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Mexican journalists often encounter persecution, harassment and espionage, Navarro said. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Targeted for reporting on the drug war: Mexican journalist speaks at Ryerson

By: Ricardo Serrano  Persecution, harassment and espionage. These are some of the things Mexican journalists encounter on the job.   Adela Navarro spoke at Ryerson University on Wednesday night and shared her experiences working as a journalist in Mexico, documented as one of the most dangerous places for the press. Just this year four journalists have died, according to Reporters […]

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Serena Dhillon, a second-year journalism student, in the Ryerson Communications Centre. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“Even though it is a university, we have to do a lot of practical thinking, we are so hands on.”

Brianne Spiker in Ryerson's Recreation and Athletics Centre. (Luke Galati/Ryersonian Staff)

Ice-cream sandwiches and gains

‘Three years ago, the RAC took a chance on a shy kid for the front desk.’

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An employee at Cannabis Culture’s Church Street location, prepares a joint on Mar. 8, 2017. (Courtesy Nathan Sing)

Students choosing private dealers over dispensaries: Ryerson survey

Students should rethink buying weed off the street, say staff at Cannabis Culture.

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Kayla Kuefler, fourth-year journalism student, lounging in the Venn. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy on these couches, eating my food and occasionally hanging out with friends…”

Irda Hajdari is losing sleep from her workload in her major, but still wants to double major in an engineering program. (Photo by Larry Heng/Ryerson School of Journalism)

Students living with sleep deprivation, poll suggests

Architecture and engineering students describe hallucinating after all-night studio sessions.
Long commutes are also part of the picture.

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Marsha Barber at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Taking a stand for the truth at J-School’s first-ever teach-in event

Ryerson’s school of journalism cancelled all classes to host a day-long seminar about the future of journalism.

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Monique Jagpal/Ryersonian Staff

Editorial Cartoon: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Kamal Al-Solaylee at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

In the new Trump era, what privacy does a journalist have?

Guests spoke to student journalists about privacy in a time of extreme surveillance.

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Gail Cohen at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

The evolving journalism landscape

Gail Cohen, media director for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, discussed how the role of the journalist has changed in turbulent times.

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(Beza Getachew / Ryersonian Staff)

Teach-in reinforces idea that media is under threat

This week, Ryerson University’s journalism school played host to a teach-in catered to its students.

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Sarah Jackson in the Rogers Communications Centre. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Controlling the conversation: Ryerson edition

Ryerson denied me access to a student conversation, and I still don’t know why.

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Jessica Vomiero in Ryerson's Rogers Communications Centre. (Courtesy Chris Blanchette)

Beyond the comments section

‘We give up our power when we give up control of the narrative.’

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Journalist Manisha Krishnan on her laptop working at the VICE Canada office in Toronto’s Liberty Village. (Luke Galati/Ryersonian Staff)

Finding the positive in the negative: Learning to cope with pessimism in today’s media

VICE’s senior writer, Manisha Krishnan, tells the Ryersonian’s Emily Srebotnjak how she deals with online hate.

Journalist Matt Braga at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

IN PICTURES: Teach-in hosted by Ryerson’s school of journalism

“There are attacks on journalism right now and I think it’s important that an institution like this deals with journalism.” – Alina Ghosh, journalism student   “I think … now more than ever, that we need to show how we get our stories and how we promote them.” – Swi Karoli, journalism student  

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Kamal Al-Solaylee at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Making sense when the world doesn’t

For the first time ever, Ryerson’s school of journalism asked its students to attend a teach-in on the current threats facing journalists.

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Graham Hudson at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Toronto is not a safe haven

The city hasn’t provided enough leadership and funding to make it a sanctuary city, professor says.

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Vice journalist Sarah Hagi at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Facing Islamophobia in a hijab

Vice journalist Sarah Hagi told journalism students Tuesday how she confronted her online trolls “face-to-face” while wearing her hijab.

