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Twenty-on-year-old Lindsay  Sganga on vacation in Maui in 2015. (Lindsay Sganga/Ryersonian Staff)

More than just a #TransformationTuesday

It was an ongoing battle, from crying in dressing rooms in the mall because I didn’t fit into that pair of jeans to endless nights spent wishing I were born in a different body.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
Lindemann says the club looked like "it barfed a Hawksley Workman video." (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Safety dance: Club survival at any age

I’ve been to a club three times in my life and always as a reluctant participant. I see clubs as a perverse combination of the Men Without Hat’s video, “Safety Dance,” and a documentary of Jane Goodall and her chimps. You see where I’m going with this. There’s a friend who organizes us gal mom-types out for a monthly outing. […]

by Tara Lindemann· · Opinion
Your barista may just have the answers for the most pressing issues facing the world today. (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

The hidden advantage of post-secondary education: society has better baristas than ever

They say that our generation, often dubbed the millenials, is the most educated in history. This is especially true in our society, where the merits of a long and successful education are practically jammed down our throats since birth. And there are definitely advantages to an outrageously over-educated generation. It’s common knowledge that all the 20-somethings wandering around out there […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial
Support for women lacking in abortion debate

Support for women lacking in abortion debate

The controversial issue of pro-choice stance continues to be a hot topic among Canadians today, despite the fact that the law allowing abortions has been in place since 1969. Many still protest against abortion laws, while others protest to keep them in place. But no matter what side you’re on in this heated debate, both support a woman’s right to […]

by Tamara Sestanj· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
My lipstick and buzz cut don’t define me; neither do you

My lipstick and buzz cut don’t define me; neither do you

For a woman, I have a relatively uncomplicated cosmetic life. My bathroom has not a flat iron nor can of hairspray in sight. I don’t carry around bobby pins or hair ties. I don’t have to worry about tangles, split ends, or the way my hair looks on a windy day. I save hundreds of dollars a year by not […]

by Haley Rose· · Fashion, Opinion
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