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UPDATED: Safe spaces and the media

UPDATED: Safe spaces and the media

The Ryersonian’s David Greenberg and Patricia Karounos wrote opposing op-eds on whether or not media should be permitted in safe spaces. David Greenberg: On Monday, Ryerson University held an open meeting to revise its new sexual violence policy.  Students were given the opportunity to provide feedback and engage in discussions on how to improve the year-old policy. All Ryerson students […]

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Student exec Dan Petz and RSU vice-president equity, Rabia Idrees spoke to The Ryersonian  about the place of safe spaces on campus.

Safe spaces debate: where do they fit at Ryerson?

The Ryersonian sat down with the RSU’s vice-president equity, Rabia Idrees, and Dan Petz, a member of the Ryerson Marketing Association and staunch opponent of campus safe spaces, to talk about safe spaces and what they should look like on our campus.

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A Space of Their Own

A Space of Their Own

By Deborah Hernandez and Ramna Shahzad According to Oberlin College and Conservatory, “safe spaces can be defined as spaces that are created of, by and for members of marginalized or under-represented social groupings.” Safe spaces allow members of marginalized groups to exist outside of prejudice and oppression that is otherwise upheld as a social norm. The Ryersonian spoke with Ryerson […]

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The RSU funds many student groups that employ safe spaces. Emily Joveski / Ryersonian Staff

Levy: ‘Safe Space’ policy was never requested

Ryerson president Sheldon Levy says there hasn’t been an outcry for a specific safe space policy on campus. He says that’s likely because the discrimination and harassment prevention policy in the student code of non-academic conduct protects the right to a safe space. After online response to a Ryersonian article published on March 13, many are questioning Ryerson’s policy on […]

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Ryerson uproar: Opportunity for discussion not insults

Ryerson uproar: Opportunity for discussion not insults

A highly inflammatory article was published last week in The Ryersonian about two non-racialised student journalists getting barred from an event for racialised students. Safe spaces for any group are important, though not necessarily always understood – which is why the quality of the discussion around issues of inclusion is so crucial. “White students barred from funded Ryerson Students’ Union […]

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