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Kayla McLaughlin, Reporter and Sports Editor for The Ryersonian

OPINION: Letter to My Ex-Professor(s)

This is a letter for more than one professor. This is for all of the teachers and professors who exhibit every disgusting trait students hate.

After spending 18 years in the educational institution known as school, I’ve developed some strong feelings about professors.

by Kayla McLaughlin· · Opinion
"It’s OK to not be OK, and it’s also OK to let someone know you aren’t well."
(Photo provided by Sade Lewis)

OPINION: Black community mental health

The discussion around mental health can make people feel uncomfortable, or embarrassed. Because of that it is an endlessly silenced topic. But if people dismiss their apprehensiveness by speaking up, they are ostracized.

by Sade Lewis· · Opinion
(Photo taken by Christiane Beya)

Is the extra sugar really worth it?

It started off with a simple, “Hey, how are you?” and escalated quickly to, “Are you free tomorrow evening? Want to catch up for coffee?”

This probably reads as a simple conversation between two friends, but it was actually a conversation between myself and my potential sugar daddy.

by Anonymous· · Opinion, Voices
OPINION: How to be a perfect significant other

OPINION: How to be a perfect significant other

I am the perfect boyfriend. I can say this with something almost close to confidence, I think… You’d have to ask my girlfriend for assurance though. If you’re wondering how to be like me, a perfect significant other, I have an easy set of steps for you to abide by. Make yourself comfortable. I am here to take you down […]

by Evan Manning· · Opinion
Illustration by Sumi Siddiqa

Why I Pay for my Music

I can still remember the days when my dad would take me to the nearest HMV to sift through all the latest pop hits. There was this feeling of wholesomeness that would wash over me when I’d stare at these shelves full of albums that I could pay for and own for the rest of my life. This was back […]

by Andre Varty· · Opinion, Voices
The Ryersonian's Joseph Wong

Opinion: You don’t need meat

Drop those steak knives, my indoctrinated friends. Pull that pork from your stuffed pout and heed my warning before your plate plays its part in harming you and our planet. The Ryersonian’s Joseph Wong tells you why.

by Joseph Wong· · Opinion
Jaclyn Tansil/Ryersonian

Black Lives Matter Toronto and Pride Toronto working toward a common goal

The Black Lives Matter Toronto movement and Pride Toronto inside and outside of Ryerson are working together. Find out how.

A Dog's Purpose. Courtesy Universal Pictures.

A Dog’s Purpose controversy a PR stunt?

The Ryersonian’s Elysha Haun shares her thoughts on the controversy surrounding A Dog’s purpose.

by Elysha Haun· · Opinion
Sunny Pawar stars in Lion.
Photo by Mark Rogers

Film Fridays: Lion

The Ryersonian’s Jenna Campbell shares her Lion in the first of her weekly film Fridays.

by Jenna Campbell· · Opinion
A lot of people believe that feminism is only for women, but it's also for men. (Ryersonian Archive)

What does feminism mean?

Feminism’s a word that a vast majority of people don’t fully understand. Until recently, I didn’t completely understand it either. This is partly because in the media, most movies and TV shows never give a definition. Equality shown in media In the TV shows and movies that I watched growing up, most of the characters I saw were shown in […]

The Canadian Intern Rights Guide, published by the Canadian Intern Association launched last week at Ryerson(Courtesy NYPhotographic)

Intern’s rights matter too

The discussion surrounding unpaid internships is no stranger to controversy. In February, the federal government proposed changes to the Canadian Labour Code that would allow for four-month unpaid internships in federally regulated sectors like banking and telecommunications. Also in June, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne set a goal of funding more placements so that every student completes at least one experiential […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, jobs, Off Campus, Opinion, students
Billy Lynn (Joe Alywn) crying while hearing the national anthem. (Courtesy Sony Pictures)

Film Fridays: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk review

Ang Lee has created an honest film about what the realities of war are and what the media perceives them to be. Billy Lynn (Joe Alywn) and his fellow soldiers have come back home to America for a victory tour. This comes after Lynn’s team, Bravo, are caught on camera in a harrowing battle in Iraq. Yet, the young soldier […]

(Courtesy Amira Zubairi)

Trump affects Canada, too

On Nov. 9, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States. I watched the election unfold as I sat inside the Ryersonian newsroom with my friends and colleagues. Our conversations moved from “Hillary Clinton will win with a landslide,” to “Is this really happening?” Throughout the evening, our feelings had shifted from being hopeful that Clinton […]

by Amira Zubairi· · Opinion, Voices
(Courtesy Sacha Chua via Flickr, edited)

