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Julia Lloyd worked on perfecting her social media accounts to the point where it didn't reflect reality anymore. 
(Photo by Julie Faye Germansky)

VOICES: My fake social media life

Everyone has something about themselves they wish they could change. Some even go out of their way to portray themselves differently to others for the sake of keeping their true self hidden.

Every day, I worked on perfecting my social media profiles to portray my ideal self. I sometimes felt like I had two personalities to maintain: one that I hated and one I wanted to be all the time.

by Julia Lloyd· · Opinion, Voices
We are constantly scrolling past beautiful images; like supermodels at #FashionWeek, subconsciously affecting our morale. (photo by Sophie Armstrong and Simona Catalano)

OPINION: Social media and the feeling of inadequacy

A beautiful flower arrangement sent from a seemingly perfect boyfriend, toned and fit bodies posing in front of a glamorous beach on the French Riviera, big smiles on a Southern Californian pier — these are just some of the vibrant images that we are constantly scrolling past on our Instagram feeds at any given moment.

We spend a lot of time scrolling. According to a Mediakix study conducted last year, it’s estimated that the average person will spend a total of five years and four months on social media within their lifetime.

by Nadia Khamsi· · Opinion, Voices
Toronto Lingerie Designer teaches Self Love

Toronto Lingerie Designer teaches Self Love

  This Valentine’s Day, Mary Young wants people to focus on self love rather than feeling lonely. “Knowing your worth and your value isn’t defined by whether you get a bouquet of roses or you have a partner to be with, it’s about how much you love yourself and who you surround yourself with,” said Young. The Gladstone Hotel hosted […]

by Cherileigh Co· · Arts & Life, students
RTA student and stick n' poke artist Fion Liu gives a client a tattoo in her studio. (Kelsey Adams)

RTA stick ‘n’ poke artist stabbing her way into the industry

Fourth-year new media student Fion Liu gave her first stick ‘n’ poke tattoo in 2014 on a Tinder date. Her date asked her to poke a Chinese character on him and he supplied her with sewing needles, a vodka cap bottle and India ink. For decades this has been how most stick ‘n’ poke tattoos occur: in the spur of […]

by Kelsey Adams· · Arts & Life, Visual Arts & Design
(Courtesy iMore)

Tinder’s dirtiest word

Like most millennials, I’m no stranger to online dating. Almost everyone I’ve dated over the past two years I’ve met through Tinder. Even as a high school student, I met my first boyfriend on a cringe-worthy pre-Instagram website called Snog Marry Avoid. If you take the time to look it up, you’ll know how embarrassing that really is. Over the […]

by Jennie Pearson· · Opinion
(Courtesy Bianca Scarlato)

Students to Watch: RTA photographer achieves Instagram fame

Fourth-year media production student Bianca Scarlato saw herself in front of the camera as an actor and singer before she fell into the online world of Instagram. The fourth-year RTA student had Broadway aspirations, but now she has become a sought-after Toronto photographer. She entered the realm of professional photography just over two years ago. Her career reached another level […]

by Kelsey Adams· · Arts & Life, Fashion, Media, Photography
Courtesy Emily Battaglini / Ryersonian Staff

Photography student gets up-close-and-personal with 11,000 strangers online

19-year-old Emily Battaglini credits her impressive Instagram following to vulnerability.

(Mikaila Kukurudza/Ryersonian Staff)

Rye students release DormRoom social networking app

The DormRoom app was released Feb. 10 after receiving approval from Apple. The app intends to be a combination of Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder just for students.

by Mikaila Kukurudza· · News, On Campus
You are what you share…or are you?

You are what you share…or are you?

The way we decide what goes on our social media pages typically winds down to one consideration: what we want people to know about us.

by Ban Ibrahim· · Arts & Life, Fashion, Health, Media, Photography, Videos
Instafamous celeb talks about Essena O’Neill and social media

Instafamous celeb talks about Essena O’Neill and social media

Instagram celebrity @ajuukix tells us her thoughts on social media and model Essena O’Neill quitting the platforms.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Arts & Life, Videos
A screenshot of one of Do's recent Instagram photos. (ericmarkdo/ Instagram)

Charges against Ryerson “roof-topper” dropped

Police have dropped charges against a Ryerson student arrested earlier this year after a “roof-topping” incident. Eric Do, a fourth-year journalism student last year, faced three charges related to breaking and entering after he, along with two others, were caught roof-topping downtown in February. The police dropped the charges against Do on Aug. 10. Roof-topping is a hobby where people, often photographers, explore […]

by Alison Shouldice· · News
Alfaro says it's safe to say most of us are addicted to our phones. (Courtesy of Nadya Domingo/Ryersonian Staff)

How I survived five days without my phone

Losing my phone has always been one of my greatest fears and two weeks ago it became a reality. Granted, I was lucky because I left it at my girlfriend’s house in Montreal and not in some taxi after a night of partying. But not having it made me come to terms with the fact that my phone was a […]

by Kevin Alfaro· · Opinion, Voices
Thigh gaps, bikini bridges and body images

Thigh gaps, bikini bridges and body images

When Kayla Santilli heard about the current body image trend, bikini bridging, she was horrified. “I think the bikini bridge is so strange,” she says. “How does making a bridge with your hip bones make you look good?” In high school, Santilli was fixated on her appearance. Only now is she learning to overcome her insecurities. Seeing young women like […]

by Angela Hoyos· · Arts & Life, Health, Media
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