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Federal budget 2016: what to expect

By Sidney O’Reilly Canada’s first federal budget under the Trudeau government will be unveiled later today. The much-anticipated budget is set to address five main topics. These include the Canada Child Benefit – a promise to aid families earning under $200,000 per year, the deficit, which is expected to nearly double the government’s projected numbers, middle-class tax cuts and infrastructure […]

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Trudeau’s ‘change’: How students can hold him to it

After months of election buzz taking over your social media feeds, from GIFs of Elizabeth May’s sassy peace sign, to too many voter status selfies to count, millions of Canadians await real change after electing Justin Trudeau as the new Prime Minister.

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Editorial cartoon: October 21, 2015

Editorial cartoon: October 21, 2015

Linda McQuaig, Bill Morneau and Colin Biggin at the St. James Town debate. (Kiah Berkeley / Ryersonian Staff)

Audience participation limited at Toronto Centre candidates debate

Toronto Centre candidates participated in their first debate of the 2015 campaign Tuesday night, but some of the attendees at the forum were upset that they didn’t get to ask questions of their own. While Conservative candidate Julian Di Battista did not attend, Bill Morneau (Liberal), Linda McQuaig (NDP) and Colin Biggin (Green) spoke before residents in St. James Town, answering questions that dealt with the community’s top four concerns: […]

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Catch the Globe Leaders’ Debate? Here’s a recap

Catch the Globe Leaders’ Debate? Here’s a recap

If you missed the 2015 Global Leaders’ Debate last night, don’t fret. Here’s a short recap of what happened. Be sure to check out our live blog page for more information.

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Pan Am Games missing the mark with OSAP offer

The organizers of the Pan Am Games are so desperate for volunteers they’ve resorted to exploiting student debt to recruit for unpaid help. As the cost of the games continues to rise, the committee has decided to fork out  $1.9-million for their volunteer program. Who knew it would cost so much for free help? Speaking of free help, here’s something […]

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VIDEO: Justin Trudeau visits Ryerson to meet young voters

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau visits Ryerson to meet young voters

Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau visited the Ryerson campus on Tuesday to speak to young voters about issues on and off campus.

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks at Ryerson in 2013 (Ryersonian file photo).

VIDEO: Trudeau wants to legalize pot

Reporter: Amanda Kline Camera: Chantale Dahmer  

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Liberals push for speed on anti-tanning bill

The Liberal party plans to fast-track a bill that will prevent Ontario youth from using tanning beds. Bill 30, also known as the Skin Cancer Prevention Act, was submitted to the House last March, but the Conservative opposition blocked progress on the bill by extending debate on three other bills for more than 55 hours. Health Minister Deb Matthews has […]

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