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David Greenberg hopes that JSwipe will help him find his perfect Jewish match. (Chase Stark)

It’s a match: Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov! Those words flashed across the screen as silhouette figures were tossed in the air on their white chairs. But I’m not describing a typical Jewish wedding. There’s no rabbi, no blushing bride and definitely no broken glass on the floor. Instead, I’m looking at these famous two words and the animation light up the screen of my iPhone […]

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(Kevin John Siazon)

How I met my dad at 18 and found my modern family

For most people, turning 18 means a year of “firsts.” These “firsts” might be starting university, or moving away from home or maybe beginning that first real relationship. For me, the year I turned 18 was the year that I had one of my most significant “firsts” — it was the year I met my biological father and found my […]

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Dating app Hinge has just been recently released in Canada after seeing success in the U.S. (Courtesy of Hinge)

The problems with online dating

Across the globe, you see “Internet daters,” with their eyes glued to a screen, scrolling through a seemingly endless number of photos and one-line bios for a date. Oh, the possibilities… First, someone who enjoys long walks on the beach, hand-in-hand, while watching the sunset. Swipe right. Ah, an aspiring actor, who is also a vegan chef, yoga instructor and […]

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Getting an A in sexuality

Getting an A in sexuality

Sex is the most uninteresting activity in the world. For me, sex is an annoyance. A mix of awkward moaning, gross bodily fluids and a lot of time I could be spending doing something more productive. In short, I’d just rather not. Asexuality was not something I even knew about in high school. For me the word “asexual” began and […]

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Illustration by Susana Gómez Báez

Loving across racial divides: stories of interracial romance

Though it is still uncommon, interracial dating is on the rise. Sharnelle Kan and Debbie Hernandez share their stories. Sharnelle My boyfriend Anuk and I were running errands in downtown Chicago last October when I received a text from my brother back home in Toronto that made me freeze. I hadn’t had time to do the dishes the night before […]

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Addicted to love: the intoxicating nature of toxic relationships

Addicted to love: the intoxicating nature of toxic relationships

Marina Monahar is lovesick – and sick of it. Monahar studies communications and multimedia at McMaster University. On top of the stress that comes with having a double major, she’s been dealing with the stress of having a romantic interest in someone who blows hot-and-cold. “We hung out a few times and it was really nice, and we got close […]