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Cynthia Tang is an international student at Ryerson who moved to Canada from China six years ago. (Photo by Ricardo Serrano)

Census reveals more than a half of Torontonians identify as visible minority

More than half of Torontonians identify as visible minorities, according to data released in Canada’s 2016 census by Statistics Canada last Wednesday.

by Ricardo Serrano· · News

UPDATED: Ryerson grad is challenging Hollywood diversity in film

Rebeca Ortiz aims to tackle minority representation in films, starting with her upcoming short movie, Abuela.

(Courtesy Steve Bowbrick/Creative Commons)

Navigating a non-diverse industry

Growing up, I was always that one “whitewashed” Asian girl. In school, I was never great at math or the sciences and I was always the first one to volunteer to read aloud in English class. Other Korean kids didn’t really want to talk to me because I was “too loud” or “too assertive,” so instead, I surrounded myself with […]

by Eunice Kim· · Editorial, Opinion
Groups at Ryerson, such as the Tri-Mentoring program and First Generation are helping students grapple with the difficulties of succeeding at post-secondary education.

Study links educators’ skepticism to poor academic performance among minorities

Some Ryerson educators aren’t surprised at a study that says teachers who don’t believe in students might negatively affect their success. “Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Yes,” says Wendy Cukier, founder of the Diversity Institute of Ryerson. “While we know unconscious bias is everywhere and we have to work to combat it.” Cukier was commenting on a recent study published […]

by Rhiannon Joseph· · News, On Campus, Top stories
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