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Diana Brecher at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Journalism students learn about self-care

Psychology professor Diana Brecher led a discussion on resilience, grit and optimism.

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Kamal Al-Solaylee at the Ryerson school of journalism's teach-in on Tuesday. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Classes cancelled for RSJ teach-in Tuesday

Ryerson’s School of Journalism organized a teach-in Tuesday.

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Luis Horacio Nájera. (Courtesy Centre for Free Expression)

The risks and realities of journalists in Mexico

Being a journalist is a rewarding job. But is it worth your life? Journalist Luis Horacio Nájera talks about the dangers of being a journalist in Mexico.

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Former Ryerson prof stars in opera

Former Ryerson prof stars in opera

Watch as Ryersonian TV’s Joseph Wong talks to ex-Ryerson professor Gerald Hannon about his role in the Toronto City Opera.

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Ryersonians in New York: Alison Hall

Ryersonians in New York: Alison Hall

Mahyn Qureshi   “I basically ambushed him. He was coming out of a building and secret service was there, and he had already won the nomination. ‘Mr. Trump! What do you think of Barbara Res’s article about working with you?’” This was the question Ryerson journalism alumna Alison Hall had for President Donald Trump, who at the time was the […]

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Stuart McLean. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Stuart McLean, former Ryerson journalism professor, dead at 68

Former Ryerson journalism professor, Stuart McLean, died earlier today at the age of 68 after a battle with melanoma. He was with the university from 1984 until 2004.

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Jaclyn Tansil/Ryersonian

Black Lives Matter Toronto and Pride Toronto working toward a common goal

The Black Lives Matter Toronto movement and Pride Toronto inside and outside of Ryerson are working together. Find out how.

Ryersonians in New York: Christina Dun

Ryersonians in New York: Christina Dun

Living in New York is a dream for people all over the world, including Ryerson alumna Chirstina Dun. Through refining her education through journalism school and plenty of hard work, she turned her dreams into a reality and found herself living and working in the concrete jungle.

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RADmag looks to put print back on the map

RADmag looks to put print back on the map

Printed magazines are having a renaissance according to Graeme Montgomery, editor-in-chief of Ryerson Art+Design Magazine (RADmag). “People really appreciate being able to hold something and flip through something and have something on their coffee table,” he says. The newest issue demonstrates a wide range of creative work from some of Ryerson University’s most talented students across the Faculty of Communication […]

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(Courtesy ElasticComputeFarm)

Surveillance chill on the rise among Canadian journalists

On Oct. 1, a Canadian photojournalist on route to Standing Rock, N.D., was detained at U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Vancouver Airport for over six hours. Ed Ou was headed to cover the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline for CBC, when his trip was halted before boarding. His phone was taken and he was interrogated. Border guards […]

A cartoon of journalism professor Gavin Adamson telling a joke. Illustrated by Alex Tsui.

Meet the next generation of late-night hosts

In the days of Last Week Tonight, The Onion and The Daily Show, the lines between journalism and satire are blurring. Adam Nayman is taking on the challenge of defining those lines. He will be teaching students how to report on current affairs through a comedic lens, in a new journalism in comedy course starting in January. According to journalist […]

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Q-and-A: Rye grad and ‘Little Mosque’ creator talks comedy

Q-and-A: Rye grad and ‘Little Mosque’ creator talks comedy

Since graduating from the Ryerson journalism program in 1992, Zarqa Nawaz has carved out an impressive comedy career. She created the hit CBC show Little Mosque on the Prairie, based on her documentary Me and the Mosque. The Ryersonian spoke to Nawaz about everything from laughing about Islamophobia to her thoughts on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Q: You’ve been a […]

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How should journalists approach inclusive pronouns?

How should journalists approach inclusive pronouns?

