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RSU's Camryn Harlick tears down the poster for Generation Identity outside the Student Campus Centre. (Photo by Donya Ziaee)

Racist poster by anti-immigrant group taken down on campus

A poster for the Canadian chapter of the white supremacist group Generation Identity appeared on Ryerson campus Monday morning – only to be torn down shortly after. The poster was on a board outside the Student Campus Centre. It was taken down by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) vice-president of equity, Camryn Harlick, late Monday morning.

The Canadian branch of Generation Identity made news last month when its recruitment material began popping up on multiple university campuses.

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BREAKING: Protest outside Muslim Association of Canada-Masjid Toronto

BREAKING: Protest outside Muslim Association of Canada-Masjid Toronto

Sarah Cunningham-Scharf Jaclyn Tansil Allan Perkins   On Friday afternoon, a group displaying anti-Islamic messages and signs gathered outside the Muslim Association, Masjid Toronto. There seems to be a small protest forming outside the Muslim Association of Canada at Dundas and Chestnut right now. Anyone wanna cover it? — Andrea Houston (@dreahouston) February 17, 2017 In an act of […]

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(Ryersonian file photo)

Jewish student told, ‘you need to sit down,’ at RSU meeting

Tamar Lyons is one of the students who says she faced “personal attacks” at a Ryerson Students’ Union meeting Tuesday. Lyons, a second-year media production student, said she was told by another student, “there’s too many of you here, you need to sit down,” when she stood to speak on a motion that asked the RSU to commemorate Holocaust Education Week. […]

(Ryersonian file photo)

Pro-Israel group calls out ‘anti-Jewish’ remarks at the RSU general meeting

A pro-Israel campus group says its members were met with anti-Semitic taunts at a Ryerson Students’ Union meeting Tuesday. In a letter sent to RSU president Obaid Ullah, a spokesman for Hasbara Fellowships Canada said he was writing “on behalf of concerned Ryerson University students who are shocked and unsettled” after the meeting. Robert Walker, the Canadian director of the […]

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(Courtesy Amira Zubairi)

Trump affects Canada, too

On Nov. 9, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States. I watched the election unfold as I sat inside the Ryersonian newsroom with my friends and colleagues. Our conversations moved from “Hillary Clinton will win with a landslide,” to “Is this really happening?” Throughout the evening, our feelings had shifted from being hopeful that Clinton […]

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(Peter Goffin/Ryersonian Staff)

RSU’s new mental health scholarships worth $30,000

The RSU is handing out scholarships worth $2,000 to 15 mental health student leaders.

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Rally organizer Rajean Hoilett discusses the need for faculty to pay attention to the anti-black racism on campus Nov. 18, 2015. (Jordyn Gibson/Ryersonian Staff)

Black coalition calls for removal of Egerton Ryerson statue, among other demands

A group of black students on campus has called for more black and racialized faculty along with other demands.

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RyersonianTV: November 20, 2015 – Trans Remembrance Day at Ryerson, food cost increased, exclusive wind tunnel at Kerr Hall

RyersonianTV: November 20, 2015 – Trans Remembrance Day at Ryerson, food cost increased, exclusive wind tunnel at Kerr Hall

RyersonianTV is a daily newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Monday to Friday, at noon EST.

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United Black Students at Ryerson vice-president Pascale Diverlus smiles as she sees the banner dropped Nov. 18, 2015. (Jordyn Gibson/Ryersonian Staff)

Students rally at Ryerson in support of Mizzou protests

Ryerson students rallied in support of the Missouri university protests.

Alok Mukherjee, former Toronto Police Services board chair, is now a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson. (Supplied)

Former Toronto police board chair Mukherjee joins Ryerson panel on police brutality

Two months after Black Lives Matter activists crashed Alok Mukherjee’s final Toronto Police Services board meeting, the former police board chair is starting his new role at Ryerson with an appearance on a panel addressing the anti-police brutality movement. Mukherjee stepped down from the board in August after 10 years as chair, and is now a distinguished visiting professor for the criminology […]

by Anna Chorazyczewski· · News, On Campus
What Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj taught us about whitesplaining

What Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj taught us about whitesplaining

It’s a very rare occurrence that someone can say Miley Cyrus taught them something useful. Especially about race. Last month, the annual MTV Video Music Awards revealed a hostile moment between Cyrus and Nicki Minaj that no one really understood. It all started after Cyrus weighed in on Minaj’s comments on Twitter about the lack of black female nominees for […]

by Leah Lalich· · Editorial, Opinion
Best step forward: The complexities of covering race-based issues in the media

