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Holiday movie guide

The winter holiday season is one of the busiest times of year at the cinemas. Last-minute award-season contenders and huge franchise releases dominate the box office, giving audiences a ton of choices.

by Isabella Perrone· · Arts & Life
MOVIE MONDAY: “Suburbicon”

MOVIE MONDAY: “Suburbicon”

George Clooney flexes his directorial muscles once again with Suburbicon, a thriller set in an idealistic 1950s community.

The film opens with a community’s less-than-happy discovery of a black family, the Mayers, moving in. From there, the movie takes off with a story that poses twists in nearly every scene.

MOVIE MONDAY: “The Snowman”

MOVIE MONDAY: “The Snowman”

Trailers aren’t always the best way to judge a film.

I’ve learned this the hard way with several films before (I’m looking at you, Suicide Squad), but it still hurts every time. The Snowman is the latest film to take the olive branch I extended and snap it in half.

The Remnants of Eden Logo

Student film confronts relationship sex abuse

Meet Glass Ceiling Productions, a group of five young women in their fourth year of Ryerson’s RTA School of Media releasing a film that is normalizing the conversation of sexual assault, abuse and consent.

Their coming-of-age film, The Remnants of Eden, is about sexual consent in a relationship and speaks about a traumatic event that happens to the main character, Eden Rosen.

by Christiane Beya· · Features, Film & Television
Movie Review: “American Made”

Movie Review: “American Made”

There are two types of famous actors.

There are those who slide from film to film in a chameleon-like manner, constantly changing colours and taking on roles that push them to be something completely different from what they were before. The late Philip Seymour Hoffman was a classic example.

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