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How Ryerson’s Transmedia zone looks toward the future

How Ryerson’s Transmedia zone looks toward the future

Minister of Canadian Heritage, Melanie Joly, visited Ryerson to talk about modernization and shifting attitudes in technology. Ryersonian TV’s Shawntae Harris has more.

Interview: Anthony Morgan lights hands on fire

Interview: Anthony Morgan lights hands on fire

Anthony Morgan is one of the hosts for Daily Planet and the founder of Science Ninjas Inc. The Ryersonian’s Chayonika Chandra interviewed him to talk about his upcoming events and projects.  He also lights people’s hands on fire.

Testing for osteoperosis has just gotten easier... all you need is a nail clipping. (Courtesy iStock)

Rye prof nails new test kit for bone disease

A Ryerson professor has invented an at-home test kit that uses toe and fingernail clippings to assess the risk for osteoporosis. Mark Towler, a biomedical engineering professor who was recruited to Ryerson for his research, originally came up with the idea 10 years ago in the U.K., and on Oct. 9 the Osentia test kit went on sale in the […]

What you’ve missed in science and tech

What you’ve missed in science and tech

Home of Ryerson’s newest zone gets new government-funding Finance minister Bill Morneau announced more than $30 million in federal funding for Ryerson infrastructure Friday. More than $20 million of that will go towards the Centre for Urban Innovation (CUI), the future home of Ryerson’s new Science Discovery Zone (SDZ). The CUI will have a state-of-the-art lab for the SDZ, which […]

by Robert Mackenzie· · Science & Technology
8 cool things to do during Ryerson’s Science Literacy Week

8 cool things to do during Ryerson’s Science Literacy Week

From holograms to liquid nitrogen ice cream, there’s plenty of opportunities to explore the creative side of science during Science Literacy Week. Ryerson’s Science Outreach Office is hosting a series of interactive events between Sept. 19 and Sept. 22. The outreach office intends to engage students from all faculties and programs in science literacy through science-based activities and challenges. Here […]

by Mallory Warren· · News, Science & Technology
(Courtesy Sara Long/Creative Commons

Sunshine List reveals gender disparity at Ryerson

By Emily Stachera and Rebecca Goss Despite the efforts of Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) to create gender parity, the Sunshine List for 2015 showed that only 24 women were among the 153 faculty members who earn over $100,000. Tom Duever, dean of FEAS, said that they are “keenly aware” of this gender gap and actively encourage […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News
(Courtesy Ryerson Builds)

Science Faculty launches mission to MarS

Chemistry and biology researchers at Ryerson will soon have a place to work in the MaRS Discovery District after years of dealing with cramped space and outdated facilities in Kerr Hall. With construction currently underway, the 20,000 square feet of new biochemistry, microbiology and cell biology research labs is set to open January 2017. It will have space for 85 […]

by Allison Ridgway· · News, Off Campus, On Campus
Prof. Russell Viirre in his lab in Kerr Hall. (Shane Perusse/Ryersonian Staff)

Prof working on treatment for cystic fibrosis

By Shane Perusse Last summer Russell Viirre, a Ryerson chemistry professor, began testing a new drug that could treat over 4,000 Canadian children living with cystic fibrosis (CF). Viirre, who is working on the drug along with Christine Bear, a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is hopeful that their research will increase the life expectancy of […]

(Emily Stachera/Ryersonian Staff(

Ryerson celebrates National Pi Day

Ryerson’s math and science departments celebrated National Pi Day on Monday with loads of (real) pie and ice cream. This is the event’s fourth year anniversary, but today’s date was of special importance because, when rounded, Pi’s decimal points equal 3.1416, the same digits as Mar. 14, 2016. Guest speaker Benjamin Reiniger, a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics at Ryerson, said […]

by Emily Stachera· · Arts & Life, Food, News
Researcher looks through a microscope. (Courtesy National Cancer Institute)

New study finds males underestimate their female classmates

The study found that males in technical fields often think their female classmates are less intelligent.

by Aidan Cox· · News
Man in pink shirt: Bryan Koivisto
Panel (from left to right): Vicki Saunders, Lynda McCarthy,
Leslie Bone, Michelle Lucas

Addressing the gender gap in science at Ryerson

There’s been progress over the last few decades in the proportion of women working in science and enrolling in post-secondary science programs, but change has been slow and the issue is multi-faceted.

by Jordan Mady· · News
Architecture students create, host design festival exhibit

Architecture students create, host design festival exhibit

The 2016 Collaborative Exercise: Water exhibit studied the human relationship with water and its importance to life on earth.

by Kiera Spronk· · Arts & Life, Visual Arts & Design
Justin Trudeau announced the $12 million pledge at the University of Waterloo on Jan. 14, 2016 (Courtesy the University of Waterloo).

Ryerson benefits from $12 million pledge to Southern Ontario Water Consortium

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged $12 million for the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, of which Ryerson is a part of, in an effort to help create new clean water technologies.

by Samantha Tapp· · News, Science & Technology
RyersonianTV: November 12, 2015 – RSU vice president education on Reignite Ryerson’s Facebook post, Cockwell donation, protest at University of Missouri

RyersonianTV: November 12, 2015 – RSU vice president education on Reignite Ryerson’s Facebook post, Cockwell donation, protest at University of Missouri

RyersonianTV is a daily newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Monday to Friday, at noon EST.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Newscasts, RyersonianTV
The future of Canadian science: Scientists and students speak out to make science an election issue

The future of Canadian science: Scientists and students speak out to make science an election issue

Science has become a major election issue for students, researchers and scientists across Canada, with many criticizing the Conservative government for cuts to funding.

