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Student debt got you down? Don’t worry, it’ll only take you 20 years to pay it off!

Student debt got you down? Don’t worry, it’ll only take you 20 years to pay it off!

What students owe when they leave school affects not only them, but also the economy, according to the Canadian Federation of Students.

Ryerson ranks second on sugar baby website

Ryerson ranks second on sugar baby website

Ryerson University currently has the highest total number of student sugar baby signups in 2017 so far.

Alexandria Pankratz urges incoming Ryerson students to enjoy their time in university.

Life’s too short, rack up that debt

“Standing at the finish line of my degree, I look back and see everything in a completely different light.”

by Alexandria Pankratz· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Ryerson's Service Hub, taken on March 30, 2017. (Julia Ho/Ryersonian Staff)

More Ryerson students estimated to be benefitting from financial assistance from the university

The university provided about $6.2 million in SAG funding for 2016-2017, up 20 per cent from 2015-2016.

by Palak Mangat· · News, On Campus
Money in Hands. (Courtesy of 401(K) 2012 via Flickr Creative Commons)

UPDATED: The pit of student debt continues to widen

In a recent report released by Ryerson’s Board of Governors, a 2015 study found that 57 per cent of Ryerson students graduated with debt.

by Alexandria Pankratz· · News, On Campus, students
Legal Innovation Zone gets $50k grant

Legal Innovation Zone gets $50k grant

The Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson received a $50,000 grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario to research how technology innovation can give young people better access to the Canadian justice system. “We invited a call for applications and the Ryerson Legal Innovation Zone submitted an application which we approved. It has a reputation for doing cutting-edge work looking at […]

by Sarah Cunningham-Scharf· · News, On Campus
BoG student members Cassandra Myers, Mariam Nouser and Victoria Morton. (Courtesy Farhan Riaz)

New pilot project covers student BoG campaign costs

After years of paying out-of-pocket for campaign materials, student candidates in Ryerson’s Board of Governors (BOG) election will receive financial aid from the university.   Administration will test how $200 in campaign funds helps student BoG candidates gather materials for an effective election campaign.   Ryerson president and BoG member Mohamed Lachemi said the decision was made in response to […]

by Alexander Downham· · News, On Campus, students
Who’s left out of the Ontario student grant?

Who’s left out of the Ontario student grant?

Gayle McFadden isn’t a student anymore, yet spends three of five work days on Ontario campuses. She’s the national representative at the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario (CFS-O). She’s talking to students to figure out who’s left out of the Ontario Student Grant, which rolled out in the fall. When the grant was announced, the government said students from families […]

by Madonna Dennis· · News, On Campus, students
(Courtesy Sara Long/Creative Commons

Sunshine List reveals gender disparity at Ryerson

By Emily Stachera and Rebecca Goss Despite the efforts of Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) to create gender parity, the Sunshine List for 2015 showed that only 24 women were among the 153 faculty members who earn over $100,000. Tom Duever, dean of FEAS, said that they are “keenly aware” of this gender gap and actively encourage […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News
Residence students will have more options for leftover meal plan money starting in April 1. (Hannah Logan/Ryersonian Staff)

New options for leftovers: Ryerson meal plans getting an update

Ryerson has announced long-awaited meal plan changes that will ensure students in residence won’t lose the remaining balance on their accounts. The school promised changes last September after students complained that they couldn’t spend all of the money on their meal plans before the end of the year, thus losing leftover funds. After an investigation, The Ryersonian found that it […]

by Jacqueline Tucci· · News, On Campus
Ryerson students win $2,000 for O’Keefe Lane design

Ryerson students win $2,000 for O’Keefe Lane design

  Adam Harrison, Arash Oturkar and Michael Uttley step onto the curb of O’Keefe Lane as a delivery truck squeezes between them and a row of filled dumpsters. The driver shakes his head as if he’s annoyed to see people travelling through the narrow laneway by foot. “A lot of people right now think (that O’Keefe Lane) is just a […]

New grads are worth the investment

New grads are worth the investment

For graduating or recently graduated students, having the money talk is hard.

Shoppers fill Toronto's Eaton Centre (Courtesy Creative Commons).

Ryerson professor’s study finds friends affect spending habits

A retail management professor’s study has found that students spending habits have more to do with influence from their social circle than anything else.

by Jessica Maxwell· · News
Screen grab of "Stop Paying to Work" petition. (Courtesy RSU/

Paid internships: not a priority, says Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

After meeting with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, RSU’s vice-president education, Cormac McGee, says the ministry was honest in saying unpaid internships are not at the top of their list.

by Samantha Tapp· · News
As the dollar continued to fall in value this week, it took C$1.45 to buy US$1 (Mikaila Kukurudza/Ryersonian Staff)

Students affected by high food costs

The cost of fruits and vegetables has skyrocketed with the Canadian dollar hovering around 70 cents, affecting the shopping habits of students.

by Inshaal Badar· · News
A member of Reignite Ryerson said it is not an anti-RSU group in a public meeting held on Nov. 26, 2015. (Facebook/Reignite Ryerson)

Reignite Ryerson and RSU: Unpacking Ryerson’s tuition fee debate

The Ryersonian compiled responses from each group on how they will address the issue of tuition fees.

by Latifa Abdin· · education, jobs, News, On Campus, students
Budgeting, credit cards and goal-setting are important for graduates. (Tiffany Crawford / Ryersonian Staff)

How to get a handle on after-grad finances

The Ryersonian’s Robert Liwanag spoke with RBC director of student banking Mandy Mail who offered financial advice to post-secondary students who are months away from graduating.

