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(Courtesy Mallory Warren)

As cliché as it sounds, my volunteer trip changed my life

While I’ve liked travelling all of my life, I never knew what it really meant to travel until I took my first volunteer trip. I went to India this past May for a month to volunteer and now I’m totally hooked on travel. But, not the kind of travel where you sit on a beautiful beach for a week. I […]

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(Courtesy Aboriginal Education Council)

Ryerson calls for indigenous education

Members of the Ryerson community want more indigenous content on campus. This is a major takeaway from the latest series of discussions hosted on campus as part of the university’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) report. “I have taken a course, called critical issues, that touched on indigenous peoples for about 10 minutes,” said Kyle Edwards, a […]

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(Rosemond Quartey)

MAP: Where to quench your thirst during Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche Toronto kicks off tomorrow at sunset and ends Sunday at 7 a.m. The free annual contemporary art exhibition gives those in the city a full night of interaction with art in public spaces. If you plan on drinking your way through the festival’s city-produced exhibitions and partner projects, check out the map below as your resource for student-friendly bars […]

Students were most interested in talking about the university's exam policy at Ryerson's second town hall meeting. (Courtesy Alison Wood via Creative Commons)

Exam anxiety top concern for students at policy review

Students already had exams on the brain at Ryerson’s second town hall meeting on academic policy review last week. The session was one of two convened by the ad hoc Academic Policy Review Committee to discuss five academic policies ranging from graduate course management to examination policies. The second meeting was supposed to cover three policies: graduate course management, academic […]

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Oakham Café closed due to continued renovations. (Kevin John Siazon)

Oakham Café staff strapped for shifts

Oakham Café workers are feeling pinched for shifts after prolonged renovations. They  have been sharing shifts with the staff of the Ram in the Rye since the beginning of orientation week. “The Ram has absorbed the staff of the café, so it’s really over staffed,” said an Oakham House employee, who wished to remain anonymous. Oakham Café was scheduled to […]

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As many as five to six per cent of card readers aren't working across the TTC system at any given time. (Kevin John Siazon)

More Presto, more problems

Presto card-holders across the city are frustrated. Again. The Toronto Star reported that an audit conducted by the TTC last week revealed that as much as five to six per cent of Presto card readers within the system aren’t working at any given time. The card reader malfunction isn’t the first challenge the TTC has faced since rolling out the […]

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Posters at the Ryerson counselling centre . (Jayna Rana / Ryersonian Staff)

Depression, anxiety and suicide on the rise at Canadian universities

Depression, anxiety and suicide attempts are increasing among students at Ontario colleges and universities. The rising demand for mental health services is making it hard for campuses to keep up. The new mental health statistics were released today, in a report by the Ontario University College Health Association (OUCHA). The report analyzed responses from 25,000 students gathered this spring.   […]

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Petition gets action after students booted from class

Petition gets action after students booted from class

Nine Ryerson fashion communication students are officially enrolled in the Mass Exodus fashion promotion course after a computer glitch saw them removed from the class before the start of the term. Amanda Ho and Katie Ferreira, two of the affected students, started a petition on after discovering they were not enrolled in fashion promotion, which produces the Mass Exodus […]

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RSU escalates battle with CFS with joint letter

RSU escalates battle with CFS with joint letter

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) has released a joint letter signed by 10 post-secondary student unions from across the country, voicing the student governments’ dissatisfaction with the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). The letter follows a report released by the RSU on Sept. 4 that formally evaluated and criticized the value of the union’s relationship with the CFS. Student movement ‘Done better’ […]

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Rising tuition has students climbing the walls

Rising tuition has students climbing the walls

Mount Debtverest was erected on Gould Street this week, drawing attention to the towering rise in tuition costs. Ryerson students were invited to climb the nearly 8-metre wall, given the moniker “Mount Debtverest,” from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday. The wall represented the potential debt students take on by pursuing a post-secondary education — and the challenges they face […]