A post-election guide to self-care

The past week has left many of us feeling like we’ve reached the end of the world. Election night and the days following saw many teary eyes, puffy faces and migraines. We have entered a state of “schockstarre,” which is the German word for a feeling of paralyzing shock. A feeling of helplessness has swept over North America like a bad […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion, Politics, students
(Samraweet Yohannes)

Lest we forget: 100 years of history

For two minutes this morning the City of Toronto stood still. Nothing could be heard save for the rustle of the wind as it blew through the microphones. At Old City Hall, crowds of people including Mayor John Tory cradled the Cenotaph with bowed heads of remembrance and hymns of sacrifice. One hundred years ago today on Nov. 11, 1916, […]

by Alexandra Chronopoulos· · Opinion
Courtesy of ViaAmtrakGuy via Wikimedia Commons

TTC trains too hot to handle

During this summer’s ridiculous heat wave, you probably rode on a stuffy, non-air-conditioned TTC subway train at least once. For any Bloor-Danforth line commuter, there’s nothing worse than walking through a muggy, packed station, only to board a subway train with air so thick you can barely breathe. It’s the moment in your day when your mood takes an instant […]

by Oriena Vuong· · Opinion, students
(Courtesy of Jörg Schreier/Creative Commons)

OPINION: Support your local music scene

Everyone listens to music. There are many musical styles, with a variety of artists out there who are just as diverse. We’ve all heard music by mainstream artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Drake because, let’s face it, they are  everywhere — on the radio, on TV and all over the media. But what’s often forgotten are the rich […]

by Alexia Kapralos· · Opinion
(Courtesy Public Affairs Office Fort Wainwright/Creative Commons)

Opinion: Intramural sports are good for the average student

I remember playing baseball when I was seven years old in my backyard in Keswick, Ont. I would create scenarios in my head — two outs, the bases loaded and the World Series was on the line. It was up to me to make the big pitch, and nothing excited me more. As a young, hopeful kid, I dreamed of […]

by Nicholas Raponi· · Opinion, Sports, students
Explore more of Toronto this weekend by checking out these events. (Ryersonian Staff)

What I learned at Ryerson: Work to your maximum capability

Before starting university, I heard that it would be harder to maintain the same grades I received in high school.

by Kelsey Rambaran· · Editorial, News, Opinion
The women of RTA handled all the roles during a live broadcast of the women's hockey game. (Courtesy RTA)

Opinion: RTA’s first all-female sports broadcast overdue

Women announce a Ryerson sports game, but this seems long overdue.

by Lexie Hinde· · News, Opinion
(Jenn McNaughon/Ryersonian Staff)

O Canada should be more inclusive

The lyrics of the Canadian anthem exclude women and non-Christian citizens.

by Greg Hanna· · Editorial, Opinion, Politics
The Shops at Aura cafeteria could make for a prime study spot. (Lee North/Ryersonian Staff)

The Shops at Aura could be Ryerson’s student study oasis

There’s an underground mall close to Ryerson’s campus that appears to be empty. Why not utilize the space?

by Lee North· · Editorial, education, Food, Opinion
Ethical veganism now protected by Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ethical veganism now protected by Ontario Human Rights Commission

Last month, The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) announced it would be expanding its definition of creed to include veganism as an ideology with similar discrimination protection rights as other belief systems.

by Jennifer McNaughton· · Editorial, Opinion
CIS basketball needs Toronto for it to grow. (Iram Partap/Ryersonian Staff)

Women like sports, too

We seem to have difficulty comprehending that some ladies at the game aren’t merely hitching a ride on the bandwagon. Sexist notions about women not enjoying sports make publicly identifying as a fan an often-uncomfortable space for women to navigate.

by Alannah Kavanagh· · Editorial, Opinion
Remembrance Day, holiday or not, a time to pay tribute

Remembrance Day, holiday or not, a time to pay tribute

People remain divided on whether Remembrance Day should be a federal national holiday.

by Angela Serednicki· · Editorial, Opinion
In this file photo, Tara's daughter is at Point Pleasant Park in Nova Scotia. (Courtesy of Tara Lindemann/Ryersonian Staff)

Caught in the undertow

I watch my daughter drown. Every day. I watch her claw her way to breach the surface throughout the day, every day. I watch her clutch tightly to an interim sedative and slip into a fractured sleep, only to awaken under water. Again. I wonder how long it was there, that silent, unremitting undertow waiting to clasp her ankles to […]

by Tara Lindemann· · Opinion, Voices
Deepika Shewaramani says the term "whitewashed" belittles someones struggles and experiences. (Sam Crisp/Ryersonian Staff)