Peng Yu, a research fellow at the Centre for Urban Energy, guides a tour of the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab. (Mallory Chate / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson smart grid lab tests renewable energy options

After putting on a pair of safety glasses, students were able to get a glimpse of Ryerson’s own smart grid last Friday. The Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab at the Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) on Dalhousie Street was open to the public as part of a provincewide campaign called “Green Energy Doors Open.”

by Mallory Chate· · News, On Campus
Editorial cartoon: September 30, 2015

Editorial cartoon: September 30, 2015

Science Corner: Lunar eclipse, fidgeting and more

Science Corner: Lunar eclipse, fidgeting and more

Cait Martin Newnham describes the upcoming lunar eclipse, Canada’s Science Literacy Week and why fidgeters should keep wiggling in their seats.

(Eman Ali / Ryersonian Staff)

Space for science faculty a top priority: Levy

The growing science faculty at Ryerson is running out of resources. New professors are being hired, departments within the faculty are being created and more students are applying each year. But according to staff of the three-year-old faculty, its expansion is outgrowing the space it has and progress is being limited. Ryerson president Sheldon Levy says that creating more space […]

by Connor Brazeau· · News, On Campus, Top stories
Ledja Rasul

Students lose big in ‘unlocky’ situation, and say Ryerson is to blame

Two first-year, biomedical science students had nearly $2,000 worth of possessions stolen from their Ryerson lockers. The students were forced to use Ryerson’s locks, and now they think the university is responsible for the stolen property. “We aren’t allowed to use our own locks; they provide the locks,” Ledja Rasul said. “There is one master key for a set of […]

by Edward Wilson· · News, On Campus, Top stories
From left to right: Beau Standish, CEO 7D Surgical, Gary Goodyear, Minister of State, FedDev, Southern Ontario
Federl MP John Carmichael
Victor Yang, Ryerson University & Sunnybrook Hospital

Ryerson medical group receives almost $1 million investment from Ontario government

The Ontario government is investing almost $1 million to help market a Ryerson University invention in a move that is expected to raise the university’s profile in the field of medicine. The technological breakthrough is a surgical navigation device created by a team of graduate students led by Victor Yang, an associate professor at Ryerson’s Department of Electrical and Computer […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · News, On Campus
(Ashani Jodha/Ryersonian Staff)

Ottawa’s cuts are Ryerson’s gains

Warren Wakarchuk was driving on the 401 when he heard his boss on the radio. Wakarchuk had worked at the National Research Council (NRC) for the last 20 years. That day, the new president was on the radio to announce changes to how the NRC would function. It was the beginning of the end of his career as a federal […]

by Nicole Thompson· · News, Top stories
A killer green: Ryerson’s arsenic dress

A killer green: Ryerson’s arsenic dress

Ingrid Masak Mida gently tugs on a fresh pair of disposable latex gloves before gingerly arranging a brilliant green Victorian dress on the piece of canvas covering the counter in front of her — the colour of it is so eye-catching that the wrinkles and faded yellow spots are hardly noticeable. She picks and pulls delicately at the sleeves and […]

Exhibit review: The 7,024th Patient

Exhibit review: The 7,024th Patient

Art should provoke thought and emotion within its viewer. Ryerson School of Nursing professor Jennifer Lapum decided that her research study should have the same impact. The 7,024th Patient, a new exhibit at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, launched on Tuesday and is an “arts-informed, narrative study” that explores a patients’ experiences following open-heart surgery. Sixteen individuals participated in Lapum’s […]

Michael Arts, who was formerly at Environment Canada, is the newest addition to the department of chemistry and biology. (Rebecca Sedore/Ryersonian Staff)

Environment Canada ‘surplus’ is Ryerson’s gain

Ryerson’s newest chemistry and biology professor is speaking up about being “surplused” out of his job with Environment Canada. Before joining Ryerson in January, Michael Arts was a research scientist for 24 years at Environment Canada. Arts is only one of the 20 scientists whose positions were recently “surplused” from the Canada Centre for Inland Waters. “I am delighted to […]

by Maria Siassina· · News, On Campus, Top stories
Ryerson’s liquid dreams win big at water innovation awards

Ryerson’s liquid dreams win big at water innovation awards

Good ideas were flowing at a recent conference on water innovation, where former and current Ryerson students took home honours for their ideas. An alumnus and a fourth-year student both received innovation awards at the 2013 Water Innovation Lab, held in Alberta from Sept. 24 to 29. Ryersonian Reporter Calvin Dao spoke with the winners about their projects. Josh Tzventarny, […]

by Calvin Dao· · News
Dare, the black lab, models the robot rescue gear developed by computer science professor Alex Ferworn (far right).

Ryerson’s robot and dog team takes second at science contest

The Ryerson project that combines rescue dogs and robots was a favourite with judges, but ultimately took second place when online votes were counted at a recent science competition. Canine Assisted Robot Technology, developed by Ryerson computer science professor Alex Ferworn and graduate student Jimmy Tran, was presented at the inaugural Science Slam in Washington D.C. Tuesday. First place went to […]

by May Warren· · News
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