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Kayla McLaughlin, Reporter and Sports Editor for The Ryersonian

OPINION: Yes I’m in a long-distance relationship. Get over it.

Regardless of how a long-distance relationship comes about and why the two people are forced apart from each other, people will always have something to say. It can be stressful enough to leave everything you know and love — a house, a career, a family — to be with one person, even without the unsolicited opinions of others. The scenario […]

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Legal Innovation Zone gets $50k grant

Legal Innovation Zone gets $50k grant

The Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson received a $50,000 grant from the Law Foundation of Ontario to research how technology innovation can give young people better access to the Canadian justice system. “We invited a call for applications and the Ryerson Legal Innovation Zone submitted an application which we approved. It has a reputation for doing cutting-edge work looking at […]

by Sarah Cunningham-Scharf· · News, On Campus
Ryerson’s DMZ 2.0

Ryerson’s DMZ 2.0

In the final week of January, Digital Media Zone (DMZ) executive director Abdullah Snobar presented the upcoming five-year plan of the incubator’s development at a Ryerson Board of Directors meeting. According to Snobar, the cornerstone of this plan will be the startups DMZ plans to support in the years to come and how Ryerson’s zone learning program can participate. “We […]

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The FCAD Fab Lab is located on the first floor of the Ryerson School of Interior Design. (Robyn Bell/Ryersonian)

New 3D Print Lab Offers More Opportunities for FCAD students

  Ryerson now has its very own 3D print lab, the FCAD Fab Lab, in the Ryerson School of Interior Design (RSID) at 302 Church St., but it will not be available for all Ryerson students. The budget for the new 3D print lab was approximately $130,000 which included 15 printers, and the supplies. Jeremy Littler, a technical support worker […]

How Ryerson’s Transmedia zone looks toward the future

How Ryerson’s Transmedia zone looks toward the future

Minister of Canadian Heritage, Melanie Joly, visited Ryerson to talk about modernization and shifting attitudes in technology. Ryersonian TV’s Shawntae Harris has more.

(Nikolas Theodorakidis/Ryersonian Staff)

The 3D printers are finally here!

FCAD students can now use the newly arrived 3D printers for less than $10. Watch as Ryersonian TV’s Madonna Dennis and Emily Theodore show you how.

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Business over beers

Business over beers

Watch as Ryersonian TV’s Laura Woodward breaks down the latest news in the world of business in the time it takes her to finish a beer. Freshii going public, Snapchat launching potentially the biggest tech IPO since Facebook and Fitbit’s struggles are all on tap for this week’s episode of business over beers.

People are buying music again — so why is HMV Canada closing?

People are buying music again — so why is HMV Canada closing?

Nick Williams, CEO of HMV Canada, blamed the store’s loss in revenue, which has largely decreased in the last two years, on young audiences not buying music. But is that really the case?

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Courtesy of Noctem App

Rye students build an app to curate nightlife

A group of Ryerson students is developing an app to curate Toronto nightlife. Noctem is an app, in its developing stages, designed to better answer the question, ‘What are we doing tonight?’ The app functions similarly to Spotify. Users choose their vibe, ranging from a comedy bar to a club. Then, the app asks how adventurous the user is feeling, scaling […]

by Laura Woodward· · News, Off Campus
Tagwa Moyo/Ryersonian.

Ryerson’s OneCard deposits to go digital by fall 2017

Ryerson is changing the way money can be loaded on to OneCards. Instead of machines, there will be a website to deposit funds.

by Laura Woodward· · Business, News, students
(Courtesy SPLICE)

Ryerson fashion students explore real life and technology

Ryerson’s fashion promotion class held their annual mini fall show in the Ryerson Communications Centre and this year’s theme merged concepts like never before. The name of the show is SPLICE, the formation of a connection between two unrelated concepts. According to Krizia Peluso, this year, that concept is a bridge between real life and digital realities prevalent in today’s […]

by Megan Stephens· · Arts & Life, Fashion, Photography
(Courtesy Chayonika Chandra)

