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Rye grad, OCAD students help make Uber accessible

Rye grad, OCAD students help make Uber accessible

AccessNow’s Maayan Ziv and the Inclusive Design Research Centre students at OCAD enlightened Uber on challenges faced by people with disabilities.

An ad accused of being insensitive to a homeless man's death in frigid temperatures last January, which appeared on the  bus shelter where he died. (Al Donato/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson homeless advocate denounces TTC shelter ad, leads to city intervention

Street nurse Cathy Crowe will be part of new campaign to educate public on what to do when a homeless person needs shelter

by Al Donato· · Off Campus
The Viva bus — Richmond Hill's somewhat efficient bus system. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

A compilation of everything that has gone wrong while riding the TTC

When you commute in this city, almost every day presents a fresh version of hell. Trekking from home to school and back again means having to navigate pretty much every obstacle the public transit experience can throw at you. The best part is it’s never —EVER — anything you can really prepare for. So you just go along with it, giving […]

by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues· · Opinion, Voices
You could also rent out an entire streetcar. We guess. Try it!

TTC makes 38 promises to transit riders

The TTC released its third annual customer charter Friday listing  38 promises to its riders. The charter outlined what the TTC plans on doing to improve the transit experience throughout the year, with specific goals scheduled during each quarter. There are six main areas of focus: response to needs, accessibility, cleanliness, information, modernization and renewal. Many of the commitments centred on being more reliable and […]

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TTC time-based transfer proposal reaches next step

TTC time-based transfer proposal reaches next step

By: Jason St. Jacques, Hillary MacDonald, Christina Ciddio  The Toronto Transit Commission is proposing to replace the current one-way, single-use transfer system with an alternate time-based travel plan. The proposed transfer method will allow passengers to travel in multiple directions on one ticket for a fixed period of time – likely two hours. A preliminary trial of this newly proposed […]