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City of Toronto employees prepare to evict homeless people situated on the sidewalk outside of Tim Hortons on Victoria St. (Photo by Julie Faye Germansky)

Homeless evicted outside of Tim Hortons

Several homeless people who had settled at the entrance of Victoria Street’s Tim Hortons were evicted Wednesday morning by the City of Toronto.

Homeless people have been congregating on the edge of the sidewalk in front of the Tim Hortons for years, said a longtime member of the Ryerson Security team. Recently, a tent was put up there, as well as a makeshift milk-crate platform bed.

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Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose for up to 90 minutes. (Kayla Douglas/Linsey Raschkowan/Ryersonian)

No naloxone kits for campus security, residence leaders

By Alexis Perikleous and Victoria McMurchy Despite Toronto’s growing opioid crisis, neither Ryerson security nor residence officials have been given the easy-to-use antidote that could prevent overdose deaths. Kits containing that antidote – naloxone – are not being made available, according to university president Mohamed Lachemi. “Our staff is really trained to deal with emergency situations,” said Lachemi in an […]

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The Student Learning Centre at Ryerson University. (Courtesy of Alex Guibord via Flickr Creative Commons)

New crisis communications position nothing to worry about, says communications director

Ryerson is hiring a crisis communications officer, but that doesn’t mean there’s reason to panic, according to Michael Forbes, group director of communications at the university.

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Members of Students Supporting Israel filed complaint with campus security

Members of Students Supporting Israel filed complaint with campus security

Ryerson’s Students Supporting Israel (SSI) group backed out of the Ezra Levant event on campus last week after two members of the group received threats.

by Lauren Malyk· · News, On Campus, Security
(Courtesy ElasticComputeFarm)

Surveillance chill on the rise among Canadian journalists

On Oct. 1, a Canadian photojournalist on route to Standing Rock, N.D., was detained at U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Vancouver Airport for over six hours. Ed Ou was headed to cover the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline for CBC, when his trip was halted before boarding. His phone was taken and he was interrogated. Border guards […]

Interactive: Security threats on campus mapped

Interactive: Security threats on campus mapped

The Ryersonian took data from the published security alerts collected from the last two years to break down figures that stand out.

RyersonianTV: November 13, 2015 – Men’s issues group not happy about coverage, birth control options, ironic ad removed from bus shelter

RyersonianTV: November 13, 2015 – Men’s issues group not happy about coverage, birth control options, ironic ad removed from bus shelter

RyersonianTV is a daily newscast produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Monday to Friday, at noon EST.

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Ryerson campus security go to the first-floor accessible washroom of the Rogers Communications Centre Nov. 4, 2015. (Latifa Abdin/Ryersonian Staff)

Campus security responds to man found on RCC bathroom floor

Campus security responded after a Ryerson media professor found a man in an accessible washroom in the Rogers Communications Centre.

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A panel on cyber security was held at Ryerson Oct. 6. (Aengus Mulroney / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson expert warns of security risks in cloud computing

Ryerson’s chief information officer wants students and staff at the university to be cautious about sending confidential information using their school emails.   Brian Lesser said students and faculty should be mindful of the contents of their emails in light of the reality that government organizations could be monitoring online communications. Lesser made these remarks at an event held for […]

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Cloud Concerns: report says email outsourcing raises security risk

Cloud Concerns: report says email outsourcing raises security risk

A new report suggests that universities oursourcing their email service to Google — including Ryerson — are at risk of surveillance by foreign spy agencies.

by Aengus Mulroney· · News, Science & Technology
Students can order these "Good Food Boxes," full of fresh produce, from FoodShare Toronto. They cost $13-$32 and can be delivered or picked up on campus and other sites around town.

Ryerson’s Good Food Centre releases first Hunger Report

Food insecurity may be a bigger problem at Ryerson than most expect, said Ryerson’s Good Food Centre in its first Hunger Report released on Feb. 26. The report revealed that more than 400 Ryerson students and faculty members signed up for the service and more than 2,500 visits were made to the Good Food Centre last year. The centre is […]

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RUSafe on campus?

RUSafe on campus?