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Lachemi, RSU, federal government talk Canadian electoral reform

Lachemi, RSU, federal government talk Canadian electoral reform

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) met with the federal government on campus yesterday to discuss electoral reform.   “In general, [student issues] don’t get listened to unless students vote and so that’s why I’ve taken interest in the democratic institutions portfolio,” said Victoria Morton, RSU vice president education and one of the four union executives present at the meeting. University […]

The last time the Ryerson Students' Union hosted an event like this Drake dropped onto Gould Street  / Ryersonian Archive File

Ryerson’s latest mystery concert fetching 30,000 per cent mark up

The last time the RSU marketed an event like this Toronto-born rapper Drake dropped onto Gould St. to play a concert

Immigration Minister John McCallum and a student talk last February about sponsoring refugees. (Ryersonian File Photo)

Rye’s Lifeline Syria is left in lurch after government policy change and cuts back

There are over 100 private sponsorship groups within the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge, but only 12 of them have seen the Syrian refugee families they’ve sponsored actually make it to Canada. Now, it looks as though the rest of the sponsorship groups could have to wait until the end of the year – or early next year – for […]

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(Courtesy of Everybody Wants Some!!)

Review: Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!

Imagine university life without cellphones and laptops. It may seem impossible. However, there was a time when plans were made using notes left on dorm room doors and parties happened without any minute-to-minute documentation on Snapchat. That time was 1980. Richard Linklater’s new film Everybody Wants Some!! perfectly captures the essence of this pre-social media era. It seems almost mystical for […]

(Julianne San Antonio/Ryersonian Staff)

OSAP overpayments cause student worry

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) has been overpaying students, and it wants the money back. According to a Toronto Star investigation released on April 1, the student loan program has handed out over $700 million in overpayments since 2009. According to OSAP’s website, an overpayment is when a student has received more in loans than they are entitled to. […]

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(Julianne San Antonio/Ryersonian Staff)

Study finds students ‘whitening’ their resumés

Minority students experience difficulties when finding jobs, a new study finds. About 40 per cent of job applicants who belong to minority groups “whiten” their resumés in hopes of avoid racial discrimination, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Toronto and Stanford researchers. “Resumé whitening” refers to people changing their names on resumés to anglicized ones or […]

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(Rebecca Goss/Ryersonian Staff)

You can call me Paprika: Working at a summer camp has made me realize there is so much more to life than just the daily grind

Every summer since I was 16 years old I’ve worked at an outdoor education centre and summer camp just outside my hometown, Edmonton. From April to August every year, I go by the name Paprika. Paprika is my camp name – my alter ego. Paprika is a motivator at the zip line, an expert on nature facts and the world’s […]

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Justin Trudeau announced the federal budget on March 22, which promised significant funding increased for students and youth employment initiatives

Trudeau budget announces massive increase in tuition grant funding

  By Sidney O’Reilly The Canadian government has made a major pledge to Canadian students and youth — $1.53 billion over the next five years and $329 million each year thereafter in grants for students. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau followed through on many of his electoral promises to students in The Liberal government’s first budget was unveiled March 22.  Despite the deficit […]

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Residence students will have more options for leftover meal plan money starting in April 1. (Hannah Logan/Ryersonian Staff)

New options for leftovers: Ryerson meal plans getting an update

Ryerson has announced long-awaited meal plan changes that will ensure students in residence won’t lose the remaining balance on their accounts. The school promised changes last September after students complained that they couldn’t spend all of the money on their meal plans before the end of the year, thus losing leftover funds. After an investigation, The Ryersonian found that it […]

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Mobile games among most popular apps for young adults

Mobile games among most popular apps for young adults

Does obsessively trying to reach the next level on Candy Crush Saga or attempting to launch birds with slingshots on Angry Birds sound like something you’ve done on your mobile device?