Ryerson listens, if you use the right app

Brennan McEachran, a Ryerson graduate student, wanted to help make his school a better place by collecting input from his fellow students. So, he created SoapBox, one of the original startups at Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone in 2010. Since then, the application has been integrated as one of Ryerson’s many platforms for students to provide feedback and share ideas. But students are questioning […]

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(Courtesy Zeller)

Ryerson’s iron woman

Like many of Frauke Zeller’s students, Lauren Dwyer did not expect to work with robots when she entered Ryerson’s professional communications program. Now a graduate, Dwyer explained, “I came from Newfoundland, fresh out of a psychology undergrad and decided to take communications. So as you can see, none of this points towards robots.” But after working with Zeller, robotics has […]

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VR gives students the tools to tour their projects

VR gives students the tools to tour their projects

Ryerson’s architectural science students have only been able to see their building designs through printed floor plans and computer screens  – until now. With the architectural science department’s recent partnership with Yulio, a Toronto-based virtual reality software company, students can immerse themselves into their designs through virtual reality. On Nov. 7, first- and second-year students taking Prof. Vincent Hui’s design […]

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(Olivia McLeod/Ryersonian Staff)

Get technology out of classrooms

Recently, two political science professors at the University of Toronto, Ryan Balot and Clifford Orwin, wrote a column for the The Globe and Mail about why they are banning electronic devices from their classrooms. Their arguments claim that technology serves as a distraction, as opposed to a learning tool in the classroom, and that students learn more when they are […]

by Kayla Rosen· · Opinion
iOS 10: The good, the bad and the ugly

iOS 10: The good, the bad and the ugly

iPhone users rejoice — you no longer have have to deal with all of those useless default apps. Apple released its new iOS 10 update Tuesday afternoon, and it’s created a heated debate among iPhone users. On the bright side, you can now rid your phone of unnecessary apps, like Stocks or Find Friends. However, the update also includes over […]

by Oriena Vuong· · Business, News, Science & Technology
(Courtesy of Everybody Wants Some!!)

Review: Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!

Imagine university life without cellphones and laptops. It may seem impossible. However, there was a time when plans were made using notes left on dorm room doors and parties happened without any minute-to-minute documentation on Snapchat. That time was 1980. Richard Linklater’s new film Everybody Wants Some!! perfectly captures the essence of this pre-social media era. It seems almost mystical for […]

Prof. Russell Viirre in his lab in Kerr Hall. (Shane Perusse/Ryersonian Staff)

Prof working on treatment for cystic fibrosis

By Shane Perusse Last summer Russell Viirre, a Ryerson chemistry professor, began testing a new drug that could treat over 4,000 Canadian children living with cystic fibrosis (CF). Viirre, who is working on the drug along with Christine Bear, a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is hopeful that their research will increase the life expectancy of […]

Ben Isotta-Riches, CIO of Aviva Canada. (Courtesy Keifer Wiseman)

Aviva Canada and the DMZ partnering to support startups

Aviva Canada and Ryerson’s DMZ unveiled a new partnership last Wednesday to help tech startups emerge break into their industries. The goal? To bring fresh ideas and encourage innovation in insurance and brokerage by collaborating with startups. Aviva Canada, a Canadian property and casualty insurance company made the official announcement at Ryerson on March 23. Abdullah Snobar, executive director of […]

(Courtesy Jason Howie/Creative Commons)

Life Without Instagram: My Journey Through a Six-Day Cleanse

By MacKenzie Patterson Just six years after its inception in 2010, Instagram has blown up to epic proportions. It boasts 400 million monthly users, and most companies actively promote their products and services on the app. Teenagers and adults under the age of 35 are especially active on the social networking platform. It’s rare to hear someone in their teens […]

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Rye prof bans technology in classrooms

Rye prof bans technology in classrooms

Some Ryerson professors have struggled with the idea of banning the use of electronics in his lecture.

by Bianca Guzzo· · Arts & Life, education, Media
Ryerson student Spencer Crook, on exchange in the Netherlands. (Courtesy Nora Sutton, Wageningen University)

Exchange brings Dutch water technology home

Ryerson Urban Water (RUW), a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers focusing on water solutions for cities, hopes its new partnership with Wageningen University can encourage the adoption of progressive water solutions at Ryerson. Spencer Crook is an environmental science management master’s student at Ryerson and is currently on exchange in the Netherlands at Wageningen University. He said that he […]