Got (some) cash? How students can and should invest their money

Got (some) cash? How students can and should invest their money

In the Ryersonian’s first installment of Money Talk, we talk student investing, why it’s worth it and what the best investment strategies are for students.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Business, Money Talk, Videos
RyersonianTV: iPhone release, Pope in NYC and more

RyersonianTV: iPhone release, Pope in NYC and more

The RyersonianTV newscast is produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon EST.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Newscasts, RyersonianTV seeks to fight the rising price of textbooks and the trend of re-selling ebooks online. (Susana Gómez Báez / Ryersonian Staff)

Fuck Resellers: Ryerson’s illegal ebook ring seeks to skirt textbook costs

UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after this article was published, all ebooks were removed from According to a message on their website the creators have “packed up,” and have a final message to people reselling ebooks on Facebook: “We would also like to say FUCK YOU to all the resellers.”   A group of Ryerson students has launched a website that […]

by Susana Gomez Baez· · News, On Campus, Top stories
Students lined up to collect their opt-out cheques on Nov. 11, 2013. (Erynn Sally, Ryersonian Staff)

Late opt-out money frustrating for students

Ryerson students are asking the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) where their Health and Dental opt-out money is after waiting a week past the delivery date. Students who already have insurance and have opted-out of Ryerson’s Health and Dental plan were supposed to receive $310 last week through direct deposit, but have still not seen a penny. “I’m quite frustrated at […]

R U debt free?

R U debt free?

Ryerson is offering a series of financial literacy classes to students for what organizers say is the first time. And it’s free. “If you don’t have (such) skills when you get to the outside world, if you don’t get it somewhere, you’re going to find yourself in trouble,” said Doug Furchner, collections manager at the university. Furchner is co-ordinating the […]

A mountain of trouble

A mountain of trouble

When Hitesh Doshi, a Ryerson University architecture professor, noticed an error in the mountain scene on the back of Canada’s new plasticized $10 bill, he emailed the Bank of Canada asking for clarification. But he never expected the issue to go viral. The image was supposed to depict Mount Edith Cavell, which is a part of the Rocky Mountains, but […]

by Daisy Badu· · News, On Campus
Canadian students struggle to file taxes, say tax pros

Canadian students struggle to file taxes, say tax pros

Filing taxes can be an overwhelming and confusing task. This is why more than three in four Canadian students admit to not filing, according to the Canadian Students and Taxes 2014 report released by H&R Block. Somewhere along the line, the education system has failed them by not teaching a primer course in personal finance according to 63 per cent of […]

by Christina Ciddio· · News, On Campus
Minimum wage earners will make $11 an hour starting June 1. (Courtesy Rebecca Sedore)

Ontario minimum wage to increase to $11 an hour

Ontario’s minimum wage will be raised to $11.00 from $10.25, Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne announced Jan. 30. The change will be effective June 1, 2014. “We want to make sure that minimum wage keeps up with the standard of living,” Wynne said at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. The increase will come after a four-year minimum wage freeze. […]

How student-friendly is your bank?

How student-friendly is your bank?

Students can be overwhelmed with the vast variety of plans and services banks offer to those attending college or university. From debit card options to credit card features, we’ve got the breakdown on each of the big five banks in Canada. Click through the gallery and see how your bank measures up.

Driving to school is driving me broke

Driving to school is driving me broke

By Amir-Pashah Tabrizian-Pour Recently, we learned that some Ryerson graduates have developed a “downtown parking finder” application for Android phones. It’s a great source of pride that some of our very own graduates made this happen. Perhaps it was somewhere on our campus or during a lecture that the initial idea came up. In that case, kudos to our university […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion
One-third of students still waiting for OSAP

One-third of students still waiting for OSAP

By Amal Ahmed Albaz It’s hard to believe September is almost over. But it’s especially hard for the approximately 30 per cent of students still waiting for their OSAP payments. “I have to pay for rent and, since I’m unable to, I’m borrowing money from my aunt until I get the money,” said third-year political science student, Alana Alonzo. As […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, On Campus
The go-to money tools for students

The go-to money tools for students

There are dozens of financial apps and tools available to help students keep track of their finance, from budgeting to grocery shopping. The number of choices, however, can be a bit hard to wrap your mind around. National Post personal finance reporter Melissa Leong recommended four free phone apps and websites that all students should consider using. Technology reporter Alexa Huffman […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Features, Science & Technology
Josh Kolm/Ryersonian Staff

Budgeting dollars and sense

“Money is always going to be an issue,” says Eric Zaworski, a fourth-year Ryerson student who has learned about the value of money the old-fashioned way. This past summer, Zaworski held down three jobs: running the gamut from valet parking at a high-end steakhouse to working at Ryerson’s own Digital Media Zone. He says he’s had worse jobs and been […]

by Sarah Murphy· · Features

TIFF: a case of bedbucks

Letting a stranger into your bed might make you some money this TIFF. With hotel prices skyrocketing during these 11 days of the Toronto International Film Festival, many movie-goers coming to the city are looking to classified advertising sites like Craigslist and Airbnb to save money on accommodations. “It’s kind of a no-brainer if you have the space and you’re […]

by Jonathan Forani· · Arts & Life, Film & Television
Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

A diamond ring, a white dress and a graduate degree are all at the top of my wish list—but not in that order. Like many young Canadian women, I’ve decided to get an education before I get hitched, and according to economist Marina Adshade, my dreams are ruining the marriage prospects of women who don’t go to university. Last week, […]

by Lee Marshall· · Opinion
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