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Ryerson introduces new platform to bolster your resumé  

Ryerson introduces new platform to bolster your resumé  

Third-year Ryerson student Musa Raveendran didn’t realize being an uncle would add value to his resumé. But with the help of Student Life’s new program “Level Up,” Raveendran said the program helped him recognize the valuable transferable skills, such as organization, time management and innovation, he’s developed through being an uncle. “Using these various forms of documentation, I was able […]

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Starbucks in the SLC lobby. (Sarah Jackson/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson startup helps Starbucks hire refugees

Starbucks is hiring, and a startup that was born at Ryerson is helping those jobs go to refugees.

(Courtesy Angela Bulatao-Taay)

Dress for job interview success

Email reminders to apply for graduation in the spring aren’t the only thing Ryerson students in their final year opened last week. This was also a signal to open closets and look at what outfit options are available for future job interviews. “I’ve often said to students that you want to dress in a way that reflects the competence, skills, […]

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For many students, the idea of landing a job is just as stress inducing as not. This is what’s known as a career identity crisis.  (Courtesy of Wikicommons)

A nine-to-five day scares millennials away

Career anxiety among Ryerson students is a growing problem.

Students at the Ted Rogers School of Management feel that
Ryerson's polytechnic past is hindering their chances of landing jobs. (Lilly Greenblatt/Ryersonian Staff)

TRSM students “undervalued” in job recruiting process

The Ryerson brand has come a long way from the insulting “Rye High” nickname. However, some students from the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) believe the university’s past as a polytechnical institute may be a factor working against them when it comes to job recruiters.   Shayna Asgill, a fourth-year business management student and vice president of the Ryerson […]

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Illustration by Lillian Greenblatt.

Opinion: Worried about grad? Don’t stress

Post-graduation stress is real, but you’re not the only one experiencing it.

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Illustration by Lillian Greenblatt.

Editorial cartoon: Post media cuts, merge newsrooms

Job expectations for journalism grads.

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Mohamed Lachemi at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Jan.26, 2016. Photo by Kalem Mc Sween

Lachemi Joins Wynne in India

Interim president Mohamed Lachemi will be traveling with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on her 10-day trade mission to India.

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FCAD Dean Charles Falzon.(Courtesy Clifton Li)

Chatting with FCAD dean Charles Falzon: ‘I think we have to relax a little’

“We need to make sure that as things unfold, we adapt and we don’t set ourselves up in such a way that we cannot be nimble.”

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How to display your work for future employers

How to display your work for future employers

  The paperless wave is taking over the job hunt. Employers in fields like graphic design, journalism and photography want to see your resumé and portfolio online. “More and more we’re getting students coming in asking about online – their presence, social media, a website,” said Ian Ingles, Ryerson Career Centre’s operations manager. Ingles said a website “makes your application […]

Linda McQuaig, Bill Morneau and Colin Biggin at the St. James Town debate. (Kiah Berkeley / Ryersonian Staff)

Audience participation limited at Toronto Centre candidates debate

Toronto Centre candidates participated in their first debate of the 2015 campaign Tuesday night, but some of the attendees at the forum were upset that they didn’t get to ask questions of their own. While Conservative candidate Julian Di Battista did not attend, Bill Morneau (Liberal), Linda McQuaig (NDP) and Colin Biggin (Green) spoke before residents in St. James Town, answering questions that dealt with the community’s top four concerns: […]

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Interning in the U.S. of Eh

So you’re thinking about moving to the United States, eh? Perhaps it’s for an internship or to launch your career right after graduation. It’s no secret that many young Canadian media and performance professionals cross the border to get experience. Industry capitals New York and Los Angeles attract dozens of students from Ryerson every year. But what is it really […]

REPORT: Unemployment lowest in 6 years, just not for students

REPORT: Unemployment lowest in 6 years, just not for students

A labour force survey released today shows that 74,000 more Canadians held jobs in September than in August. The Statistics Canada survey says the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since December 2008, resting at 6.8 per cent. Most of these jobs are either in the private sector or the food services industry, and Statistics Canada claims they are […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Youth employment significantly higher than average

The Good Jobs Summit, which ran last Friday to Sunday, discussed youth unemployment and the challenges that young people face when they graduate from university. The following infographic compares the unemployment rates of Canadians.

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Good Jobs Summit concludes education needs to be linked to real job opportunities

During the Good Jobs Summit, General Electric Canada CEO Elyse Allen said Canada’s youth unemployment problem may be because student skills and jobs are not aligned. University graduates are swimming in tuition debt and struggling to find a job. Today, an academic degree no longer guarantees a good job. Statistics says there are 376,700 Canadians between 15 and 24 years looking, but […]

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First-ever Good Jobs Summit to take place this week

First-ever Good Jobs Summit to take place this week

Students will be given a national platform on which to voice their employment concerns at this weekend’s inaugural Good Jobs Summit. The summit will run from Oct. 3 to 5 at the Ted Rogers school of management and the Mattamy Athletic Centre. The free event will bring together unions, businesses, students, community groups and government representatives for a national discussion […]

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Interactive: Students discuss their plans after university

Interactive: Students discuss their plans after university

For many fourth-year students’ graduating this year, deciding on what to do afterwards can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Deciding whether you want to travel, go to grad school, or get a job in your field is a dilemma many post-secondary students face. We asked fourth-year students the ultimate question, “What will you be doing once you graduate?” Listen to their […]

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Emilie Cushman, co-founder of Kira Talent, at her company's Digital Media Zone headquarters. (Emma Childs/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson DMZ: Changing the future of job interviews

Sitting behind her desk in Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone, Emilie Cushman exudes confidence. The 23-year-old entrepreneur speaks with passion, conviction and enthusiasm. It’s easy to capture her personality within seconds, and this is exactly what her software, Kira Talent, intends to do. Using their video-interviewing  software, Kira Talent, Cushman and business partner Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski plan to revolutionize the interview process […]

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How to get fired through social media

How to get fired through social media

For the full story, check Sarah Warne’s feature on the value of maintaining a clean digital identity. [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Tweets and Comments that Could Get You Fired or Worse” on Storify</a>]

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Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

A diamond ring, a white dress and a graduate degree are all at the top of my wish list—but not in that order. Like many young Canadian women, I’ve decided to get an education before I get hitched, and according to economist Marina Adshade, my dreams are ruining the marriage prospects of women who don’t go to university. Last week, […]

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