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RU Aware logo from their website.

RU Aware extends campaign to leave CFS

The campaign targeting the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) is gaining momentum after its first week on campus. A group of students called RU Aware talked to students around campus in hopes of generating discussion around Ryerson’s relationship with the CFS. The team spent Monday and Tuesday last week educating students on Ryerson’s relationship with the federation. After the two […]

by Jennie Pearson· · News, On Campus, students
Petition brings student favourites back to the Ram

Petition brings student favourites back to the Ram

Buffalo caesar wraps and nachos are back at the Ram in the Rye after over 400 students signed a petition to resurrect their favourite menu items. The petition, created by fourth-year computer engineering student Matthew Smith, appeared on last week and circulated on Facebook. It urged the campus pub to bring back staples from the old menu, like sweet […]

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(Courtesy Ahmad Moussaoui)

Ontario grads call for debt forgiveness

A petition asking the Ontario government to forgive all OSAP loans is gaining traction on and off Ryerson campus. Following the budget promise last week that Ontario will provide free tuition for students from families making under $50,000 annually, the new petition demands the same benefits to be applicable to people who already graduated or will graduate before the plan becomes effective. With […]

by Yoojin Yun· · News, students
Cormac McGee, RSU’s vice president of education holds his newest petition, “Stop Paying to Work” in front of the Student Learning Centre on Jan. 20, 2016. (Kanwal Rafiq/Ryersonian Staff)

RSU starts petition against unpaid internships

In light of Ontario currently in the midst of updating its university funding strategies, the RSU has begun a petition to fight unpaid internships.

by Kanwal Rafiq· · News
Feminist members go silent with campus media after harassing comments

Feminist members go silent with campus media after harassing comments

The Ryerson Feminist Collective said its members will not be giving interviews to campus media after the group received harassing comments. The comments allegedly came after media reported on the collective’s petition on demanding that the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) deny the appeal of the Ryerson Men’s Issues Awareness Society. The collective allegedly received inappropriate comments on its Facebook […]

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Deepika Shewaramani / Ryersonian Staff

Students hungry for change in Ryerson’s meal plan

More than 250 Ryerson students have signed a petition urging reform of the university’s meal plan policies. The petition, started on March 25, says Ryerson’s OneCard and meal plan policies need to change because they force students into plans they can’t afford. UPDATE: University makes way for meal plan refunds Jonathan DaCosta, a first-year business management student, started the […]

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A file photo from a TTC subway station. (Courtesy of Ryersonian Staff)

Students petition TTC to drop student ID card

More than 6,500 students across the GTA have signed a petition to urge the TTC to drop the post-­secondary student ID card. Jordana Schiralli, a third -year psychology student at the University of Toronto, started the online petition on Feb. 24 after she was kicked off a bus for not showing the card. “I was forced to go back into […]

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The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 28

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 28

            The Ryersonian weekly wrap is a news audio series produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto. It features weekly news from and from the Canadian University Press.       This week on The Ryersonian weekly wrap,  we bring you a show chock-full of Ryerson Student Union (RSU) news.  Including, the final tallies […]

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Professor Anastase Mastoras  teaching a computer database class. (Courtesy of an annonomous student in class.)

Late student apologizes to class, professor refuses to accept

The professor who kicked a student out of class for arriving late, triggering a small revolt in his classroom, says he has now received an apology from the student — but he’s not accepting it. Prof. Anastase Mastoras told The Ryersonian Friday after his class: “The guy apologized in front of 80 people. But the apology was not accepted.” A longtime […]

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Faculty association president hasn’t heard of complaints against embattled professor

Faculty association president hasn’t heard of complaints against embattled professor

The Ryerson Faculty Association’s (RFA) president says he hasn’t heard of any complaints lodged against a computer-science professor who’s come under fire after kicking a student out of class for arriving late. Peter Danziger, the RFA’s president, says that he had no knowledge of the formal letter of complaint or petition against a professor who’s been criticized by students in […]

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Julien’s apologies won’t earn him a ‘Blanc’ Slate

Julien’s apologies won’t earn him a ‘Blanc’ Slate

No means no. My mother first explained that phrase to me when I began showing interest in boys. It was even more important when they began showing interest back. But pickup artist Julien Blanc doesn’t take no for an answer. That’s his first rule. “There is no such thing as rejection because it’s never over,” Blanc says in one of […]

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David Siegel, a computer science student, signs the petition against Prof. Anastase Mastoras.

Computer science students file formal complaint against professor

Computer science students are demanding a new instructor for a database course after a classroom incident last month that sparked a mini revolt among some students in the program. In a six-page letter and petition they have sent to the dean of the Faculty of Science, and the head of the computer science program, the students criticize Prof. Anastase Mastoras […]

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Students read the document for the proposed petition, which has gotten over 50 thumbs up on SoapBox. (Arti Panday/Ryersonian staff)

Student petition seeks earlier course syllabuses

Two Ryerson students are petitioning to the senate to impose earlier deadlines for professors to post course outlines. First year students, Stephanie Cheung and Kristy Milland, say the intent of the petition is to enforce stricter policies to ensure course outlines are posted at least one week before the semester begins. Both students say they need adequate time to know […]

by Chelsea Shim· · News, On Campus, Top stories
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