A Ryerson professor hopes to revolutionize safety on campus by combining geography with technology. Geography professor Eric Vaz and two employees from Ryerson’s Laboratory for Geocomputation have developed a crime hot-spot web application called RUSafe. The site allows users to select a type of security incident, like assault or voyeurism, and see on a map where it has occurred on campus. “It’s the power […]

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Explore more of Toronto this weekend by checking out these events. (Ryersonian Staff)

UPDATED: Levy says CBC report on sexual assault compares “apples to oranges”

Ryerson president Sheldon Levy said Monday that Ryerson may not have the highest rate of sexual assaults of all Canadian universities, as the CBC reported. The report compares “apples to oranges,” Levy says. Ryerson is simply better at reporting sexual assaults than other schools. “We try to encourage as best we can the reporting of these incidents.” The CBC News […]

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Police called to O’Keefe House after student received threat

Police called to O’Keefe House after student received threat

(Shannon Baldwin and Erin Petrow/Ryersonian Staff)   Police were called to the O’Keefe House Friday morning after reports that a student received a threat. Const. Victor Kwong says that it’s an ongoing threat that the police have been “investigating for a little while.” Details of the threat were not disclosed by police. Both police and police dog services were called […]

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Ryerson University campus. (Courtesy Amir Seyd)

Ryerson University to review sexual assault policies

Ryerson University will review its existing sexual assault policy in the wake of a Toronto Star probe that found most Canadian universities and colleges don’t have one single policy to deal with sexual assault. Ryerson, along with 44 other Ontario universities and colleges, announced Nov. 26 it will launch the review to determine if the  schools can adequately deal with […]

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Professor Anastase Mastoras  teaching a computer database class. (Courtesy of an annonomous student in class.)

Late student apologizes to class, professor refuses to accept

The professor who kicked a student out of class for arriving late, triggering a small revolt in his classroom, says he has now received an apology from the student — but he’s not accepting it. Prof. Anastase Mastoras told The Ryersonian Friday after his class: “The guy apologized in front of 80 people. But the apology was not accepted.” A longtime […]

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UPDATE: Universities differ on emergency procedures

UPDATE: Universities differ on emergency procedures

An investigation by The Ryersonian last week revealed that very few students and faculty members know about Ryerson security’s “Yellow Book,” an allegedly vital document outlining security protocols for emergency situations. Even though Ryerson security said it has done a “fair bit” of communication on this vital document, The Ryersonian asked: what are some of the ways important information can […]

Science dean reacts after student booted from class

Science dean reacts after student booted from class

The dean of Ryerson’s Faculty of Science says the “unusual” incident where a professor booted a student from class for being late, then called security, is being dealt with. Imogen Coe told The Ryersonian on Monday that there are no faculty-wide rules concerning late students. “It’s up to the professor to ensure that there is an appropriate learning environment,” said […]

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IRM says Ryerson students are responsible for their safety by reading the Yellow Book

Security’s ‘Yellow Book’ unveiled

Deep within the internal organs of Ryerson’s Integrated Risk Management (IRM) website lies a 13-page PDF called the “Yellow Book,” which holds the answers to surviving campus crises. Whether it’s a rogue gunman, natural disaster, or bomb threat, the Yellow Book is the vital rubric to security incidents at Ryerson. And you are responsible for knowing this, apparently. “Have you […]

Man arrested after ‘indecent behaviour’ in library

Man arrested after ‘indecent behaviour’ in library

A man allegedly involved in two instances of “indecent behaviour” in the school library has been arrested for trespassing. According to a Ryerson security alert, the man was arrested Aug. 29 after an incident on the building’s seventh floor. Security services say a female student was studying in a cubicle when she noticed a suspect looking at her from underneath the desk of […]

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(Courtesy Embee473/ Wikipedia)

University of Windsor launches investigation after anti-Israeli referendum

University of Windsor officials are investigating complaints about the referendum process within the school’s student union after it passed a controversial Israeli boycott earlier this month. The Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) referendum, voted in by students on March 1, is a global campaign that asks companies, individuals and governments to halt economic and cultural relationships with companies that produce […]

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Social experiment: Would you stop a theft on campus?

Social experiment: Would you stop a theft on campus?