Possible rise in Cuba trips

Possible rise in Cuba trips

With talks of US-Cuba relations improving, students may see a change in prices to this hotspot destination.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Arts & Life
(Courtesy Dave Crosby/Creative Commons)

Canadians must make better dietary decisions

Canadians will eventually start to make healthier decisions on their own, but it all starts by persuading their wallet before their mind.

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Ryerson students win $2,000 for O’Keefe Lane design

Ryerson students win $2,000 for O’Keefe Lane design

  Adam Harrison, Arash Oturkar and Michael Uttley step onto the curb of O’Keefe Lane as a delivery truck squeezes between them and a row of filled dumpsters. The driver shakes his head as if he’s annoyed to see people travelling through the narrow laneway by foot. “A lot of people right now think (that O’Keefe Lane) is just a […]

Poet Rupi Kaur visits Ryerson

Poet Rupi Kaur visits Ryerson

Students celebrate International Women’s Day with Rupi Kaur

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New grads are worth the investment

New grads are worth the investment

For graduating or recently graduated students, having the money talk is hard.

Battle of the Bands competition coming to Hard Rock Cafe

Battle of the Bands competition coming to Hard Rock Cafe

Mark your calendars, because Ryerson’s annual Battle of the Bands competition is returning to the Hard Rock Cafe March 10.

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(Courtesy: Bryan Meler)

Ted Rogers Sports Conference gives students insight into sports industry

The Ted Rogers Sports Conference (TRSC) on March 5 provided professional insight and competition for students who looked to combine their passion of sports and business. Jim Barker, the Toronto Argonauts’ general manager, kept the students engaged with a keynote speech. Along with various workshops and a panel discussion, students partnered into groups of three or four to take part in a case […]

RSU president Andrea Bartlett responds to the controversy surrounding a decision to fire two RSU employees including a new mother on parental leave. (RyersonianTV)

Opinionated women in the digital age

While Ryerson prides itself on being diverse and enlightened in matters of social justice, further progress is necessary.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
SLC still doesn’t solve study space issues

SLC still doesn’t solve study space issues

It’s been a year since the Student Learning Centre opened its doors, but the building still has some issues to resolve.

by Eunice Kim· · Editorial
James Tieu, co-founder and co-executive director of ZLAS, poses before the event kicked off. (Nicholas Raponi/Ryersonian Staff)

Rye students get analytical for the Blue Jays

Ryerson University’s Zone Learning Analytics School (ZLAS) has turned the love of baseball analytics into a competition. Canada’s Next Top Sports Analytics Leader competition was held Feb. 26 at the Student Learning Centre’s Launch Zone, where students were put into teams of four or five and were required to do analytical research for the Toronto Blue Jays. Twelve teams participated, […]

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Five tips for success you need to know before midterm season

Five tips for success you need to know before midterm season

Now that the reading week/midterm slump is in full swing, we asked Lane Vetere to share her top five tips for academic success.

by Angela Serednicki· · Arts & Life
Ryerson Dance Pak gets ready for competition

Ryerson Dance Pak gets ready for competition

The Ryerson Dance Pak will attend three weekend competitions in March where it will be facing other post-secondary dance teams from Ont.

by Christina Botticchio· · News
Ryersonian's Mikaila Kukurudza gives you a five minute work out for when you need to squeeze in some fitness between studying.

Rye gets fit: cubicle core workout

Ryersonian’s Mikaila Kukurudza gives you a five minute workout for when you need to squeeze in some fitness between studying.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Arts & Life, Health
The Front Line

The Front Line

Universities are increasingly becoming front-line care for a generation more open about mental health than ever before. Now is the time to shift the conversation beyond just wait lists.

by Justine Ponomareff· · Features, Health
‘In early January I was paid to have sex with someone’

‘In early January I was paid to have sex with someone’

A fourth-year student finds her first sugar daddy through

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
The Shops at Aura cafeteria could make for a prime study spot. (Lee North/Ryersonian Staff)

The Shops at Aura could be Ryerson’s student study oasis

There’s an underground mall close to Ryerson’s campus that appears to be empty. Why not utilize the space?

by Lee North· · Editorial, education, Food, Opinion
Ryerson ad shoot, April 9, 2010.