Stop calling people whitewashed

There are certain times when it’s appropriate to use the term whitewashed — when referring to Hollywood’s casting or mainstream media representation, for example. But using it for a person of colour, thinking they’re acting “too white,” is definitely not one of those times. This month a friend was introducing me to someone who later asked what my ethnicity is. […]

by Deepika Shewaramani· · Opinion
(Illustration by Nadya Domingo/Ryersonian Staff)

Editorial Cartoon: April 1, 2015

This editorial cartoon first appeared in The Ryersonian weekly paper on Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

by Nadya Domingo· · Editorial Cartoon
Lindemann says the club looked like "it barfed a Hawksley Workman video." (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Safety dance: Club survival at any age

I’ve been to a club three times in my life and always as a reluctant participant. I see clubs as a perverse combination of the Men Without Hat’s video, “Safety Dance,” and a documentary of Jane Goodall and her chimps. You see where I’m going with this. There’s a friend who organizes us gal mom-types out for a monthly outing. […]

by Tara Lindemann· · Opinion
Your barista may just have the answers for the most pressing issues facing the world today. (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

The hidden advantage of post-secondary education: society has better baristas than ever

They say that our generation, often dubbed the millenials, is the most educated in history. This is especially true in our society, where the merits of a long and successful education are practically jammed down our throats since birth. And there are definitely advantages to an outrageously over-educated generation. It’s common knowledge that all the 20-somethings wandering around out there […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial
(Illustration by Steven Gelis/Ryersonian Staff)

Editorial Cartoon: Mar. 25, 2015

This illustration first appeared in The Ryersonian on March 25, 2015.

by Steven Gelis· · Editorial Cartoon
In this Apr. 2, 2009, file photo, Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses media at the London Summit in London, England. (Courtesy of Richard Lewis/

Bill C-51: PM Playing the fear game

As a Muslim, and more importantly as a Canadian, I am terrified to even imagine the kind of society we will live in if Bill C-51 is passed. The anti-terrorism bill, which is over 60 pages long, proposes radical changes to Canadian law and national security in ways that would do little to actually improve public safety. The worst part, […]

by Aeman Ansari· · Opinion
(Mei/Special to The Ryersonian)

The challenges of telling your story

I was met with silence when I finally found the guts to open up to my significant other about the painful experiences I had growing up with racism. The moments crawled by as he sat there, still with seemingly nothing to say until I couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out in an obviously shaky voice: “Forget I said anything. […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · Voices
Ryerson uproar: Opportunity for discussion not insults

Ryerson uproar: Opportunity for discussion not insults

A highly inflammatory article was published last week in The Ryersonian about two non-racialised student journalists getting barred from an event for racialised students. Safe spaces for any group are important, though not necessarily always understood – which is why the quality of the discussion around issues of inclusion is so crucial. “White students barred from funded Ryerson Students’ Union […]

by Dasha Zolota· · Opinion
For many students, the idea of landing a job is just as stress inducing as not. This is what’s known as a career identity crisis.  (Courtesy of Wikicommons)

University ‘Demagnetizing’ Graduates and Employers

A couple of weeks ago, the Toronto Star published a feature addressing the challenges university graduates face when finding jobs. Their report said that 20 per cent of young Torontonians are unemployed. In part, the blame may be put on the less-than-demanding labour market, but liberal university education is also responsible. Universities are more focused on general education rather than […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
One of the many inaccessible Kerr Hall entrances. (Ryersonian Image Archives)

Ryerson and accessibility don’t go hand-in-hand

For most people, the main problem with Ryerson’s many buildings is that they require stepping outside into winter’s cold. For someone in a wheelchair, the problems go much further. I broke my ankle at school last year, landing me in a wheelchair for four weeks. It broke during a moment of inattention. I missed a step on the stairs, fell […]

by Emma Dillabough· · Opinion, students
How media whitewashing affected me

How media whitewashing affected me

After the nominations for this year’s Oscars were announced, my best friend asked me my opinion about them. I first noticed that all 20 of the acting nominees were white, then that the only non-white directing nomination was for Birdman, a movie with no people of colour in its leading roles. This illustrates a systematic lack of representation in the media, […]

by Calvin Dao· · Opinion, Top stories, Voices
It’s time for the RSU to back-off Israeli politics

It’s time for the RSU to back-off Israeli politics

On a walk around campus all the candidates’ printed faces can be seen smiling from the walls. Posters stating the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) positions each person hopes to be elected to are there for all of Ryerson to read — or ignore. Unite Ryerson’s posters include “together we will” and “together we have” lists, each with a few points. […]

by Melissa Wronzberg· · Editorial, Opinion
Is it ethical to report on private social media posts?

Is it ethical to report on private social media posts?