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Members of the hyperloop team with their faculty and industry advisers. (Courtesy Graeme Klim)

Going into hyperdrive

In the future when you are hurtled through tubes from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you’ll be able to thank a team of Ryerson engineers for helping you arrive safely. Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system that was proposed by Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors and the aerospace firm SpaceX. The concept consists of massive tubes, connecting San Francisco […]

Facebook’s Bunz Trading Zone makes mobile app

Facebook’s Bunz Trading Zone makes mobile app

The popular Toronto-based Facebook group, Bunz Trading Zone created an official app, BUNZ, which was launched on two weeks ago.

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Justin Trudeau announced the $12 million pledge at the University of Waterloo on Jan. 14, 2016 (Courtesy the University of Waterloo).

Ryerson benefits from $12 million pledge to Southern Ontario Water Consortium

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged $12 million for the Southern Ontario Water Consortium, of which Ryerson is a part of, in an effort to help create new clean water technologies.

by Samantha Tapp· · News, Science & Technology
Dr. Robert Clapperton, professor at Ryerson's Professional Communications Department at his desk in the Rogers Communication Centre in Toronto, Canada on January 26, 2016 (Aidan Cox/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson professor promotes social activism through gaming

Robert Clapperton, professional communications professor, created the Global Social Innovation Game (GSIG), a digital simulator that will challenge Grade 11 and 12 students to come up with sustainable business plans that address social problems.

OpenSports co-founders James Gibbons and Chris Cheng. (Victoria Nguyen/Ryersonian Staff)

‘Tinder for sports’ app to launch this month

OpenSports is in its its final stages of development at the DMZ. The mobile app is being heralded as “Tinder for sports,” because it allows users to quickly find nearby recreational sport activities, facilities and players.

Peng Yu, a research fellow at the Centre for Urban Energy, guides a tour of the Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab. (Mallory Chate / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson smart grid lab tests renewable energy options

After putting on a pair of safety glasses, students were able to get a glimpse of Ryerson’s own smart grid last Friday. The Schneider Electric Smart Grid Lab at the Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) on Dalhousie Street was open to the public as part of a provincewide campaign called “Green Energy Doors Open.”

by Mallory Chate· · News, On Campus
Ryerson student’s new app wants to sell you an electric car

Ryerson student’s new app wants to sell you an electric car

A Ryerson student is hoping to convince people to drive electric cars by aiming for the place they care about most: their wallets. Fifth-year marketing and entrepreneurship major Ilya Zatolokin has created a web application that shows users how much money drivers can save with an electric car. The app, Drive EV, allows users to compare the costs of their […]

by James Griffin· · News, On Campus
Delete Facebook, Save the World: 5 things Cory Doctorow needs you to know right now

Delete Facebook, Save the World: 5 things Cory Doctorow needs you to know right now

In the future, people will let their right to privacy slide. Computers, in our homes, cars and bodies can be easily hacked and exploited. Big data and algorithms can be used to determine who is a terrorist and automatically target them with with missile-firing drones. Governments and security agencies can look into your home with impunity, through computers, televisions and […]

Alfaro says it's safe to say most of us are addicted to our phones. (Courtesy of Nadya Domingo/Ryersonian Staff)

How I survived five days without my phone

Losing my phone has always been one of my greatest fears and two weeks ago it became a reality. Granted, I was lucky because I left it at my girlfriend’s house in Montreal and not in some taxi after a night of partying. But not having it made me come to terms with the fact that my phone was a […]

by Kevin Alfaro· · Opinion, Voices
Tully McWatters, a second-year Radio and Television Arts School of Media student, fooled hundreds of people into thinking he was selected as a candidate for the Mars One project. (Courtesy of Steven Gelis/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson student fails to launch in Mars One prank

What started as a post on Snapchat has blasted off into something much bigger for a second-year RTA school of media production student. Tully McWatters, 20, fooled hundreds of people into thinking he was selected as a candidate for the Mars One project. McWatters started by sending himself a bogus email that said he had been selected for the project. He […]

by Steven Gelis· · News, On Campus, Science & Technology
RUSafe on campus?

