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A post-election guide to self-care

The past week has left many of us feeling like we’ve reached the end of the world. Election night and the days following saw many teary eyes, puffy faces and migraines. We have entered a state of “schockstarre,” which is the German word for a feeling of paralyzing shock. A feeling of helplessness has swept over North America like a bad […]

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Food insecurity on campus and mental health

Food insecurity on campus and mental health

Reporter Alex Tsui takes a look at food insecurity at post-secondary schools and its link to mental health. 

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Ending my silence on mental health

Depression is hard to talk about, especially if you have it. Just thinking about the possibility of other people knowing about your weaknesses and your fears induces anxiety. I grew up in India where the education system is fast-paced and competitive. Before I immigrated to Canada in 2004, I was enrolled in the school my mother taught at, so she […]

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A photo of organizers at Mindfest 2015 (Courtesy University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry)

A preview: Mindfest, a fun way to learn about mental health

On Wednesday, Ryerson students and community members will have a chance to participate in the fourth annual Mindfest as part of National Mental Illness Awareness Week. The full-day event aims to start conversations around mental illness and to engage students in learning about mental health in fun and interactive ways. Mindfest is a collaboration between the University of Toronto, Ryerson […]

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Students were most interested in talking about the university's exam policy at Ryerson's second town hall meeting. (Courtesy Alison Wood via Creative Commons)

Exam anxiety top concern for students at policy review

Students already had exams on the brain at Ryerson’s second town hall meeting on academic policy review last week. The session was one of two convened by the ad hoc Academic Policy Review Committee to discuss five academic policies ranging from graduate course management to examination policies. The second meeting was supposed to cover three policies: graduate course management, academic […]

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FCAD is pioneering a faculty specific mental health pilot program rolling out this year. (Kevin John Siazon)

FCAD mental health pilot program faces delay

A lack of staff is preventing one of the Faculty of Communication and Design’s (FCAD) mental health pilot programs from rolling out as scheduled. The programs, piloted by FCAD, were announced last spring. They are focused on professional support for faculty, directing students to available mental health supports on campus and creating connections between peers. The peer-connecting program, which pairs […]

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Posters at the Ryerson counselling centre . (Jayna Rana / Ryersonian Staff)

Depression, anxiety and suicide on the rise at Canadian universities

Depression, anxiety and suicide attempts are increasing among students at Ontario colleges and universities. The rising demand for mental health services is making it hard for campuses to keep up. The new mental health statistics were released today, in a report by the Ontario University College Health Association (OUCHA). The report analyzed responses from 25,000 students gathered this spring.   […]

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In brief: Mental health affects students’ academics, says health report

By Robyn Fiorda & Shaian Martin The start of a new semester can be an exciting time for many students. However, stress and anxiety are among top factors affecting university students’ academic performance. According to a 2016 National College Health Assessment by the Canadian Association of Universities and Colleges, stress and anxiety are among top factors affecting university students’ academic […]

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Ryerson needs to stick to its promises when it comes to mental health

A study released last week found that one-fifth of Canadian teenagers have seriously considered suicide in the last year. It was a grim reminder of the depth of mental health concerns affecting young people, particularly as thousands of new undergraduate students stepped foot onto Ryerson’s campus. The university’s inability to provide adequate mental health support to all the students in […]

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FCAD to pilot mental health programs

Ryerson’s Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) will test out a series of pilot mental health programs next year created to help struggling students navigate campus resources. John Austin, the executive director of student affairs, said that after a year-long test run, these programs could be implemented throughout the school as soon as the 2017-18 school year. “We want to […]

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EXCLUSIVE: University set to introduce online mental health platform to students

Ryerson students will soon have access to an online therapy tool to better manage their mental health. The program is called WellTrack. WellTrack is meant to help users through computerized cognitive behavioural therapy. The platform tracks moods through diary entries and provides personalized therapy through an activity scheduler or relaxation exercises. “You log in and use it, and it provides […]

