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An Eastbound train to Oshawa pulling into Danforth GO station. (Courtesy Flickr user Lord of the Wings©)

What’s stalling Go Transit Wi-Fi?

In a world becoming so dependent on wireless internet for news and updates, the demand for Wi-Fi in more public spaces while commuting has risen.

In Canada, VIA Rail trains have Wi-Fi for business or economy classes and long-distance travels. But regional trains, more specifically Ontario GO trains, don’t have Wi-Fi, despite several of their trains travelling the same distance as some VIA Rail routes.

by Shantia Cross· · Features
Updated: Ryerson in talks to get Wi-Fi hot spots

Updated: Ryerson in talks to get Wi-Fi hot spots

Update: A previous version of this article did not state PawCharge’s involvement in the initiative. The headline has been altered to acknowledge the hot spot lending initiative is not for certain, but rather, in discussion. The Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA) is in the planning stages of lending Wi-Fi hot spot devices to students. The RULA, the Borrowing Lending […]

by Laura Woodward· · News, On Campus
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Facebook and smartphones narrowing the open web

The original open web known for its blinking text, pixelated images and blue hyperlinks was participatory. It was a production space where the people who enjoyed using it, also helped make it. “Back then it was messy and it was always broken and it was always really ugly,” Canadian journalist Sue Gardner says. The web was a space for free […]

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Ryerson’s cyberwar rages on

Ryerson students are at war. In fact, any individual with a mobile and computing device is at war. While the battleground of this conflict does not exist, it has the potential to compromise everything from our Twitter passwords to our social insurance numbers to our very identities. Last week, Ryerson’s Computing and Communications Services (CCS) launched a new initiative to […]

Netflix, social media trumps cable for Toronto students

Netflix, social media trumps cable for Toronto students

When it comes to media consumption, Netflix and other television streaming services trump cable media for Toronto post-secondary students. According to a poll by Ryerson journalism students, 40.9 per cent of the students say that they use streaming services as their main way to consume media. Only 17.9 per cent of students polled say that they consume media through cable […]

by Michael Hutchinson· · News, Off Campus
Smart applications for the Internet’s next wave

Smart applications for the Internet’s next wave

Refrigerators that tell you when you’re low on milk. Coffee makers that sync with your alarm. Umbrellas that beep when it’s about to rain. It might sound like something straight from a 1980s sci-fi movie, but in the not-so-distant future, it could be our reality. During the Internet’s first coming in the 1990s, we could only access the network on […]

Internet trolls, cyberbullies and flamers are stirring trouble on social media. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Online aggression and anonymity

A social media researcher disclosed at Ryerson that anonymity is only one aspect behind aggressive online behaviour. For the first time in history, people who exhibit antisocial tendencies are able to reach a wide audience and impact the lives of people through social media websites. But what drives these antisocial individuals? Is it the anonymity of being behind a keyboard, or […]

Ramona Pringle, left, with panelists Jesse Hirsh and Lance Weiler. (Sarah Jones / Ryersonian Staff)

Dean lecture series: Résumés in a digital world

By: Sarah Jones The Internet is the new stomping ground for students, and they need to learn how to navigate it as professionals. That means developing a finely tuned set of technological skills. “I haven’t had a resume since I was 19,” said Lance Weiler, an American filmmaker. In an era of digitized communications, your name is a brand. An […]

The case for online gaming

The case for online gaming

Three years ago, Ramona Pringle’s life seemed like one big downward spiral. She had just moved back to Toronto after living in New York City as a successful interactive producer on Frontline’s Digital Nation on PBS. Her mother was sick. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her. Sad and lonely, she found solace in the most unlikely of places […]

Wi-Fi will find a way outside

Wi-Fi will find a way outside

By Daniel Melfi Wi-Fi fills the halls of campus buildings, but students hoping to Google on Gould Street have to shell out for data plans. That could change as early as spring, as Ryerson looks to expand campus Wi-Fi to outdoor spaces. “Everyone thinks it’s a good idea,” said Brian Lesser, director of Ryerson’s computing and communications services (CCS). Lesser […]

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Hacking a “real threat” at Ryerson, say security officers

Ryerson University fends off thousands of cyber attacks a day, says Ryerson computer expert Brian Lesser. “If you look at the firewall logs, it’s just constant. I couldn’t believe all the attacks when I first saw,” says Lesser, Ryerson’s director of computing and communications services. Ryerson is not the only with cyber attack issues. A recent Toronto Star story reported […]

by Emma Jarratt· · News, On Campus, Science & Technology
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