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Courtesy Lamees Wajahat

Love letter from Lahore

‘Lahore was some sort of unreal fantasy that fed my wanderlust every day, literally and figuratively.’

by Lamees Wajahat· · Opinion, Voices
Ilya Yakubovich/Flickr Creative Commons.

Cheap(ish) study week student trips

Escape your responsibilities with these winter getaways

by Sarah Cunningham-Scharf· · Arts & Life, students, Travel
Free access to National Parks an environmental concern

Free access to National Parks an environmental concern

Parks Canada is offering free admissions to its national parks and historic sites. But environmentalists are concerned what the influx of visitors may pose to park wildlife.   Sara Edge, an environmental studies professor at Ryerson, said noise pollution, waste production and higher foot and vehicular traffic are some concerns she has regarding free admission.   According to Parks Canada, […]

by Lara Onayak· · News, Off Campus
(Courtesy Amanda Gilmore)

How my study abroad brought me loneliness and love

When I found out that I was going to London for my study abroad, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. London was a place I wanted to visit for as long as I could remember. It wasn’t because of the pub life or accents, but because my family is from the United Kingdom. I was thrilled that I […]

by Amanda Gilmore· · Off Campus, Opinion, students, Travel, Voices
(Courtesy Mallory Warren)

As cliché as it sounds, my volunteer trip changed my life

While I’ve liked travelling all of my life, I never knew what it really meant to travel until I took my first volunteer trip. I went to India this past May for a month to volunteer and now I’m totally hooked on travel. But, not the kind of travel where you sit on a beautiful beach for a week. I […]

by Mallory Warren· · Opinion, Travel
Kayla Rosen (Chase Stark)

Detained by the Israeli police

When I made the decision to fly across the world to intern at The Jerusalem Post this past summer, there were many things that I anticipated beforehand. I anticipated that the scorching desert sun would be tough on my pasty complexion. I anticipated that working as a reporter would bring many obstacles (I know a grand total of five Hebrew […]

by Kayla Rosen· · Opinion, Voices
Possible rise in Cuba trips

Possible rise in Cuba trips

With talks of US-Cuba relations improving, students may see a change in prices to this hotspot destination.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Arts & Life
Low dollar changes student reading week plans

Low dollar changes student reading week plans

Being dragged down by oil prices and other commodities, the Canadian dollar has plummeted dramatically. For many students this is affecting their reading week trips.

by Inshaal Badar· · News
Entrepreneurship in action: Ryerson students making an impact

Entrepreneurship in action: Ryerson students making an impact

As many of us breathe a sigh of relief after being done with midterm season, nine students around campus are scrambling to get back into the routine of just going to class.

by Ban Ibrahim· · Arts & Life, entrepreneurship
Spadina station with accessible gates. 
(Courtesy Steve Chou Photos)

Metrolinx and TTC work to make accessibility gates Presto friendly

Metrolinx and the TTC are in the process of developing technology to make the Presto payment devices work with the accessibility gate in Toronto subway stations. Brian Drew, a senior policy advisor assigned to Presto by the province of Ontario, lead the round table discussion at the Metrolinx annual accessibility public meeting. This year’s meeting at Metro Hall on Nov. […]

A TTC map, outlining the progression of Presto installations from 2009 to the projected installations in 2014.

TTC: Slaves to the politicians – not the people

  Subways, folks. Subways, subways, subways. The last four years, Mayor Rob Ford has had a clear goal – the expansion of the TTC network by bringing subways to Scarborough and beyond. Many say it’s been a disaster. “Why was it a disaster? Because we do not have sufficient operational autonomy on part of TTC. If they were autonomous to a […]

Housing woes for Ryerson’s exchange students

Housing woes for Ryerson’s exchange students

By Tamara Sestanj and Alvina Siddiqui Kristian Lindhardt was excited to start his student exchange in Toronto. But there was only one little problem: he had no idea where he was going to live for the next four months once he got off the plane. It’s a story that many international students coming to Ryerson are all too familiar with. […]

The author's grandmother, Shadab Khatoon, distributing supplies during the 2010 Pakistan floods. (Fatima Kazmi/Ryersonian)

Finding beauty among bombs

My father was convinced I would come running back to Toronto in a week. I’d go, I’d see, and then I’d leave. Instead, I went, I saw, and then I fell in love. There were bombs, riots and target killings, but Pakistan stole my heart. What was supposed to be a vacation became a three-month adventure with a road trip […]

by Fatima Kazmi· · News, Opinion, Top stories, Travel
How to plan a trip across Europe on a student budget

How to plan a trip across Europe on a student budget

While spending summer at home and working is a good financial decision, it is not nearly as exciting as a European adventure. The food is better, the weather is warmer and there are more beautiful beaches. So why not go? Here are six steps to take to make the dream trip a reality: 1. Plan the route There are many […]

by Shannon Cuciz· · Arts & Life, Fashion, Food, Top stories, Travel
Celebrating after hiking to the top of First, a summit in the Swiss Alps.

How I planned my dream student exchange

My worst day of university was when I found out I couldn’t afford to go on an international exchange. I still remember the sick feeling in my stomach when my academic co-ordinator told me I needed $15,000 to make my dream happen. Tears welled up in my eyes. Since high school, I worked two jobs at a time to save […]

by Shannon Cuciz· · Opinion, Voices
Ryerson journalism exchange student Lisa Coxon sits with her international multimedia and world politics class on graduation day outside the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark.  (Courtesy Lisa Coxon)

Social media driving Ryerson students to go on exchange

Social media brings the world to students and is encouraging them to go out and see the world. “Once classmates see and hear about what their friends are doing around the world, they want to get involved too,” said David Begg, Ryerson’s international engagement coordinator. This year 212 Ryerson students are leaving Canada on international exchanges, which is the university’s highest […]

by Shannon Cuciz· · News, On Campus, Top stories
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