DMZ’s GO mobile app retires, commuters react

Metrolinx retired the GO mobile app on Jan. 2 and commuters are still dealing with the rocky transition. The mobile app that was launched in 2011 by Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ) was having continuous technical issues.

by Christina Botticchio· · DMZ, News, Travel
Richard Campos (left) and Jasmine (right) at their wedding. Photo courtesy Stephanie Bridge.

What’s the right age to marry?

Kiera Spronk writes about attending her young friends’ wedding.

by Kiera Spronk· · Opinion, Voices
(Dyaa Eldin/ Unsplash)

Lucid dreaming: ‘I can control my dreams while I’m sleeping’

In my dreams, I’ve learned to fly. I’ve competed in professional sports. I’ve learned to neutralize nightmares by confronting them head-on.

by Daniel Morand· · Voices
Ryerson student describes how she copes with a chronic illness that affects her mood

Ryerson student describes how she copes with a chronic illness that affects her mood

“I don’t know what triggered my panic attacks but it felt like all-consuming fear was swallowing me up into a black hole of paranoia. I became afraid of everything.”

by Brittany Ferreira· · News
(Steven Goetz/Steven Goetz Storytelling)

Suicide prevention activist speaks out

“I went through a lot of pain,” said Shayan Yazdanpanah, aerospace engineering student and advocate for mental health.

by Angela Serednicki· · Health, News
(Redd Angelo/ Unsplash)

Always remember to reach out

Even though it can be hard, start the conversation about your mental health with trusted loved ones

by Ryersonian Staff· · Guest Opinion
CIS basketball needs Toronto for it to grow. (Iram Partap/Ryersonian Staff)

Women like sports, too

We seem to have difficulty comprehending that some ladies at the game aren’t merely hitching a ride on the bandwagon. Sexist notions about women not enjoying sports make publicly identifying as a fan an often-uncomfortable space for women to navigate.

by Alannah Kavanagh· · Editorial, Opinion
Ryerson’s wind tunnel gets revamped

Ryerson’s wind tunnel gets revamped

Down in the basement of Kerr Hall, upgrades to a decade-old wind tunnel have officially been revealed.

by Rebecca Wood· · News
UBSR conference doing numbers — Platinum tickets sold out

UBSR conference doing numbers — Platinum tickets sold out

The UBSR seventh annual conference weekend retreat platinum package sells-out.

by Jordyn Gibson· · Arts & Life
Budgeting, credit cards and goal-setting are important for graduates. (Tiffany Crawford / Ryersonian Staff)

How to get a handle on after-grad finances

The Ryersonian’s Robert Liwanag spoke with RBC director of student banking Mandy Mail who offered financial advice to post-secondary students who are months away from graduating.

Alannah Kavanagh (Credit: Katie Raskina)

Memo to first-years: please get off campus

As a 17-year-old living on Ryerson’s downtown campus, I thought I was living large. Everything I could possibly desire was merely steps away. Carb load at Big Slice anyone?

by Alannah Kavanagh· · Editorial
Editorial Cartoon: October 28, 2015

Editorial Cartoon: October 28, 2015

by Robert Liwanag· · Editorial Cartoon, Opinion
(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Ryerson students now have free access to the MS Office Suite

Initially, Microsoft had estimated that the suite would be available to Ryerson students by last December, but the implementation was still unresolved even until earlier this year.

by Abby Chan· · Science & Technology, students
(Courtesy of Facebook)

Trudeau’s ‘change’: How students can hold him to it

After months of election buzz taking over your social media feeds, from GIFs of Elizabeth May’s sassy peace sign, to too many voter status selfies to count, millions of Canadians await real change after electing Justin Trudeau as the new Prime Minister.

by Angela Serednicki· · Features, Politics