In the month of January alone, there were 35 reported thefts on Ryerson’s campus. About one in four of those were Apple products – including iPods, iPads and MacBooks. “Generally speaking, whatever the hot ticket item at the moment is is going to be the item that is targeted the most,” said Daniel Paquette, account director for Ryerson Security. “It […]

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Security cameras were added to hallways in Kerr Hall after many locker thefts last year. (Rebecca Sedore / Ryersonian Staff)

More security cameras on campus and fewer locker thefts

Additional security cameras were installed in Kerr Hall in response to a rash of locker thefts in the winter 2013 semester, according to Ryerson security. Combination locks made by ABUS Security Tech Germany and sold by the campus store were found to be susceptible to aluminum shim tools. A Ryersonian investigation led to the locks being pulled from shelves. Ryerson […]

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Main campus intersections are security hotspots

Main campus intersections are security hotspots

Jorgenson Hall and Ryerson’s main campus intersection at Gould and Victoria Streets are hotspots for safety issues, according to a Ryersonian map that plots security alerts issued since September 2012. The map shows reported incidents including assaults, robberies and suspicious behaviour. “We have instances that happen all across campus,” said Julia Lewis, director of Ryerson’s integrated risk management. “Where we […]

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The statement posted on the Ryerson Students' Union Facebook page Wednesday night. (Courtesy Facebook)

RSU reacts to university’s decision to cover men’s rights event security fee

The Ryerson Students’ Union blasted Ryerson University’s administration Wednesday night for covering the cost of a controversial men’s issues speaking event on campus. The union claims the decision “actively (facilitates) the creation of a men’s rights movement on campus, which targets women, feminists and works against (Ryerson’s) mandate to provide safe spaces on campus.” In a statement posted to the RSU’s […]

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Former Canadian Olympian Tyler Nella competed at the 2010 Games.

A Ryerson perspective on Putin’s games

The road to Sochi has been full of bumps, debris, roadkill, pylons, and gravel, among a number of other growing safety concerns. In the days leading up to the Russian-hosted Olympics there were also death threats, anti-gay threats, alleged corruption and the most invasive surveillance in the history of the Games. “Sochi is safe,” United State President Barrack Obama assured […]

by Erica Whyte· · Sports
Ryerson to host controversial men’s rights event

Ryerson to host controversial men’s rights event

Ryerson has granted space for controversial men’s rights activists and the Canadian Association for Equality to co-host an event on campus tomorrow after completing a risk assessment. However, the university changed the event location and will charge a security fee. The event, which was originally going to be held at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, has been moved to a room […]

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Crime rises on Halloween but not at Ryerson

Halloween marks an increase in the number of crimes reported to police, especially violent offences and property violations, but the same spike in criminal activity doesn’t affect Ryerson, security personnel say. “We have not noticed a trend in increased incidents from a Halloween weekend to any other weekend with parties happening on or around campus,” said Tanya Fermin-Poppleton, manager of […]

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(Ryersonian Archive)

Hacking a “real threat” at Ryerson, say security officers

Ryerson University fends off thousands of cyber attacks a day, says Ryerson computer expert Brian Lesser. “If you look at the firewall logs, it’s just constant. I couldn’t believe all the attacks when I first saw,” says Lesser, Ryerson’s director of computing and communications services. Ryerson is not the only with cyber attack issues. A recent Toronto Star story reported […]

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Security watch notices by incident type (as of Sept. 10, 2013) (Josh Kolm/Ryersonian Staff)

Security emails get mixed reviews

  A campus program that harnesses the power of technology to alert students about on-campus security issues is passing its one-year anniversary this month. The Ryerson University Security Watch program, administered by the Environmental Health and Safety and Security department, emails students about assaults, robberies and incidents of menacing behaviour. The program was launched last year as part of an […]

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Letter from the editor: public sex always news

There are a number of hot-button subjects in the world that will provoke an adamant and immediate emotional reaction no matter how they are covered. Last week, The Ryersonian witnessed this first-hand by publishing an article that revealed a gay website promoting campus washrooms as places to meet up for public sex. Titled “Ryerson bathrooms are gay sex hot spots,” […]

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The Ryersonian’s top news stories of 2012-13

The Ryersonian’s top news stories of 2012-13

By Ché Perreira and Dillon Lobo A recap of the most significant stories that we covered this year. 1.  In September, six women reported being sexually assaulted on campus since the beginning of the school year. But after the Take Back the Block party on Sept. 17, the incidents declined. The block party followed the international Take Back the Night […]

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