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Vice journalist Sarah Hagi at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Facing Islamophobia in a hijab

Vice journalist Sarah Hagi told journalism students Tuesday how she confronted her online trolls “face-to-face” while wearing her hijab.

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BREAKING: Protest outside Muslim Association of Canada-Masjid Toronto

BREAKING: Protest outside Muslim Association of Canada-Masjid Toronto

Sarah Cunningham-Scharf Jaclyn Tansil Allan Perkins   On Friday afternoon, a group displaying anti-Islamic messages and signs gathered outside the Muslim Association, Masjid Toronto. There seems to be a small protest forming outside the Muslim Association of Canada at Dundas and Chestnut right now. Anyone wanna cover it? — Andrea Houston (@dreahouston) February 17, 2017 In an act of […]

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Protest against Trump, Islamophobia and white supremacy

Protest against Trump, Islamophobia and white supremacy

Jaclyn Tansil Madison Good Thousands of people stood outside Toronto’s U.S. Consulate today to protest American President Donald Trump, Islamophobia and white supremacy. Toronto Police shut down University Avenue from Queen Street West to Dundas Street West, diverting traffic and streetcars. The protest began around 12 p.m. and continued until late-afternoon with people braving the below freezing temperatures to show […]

Q-and-A: Rye grad and ‘Little Mosque’ creator talks comedy

Q-and-A: Rye grad and ‘Little Mosque’ creator talks comedy

Since graduating from the Ryerson journalism program in 1992, Zarqa Nawaz has carved out an impressive comedy career. She created the hit CBC show Little Mosque on the Prairie, based on her documentary Me and the Mosque. The Ryersonian spoke to Nawaz about everything from laughing about Islamophobia to her thoughts on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Q: You’ve been a […]

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(Kevin John Siazon)

Can comedy crush Islamophobia?

The irrational fear of Muslims, otherwise known as Islamophobia, might have a comedic cure. Becky Choma has spent years researching prejudice and discrimination. The Ryerson psychology professor recently turned her focus to the effects of fear on Islamophobia, given the rise of prejudice towards Muslims in the western world. Choma was awarded a grant for her latest project, which she […]

Following the rally at the SLC, protesters walk to the SCC to confront the RSU.

Rally held to protest workplace discrimination

Ryerson students rallied outside the Student Learning Centre Tuesday in protest of workplace sex and gender discrimination, racism, Islamophobia and ableism. The rally and march was organized in light of International Women’s Week. Winnie Ng, a social work professor at Ryerson, is the current CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy. She said Ryerson is very diverse and progressive […]

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U of T Muslim chaplain Imam Amjad Tarsin. (Al Donato/Ryersonian Staff)

Islamophobia weighs on Muslim students following Paris terrorist attacks

Muslim students talked about how recent tragedies and misconceptions of their religion affected them.

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Ryerson discusses Islamophobia

In light of the recent news in Quebec and Ottawa, it seems only natural that a constant stream of news about Islam and the increasing prevalence of Islamophobia has been covered time and time again. Instead of covering the events themselves, we have decided to put news aside for a moment and consider who these situations affect, how it affects […]

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Mariam waits for the subway wearing her hijab

‘The only home I’ve ever known’

Seated on the subway with headphones on, Mariam Nouser rides the rocket toward Ryerson. “Why are you wearing that? You’re in Canada,” she hears a voice say. It doesn’t register at first that the middle-aged Caucasian woman is actually talking to her. “Why don’t you go home? That’s where you belong.” “Well, I’m from here,” she replies honestly. “No you’re not; you’re […]

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