RUSafe on campus?

A Ryerson professor hopes to revolutionize safety on campus by combining geography with technology. Geography professor Eric Vaz and two employees from Ryerson’s Laboratory for Geocomputation have developed a crime hot-spot web application called RUSafe. The site allows users to select a type of security incident, like assault or voyeurism, and see on a map where it has occurred on campus. “It’s the power […]

by Jessica Lepore· · News, On Campus

High-tech DMZ classroom connects students across Canada

Students from five different universities across Canada simultaneously pull out their smartphones to take part in a poll asking them about their experiences with the Canadian health-care system. Once the results are gathered, they appear on large screens at the front of all five classrooms. The poll sparks an interactive discussion between all five campuses on how their health-care systems […]

by Leah Jensen· · News, On Campus
Kelly McShane, a Ryerson psychology professor, will be creating four 15-minute modules based around program evaluation with the grant money she received. (Eman Ali/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson profs’ online modules to enhance learning across Ontario

Eight Ryerson professors have been given a total of $375,000 by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ Shared Online Course Fund to develop seven online learning modules that will enhance in-class learning. The modules have names such as “Fundamental Techniques of Modern Imaging” and “The Naked Entrepreneur, Season Four: Canadian Entrepreneur Icons.” Ryerson faculty prepared 32 proposals and seven […]

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Live Blog: Digital Learning Reimagined

Live Blog: Digital Learning Reimagined

On Feb. 19, Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is launching its inaugural ChangSchoolTalks 2015. “Digital Learning Reimagined” will explore the evolution of technology in academia and how educators and students can use technology to their advantage. Industry experts will be sharing their ideas on the latest advances in technology-enhanced education. Speakers include: Audrey Watters, education technology […]

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Ann Cavoukian was Ontario's former information and privacy commissioner. (Courtesy Laurelrusswurm / WIkimedia Commons)

Ann Cavoukian: Samsung SmartTV ‘snooping’ shows privacy laws need update

Ryerson’s privacy chief says she’s “disturbed” by television sets that can listen to their owner’s conversations. According to Ann Cavoukian, executive director of Ryerson’s Privacy and Big Data Institute and Ontario’s former privacy commissioner, Canada’s private sector privacy laws need to be revised to reign in the capabilities of smart devices. Earlier this month, the Daily Beast discovered one sentence […]

by Eman Ali· · News
Panel explores the stylish side of technology

Panel explores the stylish side of technology

The recent explosion of fashionable smartwatches and headwear have proven that not all wearable technology has to look like it belongs in a science-fiction movie. A panel discussion hosted by Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education last week explored how wearable devices, or electronics incorporated into clothing and fashion accessories, are changing their aesthetic to look more appealing for […]

by Jessica Murray· · News, On Campus
Ryerson prof’s new software recognizes feelings behind words

Ryerson prof’s new software recognizes feelings behind words

A Ryerson professor has developed software that will allow computers to read your thousands of tweets and understand how much you hate your phone company, or how upset you might be with Ryerson for the various times it didn’t call a snow day when it should have. Denote is a software platform that gives computers the power to recognize negative […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · News, On Campus
(Courtesy Jason Howie, Flickr)

Mass Exodus goes digital with new e-commerce app

For the first time ever, Ryerson’s student-run fashion show, Mass Exodus, will be offering an e-commerce platform through its app where attendees can purchase clothing, accessories and books produced by the fourth-year fashion design and fashion communication students. Robert Ott, chair of the school of fashion, said the idea stemmed from previous years when students’ designs were not for sale […]

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The Startup Open House takes place Oct. 30 from  4-7 p.m. 
(Alexis Allison, Ryersonian Staff)

‘Welcome to the future’ with startup open house

Funky art, open concept spaces, post-and-beam structures and messy work stations. That’s what Brendan Dellandrea says participants of the Toronto Startup Open House can expect when over 100 startup companies throughout downtown Toronto open their doors to the public on Oct. 30. But it’s the people inside these spaces that will be the real draw, he says. Dellandrea is the […]