After The Ryersonian broke the story on Unite Ryerson candidate Zidane Mohamed’s Facebook post applauding the killing of two New York City police officers, the ethics of reporting on Facebook posts from a private account has come into question. Mohamed is running for public office within the Ryerson community, a position funded by our tuition fees and a position that […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
From Alaska to cancer; the next adventure

From Alaska to cancer; the next adventure

Alaska: a place known for gold rushes, bald eagles and dogsledding. With its nearly 55,000 km of tidal shoreline and 42,000 square km of land encased in glacial ice, Alaska is a place for adventures. Two summers ago, I went on that adventure — with my 85-year-old grandmother. Alaska was the first place to visit on my bucket list. Having […]

by Shannon Baldwin· · Opinion, Voices
The Viva bus — Richmond Hill's somewhat efficient bus system. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

A compilation of everything that has gone wrong while riding the TTC

When you commute in this city, almost every day presents a fresh version of hell. Trekking from home to school and back again means having to navigate pretty much every obstacle the public transit experience can throw at you. The best part is it’s never —EVER — anything you can really prepare for. So you just go along with it, giving […]

by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues· · Opinion, Voices
A scene from the University of New Brunswick's latest promotional advertisement. (Susana Gómes Báez/Ryersonian Staff)

Editorial Cartoon: January 28, 2015


by Susana Gomez Baez· · Editorial Cartoon
Killer cold: Toronto winters take a toll on the homeless

Killer cold: Toronto winters take a toll on the homeless

To freeze or not to freeze: is this a question Toronto’s homeless people should have to ask themselves? Earlier this month, three homeless men died after staying outside in ferociously cold weather. One of them eventually found shelter in the Peter Street walk-in, but died shortly after. In case of an extreme cold weather alert, the city offers additional shelter […]

by Veronika Latkina· · Editorial, Opinion
(Shannon Baldwin/The Ryersonian)

You can’t get paid for everything; deal with it

It seems like kids are rewarded for everything nowadays. They deserve the new iPhone the day it comes out. They deserve to be famous on the Internet, just because they have an Instagram account. These kids deserve medals, even if they don’t win the game. Studies show that kids who think they deserve to always get what they want will […]

by Erin Petrow· · Editorial, Opinion
(Erin Petrow/The Ryersonian)

Living in a healthy and balanced way

It’s the end of the month, which means that gym rats everywhere are beginning to see the light at the end of the long January tunnel. The resolutioners are on their way out. After a long bitter month of awkward stretches, disorganized weight racks and packed classes, the Ryerson gyms should go back to normal next month. It’s the same […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
Editorial Cartoon: January 21, 2015

Editorial Cartoon: January 21, 2015

This cartoon was first published in The Ryersonian, a weekly newspaper produced by the Ryerson School of Journalism, on January 21, 2015.

by Susana Gomez Baez· · Editorial Cartoon, Opinion
Leslie Roberts has resigned from his position with Global TV Toronto since the scandal (Courtesy Pete Morawski, Wikimedia)

Canadian journalism face-to-face with conflict of interest issues

Canadian journalism has become a strange place: sex scandals, secret businesses and Kevin O’Leary becoming the less controversial half of the former show Lang and O’Leary Exchange. After the disturbing allegations against Jian Ghomeshi surfaced late last year, no one expected another journalist to outshine his scandals, and no one has. But some sure are creating scandals of their own. […]

by Erin Petrow· · Editorial, Opinion
The Guvernment is (Courtesy SimonP, Wikimedia)

No love for Toronto rave-hub the Guvernment

Raver kids in tank tops and fur leg warmers will gather this weekend to mourn the loss of the Guvernment — their sanctuary of sticky floors, exposed bras and people weighed down by “candy.” After 19 years of parties, the Guvernment is shutting its doors for good. And it’s about time. While many students are sad to see their party […]

by Shannon Baldwin· · Editorial, Opinion
Graphic shows comments that were written on the Dalhousie “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” Facebook page. (Courtesy of Susana Gomez-Baez/The Ryersonian)

Dalhousie dental school’s ‘gentlemen’ misogynists

In the past month since the Dalhousie University incident in the dentistry program was reported, a nationwide collective anger has spread. The school has been met with demands by people from across Canada for the members of the Facebook group “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” to be expelled and their names released. Doing so would make becoming licensed dentists difficult. […]

by Edward Wilson· · Opinion, Voices
Support for women lacking in abortion debate

Support for women lacking in abortion debate

The controversial issue of pro-choice stance continues to be a hot topic among Canadians today, despite the fact that the law allowing abortions has been in place since 1969. Many still protest against abortion laws, while others protest to keep them in place. But no matter what side you’re on in this heated debate, both support a woman’s right to […]

by Tamara Sestanj· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
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