Women's hockey team captain Nella Brodett, right, and suicide prevention activist Shayan Yazdanpanah, left, are taking part in this year's #RamsTalk campaign. (Vanessa Francone/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson’s mental health awareness fundraiser breaks record

The #RamsTalk social media campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental illness broke a new record on March 24: 104,200 tweets in 24 hours. That’s the greatest number of tweets the campaign has seen since it began three years ago. Tweeting using the hashtag #RamsTalk meant five cents was donated to the mental health awareness organization is a […]

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Plugging in for mental well-being

Jessica Crawford turns off the lights and settles into bed. With her heating pad soothing her sore shoulders, she turns on her Stop, Breathe & Think app. Listening to the voice streaming from her phone, she sinks further into relaxation. “I never make it to the end of the meditation, I always pass out,” she says. Going through her body […]

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Tuition, mental health dominate RSU election debate

Controversial layoffs, lacking mental health services and tuition prices dominated the main discussion points at the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) election debate. Executive candidates from the RU Connected and Impact slates and one independent presidential candidate debated their platforms in the Rogers Communications Centre March 3. The debate addressed the human rights complaint filed against the RSU by former RSU […]

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RSU Election: Where candidates stand on student issues

Check out where RSU election candidates stand on key student issues.

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On Feb. 25, Ryerson Students' Union hosted a panel discussion at the SLC with university administration about the 2016 budget.

New gender-neutral change rooms announced at budget meeting

Improving mental health services and increasing the number of gender-neutral spaces on campus dominated the discussion.

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The Front Line

The Front Line

Universities are increasingly becoming front-line care for a generation more open about mental health than ever before. Now is the time to shift the conversation beyond just wait lists.

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Fashion line helps consumers ‘take ownership’ over mental illness

Fashion line helps consumers ‘take ownership’ over mental illness

“Wear Your Label” was one of eight start-ups accepted into The Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation at Ryerson University in September. Their mental health conscious designs have been recognized internationally and showcased at New York Fashion Week.

RyersonianTV: January 22, 2016 — The falling dollar for international students’ tuition, TTC budget cuts, Gregory Elliott’s non-guilty ruling

RyersonianTV: January 22, 2016 — The falling dollar for international students’ tuition, TTC budget cuts, Gregory Elliott’s non-guilty ruling

RyersonianTV is a newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Wednesday to Friday, at noon EST.

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RyersonianTV: December 3, 2015 – RSU firing sparks outrage, Ryersonian’s mental health series, Britain sends jets to Syria

RyersonianTV: December 3, 2015 – RSU firing sparks outrage, Ryersonian’s mental health series, Britain sends jets to Syria

RyersonianTV is a daily newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Monday to Friday, at noon EST.

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Shayan Yazdanpanah is one of many students who lives with mental illness (Steven Goetz/Ryersonian Staff)

Special Mental Health Report – Dec. 2, 2015

Read stories from The Ryersonian’s special report on mental health

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Kay and Bellows of Young Ones Group (Courtesy Mhairi Kay)

Ryerson grads and peer support program can relieve university’s counselling wait times

The Young Ones, a non-profit organization launched by a Ryerson grad, recently started an online support group to make it easier to communicate.

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Ryerson student describes how she copes with a chronic illness that affects her mood

Ryerson student describes how she copes with a chronic illness that affects her mood

“I don’t know what triggered my panic attacks but it felt like all-consuming fear was swallowing me up into a black hole of paranoia. I became afraid of everything.”

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(Steven Goetz/Steven Goetz Storytelling)

Off-campus therapy alternatives

With prolonged counselling wait times at Ryerson, some students are opting to skip the queue and head to a local clinic for mental health services.

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Suicide prevention activist speaks out

“I went through a lot of pain,” said Shayan Yazdanpanah, aerospace engineering student and advocate for mental health.