Internet trolls, cyberbullies and flamers are stirring trouble on social media. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Online aggression and anonymity

A social media researcher disclosed at Ryerson that anonymity is only one aspect behind aggressive online behaviour. For the first time in history, people who exhibit antisocial tendencies are able to reach a wide audience and impact the lives of people through social media websites. But what drives these antisocial individuals? Is it the anonymity of being behind a keyboard, or […]

Dispatch: War Photographs in Print, 1854-2008.
(Zachary Dodds/Ryersonian)

150 years of war photography at the Ryerson Image Centre

Video by Tristan Simpson and Zachary Dodds The Ryerson Image Centre (RIC) unveiled three new exhibitions to commemorate the centennial of the First World War on Tuesday. DISPATCH: War Photographs in Print, 1854-2008 The major exhibit, DISPATCH: War Photographs in Print, 1854-2008, marks the role of recording and representation technologies used during wartime. It traces war photography’s evolution over the […]

Top Hat account manager Paul Valenzano at their Toronto offices. (Sissi Wang / Ryersonian Staff)

Top Hat: A different learning tool to engage students

In some Ryerson classrooms, a new learning tool is rendering inconvenient physical clickers obsolete. Top Hat is a software that allows students to use their mobile phones and laptops, instead of a physical clicker, to answer multiple choice questions and participate electronically in class discussions. The system collects and assigns a mark to each student’s response according to their registered […]

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#Modern: Meet the hitchhiking, art critic robot

#Modern: Meet the hitchhiking, art critic robot

Don’t understand art? Too scared to hitchhike? Ryerson has a robot for that. Frauke Zeller, an assistant professor at Ryerson, has built two robots with very different purposes: one tweets art criticism and the other will soon hitchhike across Canada. The art critic robot, called the kulturBOT 1.0, attends art exhibitions and tweets text-captioned photos of the artworks, visitors and […]

Ellie, a lesbian game character, defeats zombies in The Last of Us (Courtesy of Sony)

Play again: a new wave of LGBT gamers power up

When Samson Romero – a queer gamer and fourth-year social work student – and his friends play against online opponents, they often play with the audio off. “I can’t tell you how many times my friends who play Call of Duty get called the f-word,” said Romero. “There are only two insults in the gaming world: either you’re gay or […]

Ryerson grad Debora Rubin shows off Ping Pong Story at her company's Ryerson DMZ headquarters. (Emma Childs/Ryersonian staff)

Ryerson DMZ: Ping Pong Story

On a planet far away, cavemen wander through Egyptian pyramids. Astronauts explore the Sahara desert and princesses fly through space. All this and more is possible in the world of Ping Pong Story, a website created to develop the imaginations of children while promoting literacy at an early age. Ryerson graduate, Debora Rubin is the founder of this online portal. […]

by Emma Childs· · Features, Top stories
Ryerson journalism instructor working with CBC to cover the Winter Olympics in Sochi. (Courtesy Mark Bulgutch)

Journalism instructor using tech to teach from Sochi

Despite having left the country for two weeks, a journalism instructor said his students will still get the full learning experience in his course. Mark Bulgutch, instructor for a TV reporting course, informed students that he would be away in Sochi, Russia, to cover the Winter Olympic Games for most of February. But some students worry that the Skype calls […]

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Interactive: Tech monitors driving habits, may save students on insurance

Car insurance companies are starting to offer new technology that could mean big savings for university-aged drivers. The technology, known as telematics, (information technology enabling the long distance transmission of data) is part of new usage-based auto insurance being offered for drivers in Ontario. “Innovative programs like this is something insurers are looking at to attract business,” said Pete Karageorgos, […]

Tuesday Tech Talk with Michael Duncan: Oct. 29

Tuesday Tech Talk with Michael Duncan: Oct. 29

Host: Michael Duncan Producer: Tanya Mok Assistant producer: Jasmine Pazzano **** By Michael Duncan Ryersonian Staff Your Office 365 trial has ended and going through Blackboard to access Ryerson’s Google Docs is a chore. You’ve downloaded a word processor for your phone, but  no one wants to write a 1,000-word essay with a touch keyboard that features bizarre word prediction. […]