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RTA-approved film creates controversy

RTA-approved film creates controversy

Some students are offended by the content of the film — “Victim” — and have used social media to voice their concerns. The film was approved by RTA faculty members for a practicum project.

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Materials from a workshop promoting consent culture. (Ryersonian Archives)

Campus consent workshop organizers advocate for sexual assault prevention

While Ryerson recently introduced its first-ever sexual assault policy, some say it doesn’t go far enough to address rape culture on campus. Janet Rodriguez, director of campaigns and equity with the Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR), said students should push for the university to do more to help prevent sexual assault, rather than just making policies to respond […]

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Ryerson launches new sexual violence policy

Ryerson launches new sexual violence policy

Ryerson has introduced a new sexual violence policy in response to growing concerns about sexual assault on Ontario university campuses. The policy, recently approved by the university’s Board of Governors, stems from a 28-page report released in May authored by vice-provost for students, Heather Lane Vetere. In her report, Lane Vetere drafted a rough policy that was later tweaked after […]

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Graphic shows comments that were written on the Dalhousie “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” Facebook page. (Courtesy of Susana Gomez-Baez/The Ryersonian)

The Dal ‘gentlemen’ aren’t the victims

*This article contains mentions of rape and violent imagery. Bang until stress is relieved or (girl is) unconscious. Someone punish her with their shaft. Lina up against the wall, we’re going to have a Heineken. If her pussy can’t hold it, her Heineken. Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is […]

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Under Ontario's new sexual education curriculum, Grade 1 students will learn about issues such as healthy relationships and consent. (Courtesy of Ged Carroll)

Ontario sex-ed reform: When it comes to sex-ed, ‘yes’ matters

In September, Ontario Grade 1 students will start learning about healthy relationships, consent and a wider curriculum that deals with other issues. In third grade they’ll learn about the concept of same-sex relationships and the next year they will start learning about how to be safe online, as well as how puberty works. In Grade 6, they’ll be taught what […]

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The news media play a part in rape culture and victim blaming

The news media play a part in rape culture and victim blaming

“What did you do to stay safe?” is a common question to sexual assault victims. But asking that question is the problem, says Farrah Khan, a Ryerson workshop coordinator from the Barbra Schlifer Clinic. “The onus is constantly on the victim to stay safe, while the perpetrator can keep on going,” says Khan. “But If you’re constantly living in a […]

(Fatima Kazmi/Ryersonian staff)

Editorial: Universities still not doing enough to address rape culture

mfort on our mattress, but for Emma Sulkowicz it is a terrible reminder of her rape. The 21-year-old Columbia University student is carrying a mattress around campus until her alleged attacker, a fellow student at Columbia, is expelled from the school. Sulkowicz was raped in her dorm room on the first day of her second year. She did not report […]

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Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa(Peregrine981/Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: Sexual harassment incidents indicate high time for change

There were two separate occurrences of sexual harassment involving University of Ottawa students that I personally feel are equally disturbing. If this is truly the way that university-aged boys think, then maybe I shouldn’t feel as comfortable at school as I do. And yes, I call them boys because people who think like this shouldn’t be classified as men. To […]

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The University of Ottawa (Wikimedia Commons/ Rob CA)

Two serious sexual harassment allegations hit uOttawa this week

Two stories surrounding sexual harassment have surfaced at the University of Ottawa this week. For the first time in the university’s history, the school’s hockey team has been suspended amid allegations that some members assaulted a young woman in Thunder Bay last month. Police are currently investigating the case. According to CBC News sources, the incident occurred on the weekend of […]

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