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Always remember to reach out

Even though it can be hard, start the conversation about your mental health with trusted loved ones

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This is why your mental health matters

Mental health needs to be discussed with the same compassion, empathy and openness as any other sickness or disease. But it’s not. And this shouldn’t be the case.

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Shayan Yazdanpanah is one of many students who lives with mental illness. (Steven Goetz/Ryersonian Staff)

Mental Health Report: Students who need help left waiting for counselling services

As a growing number of students line up for mental health services, Ontario university counselling centres look for more resources and alternative care models to mitigate wait times. How much longer can students wait for help?

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RSU’s new mental health scholarships worth $30,000

The RSU is handing out scholarships worth $2,000 to 15 mental health student leaders.

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You are what you share…or are you?

You are what you share…or are you?

The way we decide what goes on our social media pages typically winds down to one consideration: what we want people to know about us.

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Simon Fraser University's Advocacy for Men and Boys president Theryn Meyer urged the Ryerson's men's issues awareness society president to keep fighting for club status. (YouTube/CAFE)

Ryerson Students’ Union blasted for denying men’s issues group application

Men’s issues group supporters blast the Ryerson Students’ Union.

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Attendees at the first Canadian March Against Eating Disorders held on Oct. 27, 2015. (Jenna Miguel/Ryersonian Staff)

Mothers and daughters march to raise awareness about eating disorders in Canada

Moms, daughters and mental health advocates joined forces and marched against eating disorders Tuesday morning.

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Faculty of community services students susceptible to compassion fatigue

Faculty of community services students susceptible to compassion fatigue

  By Allison Ridgway Far from home and working at a residential treatment camp for youth with mental health issues, Leena Chudasama felt a sense of helplessness slowly creeping in. It was the Ryerson child and youth care student’s first program placement, now three years ago, and she enjoyed the work — it  was what she was training to do. […]

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Students get well deserved break (most of them anyways)

Students get well deserved break (most of them anyways)

Is reading week a good idea? Ryerson has had a break for four years. Some schools still don’t

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Ryerson sets out goals for academic accommodation

Ryerson sets out goals for academic accommodation

Are professors doing enough to help students in need? We take a look at a panel about academic accommodations.

Stop telling me I’m full of sh*t

Stop telling me I’m full of sh*t

For some reason, mental health days aren’t taken seriously. People take sick days all the time, whether or not they actually need them. But when someone takes a mental health day that’s truly necessary, the response from classmates will probably sound something like, “You’re full of sh*t — pull yourself together and get to class.” For them, a mental health day isn’t a get-out-of-class-free card. But trust me, it’s real.

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4 ways to beat back-to-school blues

4 ways to beat back-to-school blues

Going back to school can be stressful, here’s four ways to take care of your mental health.

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In this file photo, Tara's daughter is at Point Pleasant Park in Nova Scotia. (Courtesy of Tara Lindemann/Ryersonian Staff)

Caught in the undertow

I watch my daughter drown. Every day. I watch her claw her way to breach the surface throughout the day, every day. I watch her clutch tightly to an interim sedative and slip into a fractured sleep, only to awaken under water. Again. I wonder how long it was there, that silent, unremitting undertow waiting to clasp her ankles to […]

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Centre for Student Development and Counselling (Peter Lozinski/Ryersonian Staff)

CSDC wait times are down, number of cases requiring therapy are up

More than 2,500 students sought help at the CSDC during the 2013-2014 academic year – a five per cent increase over the year before.

