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Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose for up to 90 minutes. (Kayla Douglas/Linsey Raschkowan/Ryersonian)

No naloxone kits for campus security, residence leaders

By Alexis Perikleous and Victoria McMurchy Despite Toronto’s growing opioid crisis, neither Ryerson security nor residence officials have been given the easy-to-use antidote that could prevent overdose deaths. Kits containing that antidote – naloxone – are not being made available, according to university president Mohamed Lachemi. “Our staff is really trained to deal with emergency situations,” said Lachemi in an […]

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Students who select all-gender housing can be placed in any of the three residences on campus, including Pitman Hall.
(Photo by Melissa Galevski)

Ryerson University makes the move to ‘all-gender’ housing

Ryerson University has changed the way campus residence rooms are assigned to include all gender identities. This is the first year incoming students had the opportunity to choose an all-gender housing option on their residence applications. This means that they could be paired with students of a different gender identity. Students were also not required to indicate their gender unless […]

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(Katie Coombes/Ryersonian Staff)

Popping the homesickness bubble

I’ll never forget my first day alone in the city. My parents and sisters had dropped me off at residence the day before and as soon as they left I had a bizarre feeling in my stomach, something I had never experienced before. Homesickness. The next day I woke up in my residence room in the International Living Learning Centre […]

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Residence students will have more options for leftover meal plan money starting in April 1. (Hannah Logan/Ryersonian Staff)

New options for leftovers: Ryerson meal plans getting an update

Ryerson has announced long-awaited meal plan changes that will ensure students in residence won’t lose the remaining balance on their accounts. The school promised changes last September after students complained that they couldn’t spend all of the money on their meal plans before the end of the year, thus losing leftover funds. After an investigation, The Ryersonian found that it […]

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Students lose meal plan leftovers, not due to Revenue Canada’s rules

Students lose meal plan leftovers, not due to Revenue Canada’s rules

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may not be to blame for Ryerson’s non-refundable and non-transferable meal plans after all. Ryerson’s meal plan funds are tax-free and must be used at cafeterias and coffee shops on campus within one academic year, as the university does not allow them to carry forward or be refunded. John Corallo, director of Ryerson’s business services, […]

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Students hungry for change in Ryerson’s meal plan

More than 250 Ryerson students have signed a petition urging reform of the university’s meal plan policies. The petition, started on March 25, says Ryerson’s OneCard and meal plan policies need to change because they force students into plans they can’t afford. UPDATE: University makes way for meal plan refunds Jonathan DaCosta, a first-year business management student, started the […]

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Police called to O’Keefe House after student received threat

Police called to O’Keefe House after student received threat

(Shannon Baldwin and Erin Petrow/Ryersonian Staff)   Police were called to the O’Keefe House Friday morning after reports that a student received a threat. Const. Victor Kwong says that it’s an ongoing threat that the police have been “investigating for a little while.” Details of the threat were not disclosed by police. Both police and police dog services were called […]

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A chef at work in the newly renovated Hub cafeteria. Photo by Sean Wetselaar/Rersonian Staff

Hunger pains: a look at changes to Ryerson’s food services, so far

Madelyn McColl always ordered the usual chicken Caesar wrap. As the lines snaked in the Pitman Hall cafeteria, students lined up with their stomachs growling and waited to order from Extreme Pita. For nearly two years, McColl listed off her desired ingredients to the cooks at her go-to fast-food joint without even glancing at the menu. One day, that all […]

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Housing woes for Ryerson’s exchange students

Housing woes for Ryerson’s exchange students

By Tamara Sestanj and Alvina Siddiqui Kristian Lindhardt was excited to start his student exchange in Toronto. But there was only one little problem: he had no idea where he was going to live for the next four months once he got off the plane. It’s a story that many international students coming to Ryerson are all too familiar with. […]

Church Street Development to house labs, tech and community services

Church Street Development to house labs, tech and community services

Ryerson’s Church Street Development project will be home to some of the most updated research technologies in Canada. President Sheldon Levy unveiled the detailed plan on Oct. 22 for the mixed-use facility, which will be located on Church Street just north of Dundas. Set to open in fall 2018, the 27-storey educational and residential facility will not only be the new […]

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Dorm decorating on a dime

Dorm decorating on a dime

Like a blank canvas, an empty dorm room is full of promise, patiently waiting to be decorated with the signature style of an incoming new student. Dorms are typically equipped with a standard bed, desk, dresser and closet, leaving the rest up to the student’s imagination. Even though dorm sizes are only slightly larger than a proverbial shoe box, decorating […]

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Most students will be going home in April, but a few lucky ones will stay three more months at Pitman. (Matt Oxman / Ryersonian Staff)

11 months on the 11th floor

On residence move-out day, students will pack up their things and probably shed a few tears as they say their goodbyes to their floor mates of eight months. But for the residents of one lucky floor in Pitman Hall, Ryerson’s largest residence, the party extends for another three months. Ryerson’s Student Housing Services piloted an 11-month stay for students starting […]

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