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Tea party with the Beverage Enthusiast Society

Tea party with the Beverage Enthusiast Society

Just in time for the cold weather….there’s a new student group that wants to make you a nice cup of tea. It’s called the Beverage Enthusiasts’ Society! The president, Anoop Dhillon came to the newsroom this morning to do the same for us. He made a pot for our reporter Esther Lee.

GAMER wants Smash Bros. to get league of its own

GAMER wants Smash Bros. to get league of its own

On any given day of the week, in a hallway adjacent to the campus pub, teens and 20-somethings alike sit on raggedy couches enthralled in a game.

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UBSR conference doing numbers — Platinum tickets sold out

UBSR conference doing numbers — Platinum tickets sold out

The UBSR seventh annual conference weekend retreat platinum package sells-out.

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Zidane Mohamed, former Unite Ryerson candidate, at an election debate earlier this year. Mohamed is part of the Reignite Ryerson tuition hike protest group launched yesterday. (Latifa Abdin/Ryersonian Staff)

Protest group wants RSU to shut up about Drake, demands lower tuition

Calling themselves Reignite Ryerson, the group issued a manifesto demanding action to address rising tuition and cost of living in Toronto

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UHHU alumni: Violeta Martinez and Dan Cruz
 (Courtesy Sid Naidu)

The Urban Hip-Hop Union gets a facelift, starting with the Poetry Slam event

By Rachael D’Amore On the brink of its 10th anniversary, the Urban Hip-Hop Union is bringing its mandate back to its origins. This year, the Ryerson student group, which is predominantly known for its hip-hop dance troupe, is shifting its focus toward educating students about the cultural and historical roots of hip hop. “Nowadays, people are focused on the mainstream […]

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Pro-Israel student group calls for action, its president says man spat on her

SSI condemns in the strongest terms the unacceptable event that took place today in Ryerson University in Canada.A student approached our SSI Presidents who held an Israeli flag and he spat at her and on the flag. This MUST end! Jewish and Pro Israel students should feel safe on their own college campus.We wish our leaders at Students Supporting Israel […]

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Bianca Marryshow, second-year sociology student, and co-founder of RU Blessing Bags hopes to distribute supplies to the homeless. (Beza Getachew/Ryersonian Staff)

Growing student charity group looks elsewhere for funding

Bianca Marryshow didn’t expect that getting money from Ryerson to fund her initiative to help the homeless would be so difficult. In September 2014, the second-year sociology student and her friend, Fariha Sheikh, started RU Blessing Bags. A new charity established to create care packages with necessities, such as warm socks and gloves, for homeless people on the frigid streets […]

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Ryerson Catholics showcase new campus space

Ryerson Catholics showcase new campus space

Ryerson’s Catholic students now have a new place to call home in a former house located near campus. The Ryerson Catholic Students’ Association opened the new student centre on Nov. 20 with “laughter and excitement,” said Allison Belen, president of the group. “There was a sense of belonging and ownership. There was an excitement and pride to belong to something […]

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Student groups clash over fee hikes

Student groups clash over fee hikes

Two Ryerson student groups clashed in a loud shouting match at the board of governors meeting Monday night in a confrontation over tuition fees. Interruptions from protesters dominated the meeting in Jorgenson Hall, where Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) supporters continued their Freeze the Fees campaign. They were countered by a newly formed student movement called Rise for Ryerson, which is […]

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Workshop touts diversity, equity

Workshop touts diversity, equity

Ryerson’s newest student group wants to make a change. RU a Changemaker hosted its second workshop for students at the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) last Thursday. The workshop, “Ethical Engagement, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” works to recognize and accommodate individuality while discussing key social issues such as inclusive language, social inclusion and workplace equity. It’s a part of a series […]

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