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Facebook rolls out new tool for helping at-risk users

Facebook rolls out new tool for helping at-risk users

Facebook is rolling out a new tool to help users at risk of suicide. Users of the social network will be able to report their friend’s posts if they contain worrying language or thoughts, and Facebook will give them an option to send a message of personal support. The new tool will only be available in the U.S., and Facebook […]

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Express Yourself continues conversation on mental health through art

Express Yourself continues conversation on mental health through art

Ryerson University is offering an alternative way for students to express their thoughts and feelings towards mental health, a subject often tough for many to talk about. The university is hosting the second-annual Express Yourself art exhibit from March 2-6. The event is part of Ryerson’s Mental Health and Well-Being Week, which takes place every semester. This week’s theme is […]

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Ryerson Close to Unveiling Updated Sexual Assault Policy

Ryerson Close to Unveiling Updated Sexual Assault Policy

Ryerson University hopes to unveil an updated sexual assault policy by the end of the academic year. Over the past few months Vice-Provost for Students, Heather Lane Vetere, met with student groups and stakeholders, such as campus security, counselling services and community activists, to determine what the policy update needs. “I’ve heard very consistent things, and I’ve distilled all of […]

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A survey released in 2013 by Harris Interactive showed that about 60 per cent of TV streamers binge-watched shows. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Study finds Netflix linked to depression

By Hailey Salvian A new poll indicating that university students consume TV mostly through streaming services is sparking a debate about mental health. The University of Texas studied the TV-watching habits of 300 young adults, as well as their emotional states, and found a strong link between depression levels and the hours of TV watched. These findings are important to […]

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The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 26

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 26

            The Ryersonian weekly wrap is a news audio series produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto. It features weekly news from and from the Canadian University Press.       This week on The Ryersonian weekly wrap,  we have a story about Ryerson’s growing application numbers. Also, Ryerson received a rather sizable […]

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Students can wait up to two months for couselling services. (Kyla Dewar/Ryersonian Staff)

New counselling staff hired in response to high demand for services

Ryerson students seeking one-on-one counselling services currently wait over two months for regular sessions with university counsellors. But Sarah Thompson, clinical co-ordinator at the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC) says that new staff will arrive on Feb. 6 to help alleviate the wait periods. Wait times at Ryerson vary based on the level of urgency as well as […]

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On Bell Let's Talk Day 2015, #BellLetsTalk, #EndTheStigma and #MentalHealth trend on Twitter. (Courtesy Twitter)

#BellLetsTalk spinoff returns to campus

On March 24, a day before Nella Brodett launched the #RamsTalk campaign, she stood on the stage of the Ryerson Sport and Business Conference and publicly spoke about her depression as a student-athlete for the first time. Since then, Brodett’s initiative for mental health awareness has spread across the Ryerson campus. To her surprise, it not only ignited a discussion […]

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Students may soon be able to access counselling services on their mobile devices. (Kyla Dewar/Ryersonian Staff)

Digital therapy could be future of counselling at Ryerson

A $6-million grant application for e-mental health research means it may become easier for Ryerson students to access counselling services. If the application is successful, the money will be delivered to and used by the Centre for Student Development and Counselling over three years to find potential methods of digital counselling and therapy, in collaboration with Confederation College and the […]

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Program cuts down counselling wait times with part-time interns

Program cuts down counselling wait times with part-time interns

Ryerson is expanding its resources to help deal with mental health on campus. Nine part-time interns have been taken on by the Centre for Student Development and Counselling in response to the growing demand for counselling services. “We really struggled to keep up with that demand, and have tried a number of different ways to address (it),” said Dr. Su-Ting […]

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Members of SMASH. (Kyla Dewar)

New group focuses on students’ mental health

A new student mental health initiative is ringing in the school year with bi-weekly meetings and a promise to get administration on board with mental health awareness. Students for Mental Awareness, Support and Health (SMASH), which ratified in March, was created for students by students with the mandate to spread awareness on campus and promote a more understanding approach to […]

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RTA student, Kyle Courneya, talks about dealing with depression

The spiritual journey that began with depression

The stigma surrounding depression can make it difficult to engage in an open and honest discussion with those who are affected by it. When I started writing about mental health issues for The Ryersonian, I knew that finding a student to open up would be a sensitive task. When I approached fourth-year RTA student Kyle Courneya about how he has […]

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