Best step forward: The complexities of covering race-based issues in the media

Race-based issues are evolving and, unfortunately, the media’s coverage of them isn’t. Gone are the days where acts of discrimination are solely blatant and intentional. Today, they’re often packaged in a confusing, discrete, unintentional, and often misunderstood delivery called a microaggression — unintentional acts of prejudice or discrimination. Microagressesions are accidental, rooted in societal perceptions from centuries ago. It’s one […]

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(Mei/Special to The Ryersonian)

The challenges of telling your story

I was met with silence when I finally found the guts to open up to my significant other about the painful experiences I had growing up with racism. The moments crawled by as he sat there, still with seemingly nothing to say until I couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out in an obviously shaky voice: “Forget I said anything. […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · Voices
OPINION: We need to respect safe spaces

OPINION: We need to respect safe spaces

Last week The Ryersonian reported on an incident that involved two students who were turned away from an event because they are white. Since then there has been a lot of commentary on the piece and a lot of debate — a lot of the criticism is valid. There are two sides to the story: 1) the media has a […]

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Black History Month was first recognized by the Canadian government in 1995. This year we recognized achievements of African-Canadians in sport .
(Courtesy Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Everyday racism: More common than you’d think

  As this year’s Black History Month comes to an end, here is a list of things you should keep in mind throughout the rest of the year: Asking why there is no “white history month” is ridiculous. From preschool to university we learn about Christopher Columbus, revisit Shakespeare multiple times, and celebrate Canadian liberalism while still denying it’s continued […]

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The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 29

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 29

            The Ryersonian weekly wrap is a news audio series produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto. It features weekly news from and from the Canadian University Press.     This week on The Ryersonian weekly wrap,  we bring you a special extended episode cataloguing news from the past two weeks. Our top […]

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Illustration by Susana Gómez Báez

N****s at play: stories of the N-word and racism

  A woman rolled down the tinted window of her silver car, stuck her head out of the window and yelled a single word: “Nigger.” Joedian Roach had just bought lunch from the convenience store across from her Brampton high school when her best friend’s hand roughly slammed into her chest and violently heaved her back onto the sidewalk. She was about […]

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How media whitewashing affected me

How media whitewashing affected me

After the nominations for this year’s Oscars were announced, my best friend asked me my opinion about them. I first noticed that all 20 of the acting nominees were white, then that the only non-white directing nomination was for Birdman, a movie with no people of colour in its leading roles. This illustrates a systematic lack of representation in the media, […]

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The grand jury's decision not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the murder of unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, has re-opened the race dialogue. (Lauren Harris / Ryersonian Staff)

The “peaceful” protest: what is it good for?

The words “peaceful” and “protest” seem to contradict one another. Is it possible to be calm – to not be enraged – when society, or ironically, the justice system, has failed to provide justice? But more importantly, is the peaceful protest effective, or does it simply downplay the tragedies we so desperately want to stand up against? The Arabic poet, […]

by Lauren Harris· · Opinion
Devin Giamou (left) after he was punched in the face while filming a social experiment on Islamophobia with his friends.

Q-and-A with ‘Islamophobe’ in viral video

Last week, 22-year-old Devin Giamou earned his 15 minutes of fame by getting punched in the face in a social experiment video that went viral following the Parliament Hill shootings. But who is the guy behind the infamous bloody mug that flooded Facebook newsfeeds over the last little while? He’s a third-year film and broadcast student at Centennial College and […]

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Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow, celebrates Pride Week in Toronto as supporters cheer on. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Commons)

The big, racist, sexist, homophobic elephant in the room

Three white guys and a Chinese-Canadian immigrant woman walk into a mayoral debate. A white, grey-haired, older male audience member stands up and takes the mike. “With due respect, this is directed to Ms. Chow,” he begins. “I’ve heard you talk about your immigrant background and how important it was, etc. I presume, in this room, there are plenty of […]

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Accidental racism is still racism, and always warrants an apology

Accidental racism is still racism, and always warrants an apology

I hate going to work things. You know, the “Hey, we’re going to Moxie’s for a drink,” or, “Hey, we’re all going to so-and-so’s house to hang out.” No thank you. Well, I usually come up with something less direct and more polite, always accompanied by a smile and followed with a, “Thanks anyways, I’ll be there next time, I […]

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Using social media ‘Light’ in fight against police brutality

I’m not one to casually drop Bible verses to get a point across, but here goes: “But everything exposed by the light becomes visible — and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.” Ephesians 5:13, New International Version. I came across this passage after spending hours online, drifting through holy grails like Youtube, Reddit and Twitter. I can’t remember how […]

by Halla Imam· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
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