDP) and Colin Biggin (Green) spoke before residents in St. James Town, answering questions that dealt with the community’s top four concerns: […]

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