Journalists are still grappling with how to strike a balance between using inclusive pronouns and making sure readers understand them, according to Canadian Press editor Stephen Meurice. A panel on language representation in media was held by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre at the Rogers Communications Centre on Friday, Sept. 30. Among the panelists were freelance journalist and queer media […]

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Kayla Rosen (Chase Stark)

I’m Jewish and a journalist, I’m not a Jewish journalist

In my limited career as a journalist, I have been told that I am grossly pro-Israel and that I’m part of the reason that people hate Jews. The latter comment came after an article that I wrote for last week’s edition of the Ryersonian, where I recounted the time I was questioned by the Israeli police. My intention was to […]

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Neha Karamchandani traveled to Mumbai in search of stardom. (Courtesy of Neha Karamchandani)

Toronto to Mumbai: Ryerson student searches for stardom

Being surrounded by the glamour of TIFF for the past week reminded me of my time before Ryerson, when I travelled to Mumbai in search of stardom. Yet, what I found was nothing close to what I expected. Some of these memories I choose to cherish and others, not so much. Mumbai’s glitzy Bollywood world is filled to the brim […]

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Robert Cribb, the Toronto Star's lead investigator for the Panama Papers series and Ryerson journalism instructor, stopped in to the Ryersonian newsroom to explain what has happened in the investigation so far. (Dylan Bell/Ryersonian Staff)

Panama Papers shows the value of newsrooms

Four hundred journalists from 109 media organizations in more than 80 countries working together in 25 different languages to crack open the biggest data leak in history. Now say again that journalism’s a dying industry? The leak of about 11.5 million documents from a Panamanian law firm specializing in anonymous offshore companies shook the world with its big reveals of […]

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(Courtesy Steve Bowbrick/Creative Commons)

Navigating a non-diverse industry

Growing up, I was always that one “whitewashed” Asian girl. In school, I was never great at math or the sciences and I was always the first one to volunteer to read aloud in English class. Other Korean kids didn’t really want to talk to me because I was “too loud” or “too assertive,” so instead, I surrounded myself with […]

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Caught cheating on a story about cheating

Caught cheating on a story about cheating

A journalism instructor found his editor stealing his story idea on student academic cheating in Canadian universities

by Abby Chan· · News
(Jay Wennington/ Unsplash)

How to report the facts when sources ask for privacy?

For an industry that serves as an influential channel of information, journalism still needs to tighten its laces and make vigorous strides when it comes to stories that focus on marginalized groups.

by Alannah Kavanagh· · Editorial
RyersonianTV: November 13, 2015 – Men’s issues group not happy about coverage, birth control options, ironic ad removed from bus shelter

RyersonianTV: November 13, 2015 – Men’s issues group not happy about coverage, birth control options, ironic ad removed from bus shelter

RyersonianTV is a daily newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Monday to Friday, at noon EST.

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Ryerson campus (Ryersonian file photo)

Why university rankings don’t matter (so much)

Recently, Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail released their individual guides listing the best ranking universities across Canada.

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CBC reporter tells students: media are failing in indigenous coverage

CBC reporter tells students: media are failing in indigenous coverage

CBC reporter Jody Porter was on campus Sept. 16 as part of a series on journalism and indigenous issues. She says she’s not sure Canadian newsrooms are telling stories from indigenous communities they way they need to be.

She spoke at the Ryerson school of journalism last week about language and activism — a part of a series on journalism and indigenous communities.

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Gene Allen’s book explores the history of The Canadian Press. (Ryersonian file photo)

Rye instructor shortlisted in Canadian Prize for Humanities

Ryerson journalism instructor Gene Allen is probably the first and only person to have had access to the archives of The Canadian Press (CP). The dozens of boxes of papers and long reels of microfiche records in the basement of CP’s office on Toronto’s King Street E. had mostly been forgotten, filed away without much thought to organization. Even with […]

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(Alan Levine, Flickr)

What’s the scoop on The Scope?

The Scope, Ryerson’s campus radio station, has been hard at work since it was approved for an AM radio license in December. The team anticipates a January 2016 launch date and is hosting a promotional event at the Student Centre with live performances from local musicians to celebrate World Radio Day on Feb. 13.   The station has already been broadcasting online since 2013. The 1280 AM channel will broadcast 126 hours of weekly programming, including spoken word and local music, […]

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Journalism professor discusses Canada Reads nomination

Ryerson journalism professor Kamal Al-Solaylee’s debut book is a Canada Reads finalist, and it “feels bloody fantastic.” Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes traces Al-Solaylee’s journey as a gay, Middle Eastern man settling in Canada while coping with family members who turn to uncompromising renditions of Islam. The finalists were announced Tuesday. The theme for this year’s competition is “one book to […]

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Jesse Brown talks Jian Ghomeshi, CBC and the Globe and Mail at Ryerson

Jesse Brown talks Jian Ghomeshi, CBC and the Globe and Mail at Ryerson

Jesse Brown has come to be widely known as the reporter who broke the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, but he doesn’t consider himself to be a celebrity despite his growing popularity. “I don’t claim to be any kind of white knight,” he said Tuesday night during a talk at Ryerson. “True celebrity would be a curse I wouldn’t wish upon my […]

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Leslie Roberts has resigned from his position with Global TV Toronto since the scandal (Courtesy Pete Morawski, Wikimedia)

Canadian journalism face-to-face with conflict of interest issues

Canadian journalism has become a strange place: sex scandals, secret businesses and Kevin O’Leary becoming the less controversial half of the former show Lang and O’Leary Exchange. After the disturbing allegations against Jian Ghomeshi surfaced late last year, no one expected another journalist to outshine his scandals, and no one has. But some sure are creating scandals of their own. […]

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Journalism graduate uses degree to help him become a rock star

Journalism graduate uses degree to help him become a rock star

In June 2013, Sam Rashid was presented with a degree from Ryerson University. But long before his hands held that rolled-up certificate, they held an electric guitar. “Since I was young, I wanted to be a rock star,” confesses Rashid. “But it seemed ridiculous to pursue music as a profession.” At least that’s what Rashid thought when he started applying […]

Don Obe dies, leaves Ryerson legacy

Don Obe dies, leaves Ryerson legacy

Ryerson alumni and former School of Journalism chair Don Obe died on Nov. 7 at Toronto General Hospital after a period of declining health. He was 78. Obe graduated from the Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1959 and would return to the school to take the journalism chair position from 1983 to 2001. His journalistic career spanned both magazines and […]

Jian Ghomeshi speaks with Ryerson journalism professor Suanne Kelman at a Ryerson event in 2010.

Ryerson investigation into Ghomeshi, CBC internships: no wrongdoing, no further inquiry, says journalism chair

Ryerson’s School of Journalism has conducted an informal inquiry into CBC internships dating back as far as a decade, in order to rule out any cases of sexual harassment in the wake of allegations leveled against former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. Ryerson’s is among several j-schools now reviewing internships at the CBC, including Carleton University, the University of King’s College […]

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‘What keeps me up at night is that I … published too little’

“Don’t go to journalism school,” Glenn Greenwald said in an interview after his discussion with Globe and Mail editor-in-chief David Walmsley on Tuesday at CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio. “And if you do, don’t let people tell you what journalism should or should not be.” Since being chosen by whistleblower Edward Snowden to report the controversial mass spying practices of the […]

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Lysanne Louter with her Emmy for the documentary Made in Bangladesh. (Courtesy Lysanne Louter)

Ryerson J-school grad earns her first Emmy

Ryerson journalism graduate Lysanne Louter has been awarded an International Emmy for her work on an investigative documentary. CBC’s The Fifth Estate debuted Made in Bangladesh last year. It examines the unfit working conditions in the Bangladesh garment industry following the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory. The factory supplied to many large Canadian retailers, such as Loblaw Cos. Ltd. […]