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Ryerson divided on #MeToo sexual assault campaign

Ryerson divided on #MeToo sexual assault campaign

Canadian actresses Sarah Polley and Larissa Gomes are just two of many women who have brought forward allegations of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of now-infamous producer Harvey Weinstein. But A-list stars are not the only ones sharing their stories.

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Business over beers: part two

Business over beers: part two

Ryersonian TV’s Laura Woodward breaks down the latest news in the world of business in the time it takes her to finish a beer. Hudson’s Bay’s potential Macy’s bid, Bombardier’s loan, and Twitter’s quarterly results are all on tap for this week’s episode of business over beers.

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You are what you share…or are you?

You are what you share…or are you?

The way we decide what goes on our social media pages typically winds down to one consideration: what we want people to know about us.

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Friends start Norm Kelly-themed charity ‘We The Norm’

Friends start Norm Kelly-themed charity ‘We The Norm’

  The first rule of running a successful fundraising campaign: get 6ix Dad Norm Kelly involved. Three Toronto friends did and their hotline has been blinging ever since. Gary Liang, Tom Guo and Emerson Lai decided they wanted to give back to the community, so last week they started “We The Norm,” a non-profit organization that sells Norm Kelly, Drake […]

by Tiffany Crawford-Christie· · Arts & Life, Fashion
Social media aflutter after Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry post at Ryerson’s MAC

Social media aflutter after Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry post at Ryerson’s MAC

A picture of Toronto Raptor Kyle Lowry with a basketball? No big deal. Lowry at the Mattamy Athletic Centre? I’m listening. Add in a drone and a cryptic message of more to come? I gotta know!

by Emerson Brito· · Basketball, News, On Campus, Sports
Controversial Twitter harassment trial awaits verdict

Controversial Twitter harassment trial awaits verdict

Reporter Victoria Chan gives us the latest update on a case involving the alleged harassment of three women by one man on Twitter.

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US intelligence whistlblower Edward Snowden's Twitter profile. Via Twitter

Edward Snowden is finally on Twitter

Attention people of the Internet! Edward Snowden is on Twitter. At noon on Tuesday, the US intelligence whistleblower posted the first missive:”Can you hear me now?” Within an hour that tweet had garnered 25,000 retweets and 18,000 favourites, and his verified profile had 167,000 followers and counting. Snowden made his second tweet a shout-out to celebrity science guy Neil deGrasse Tyson. .@neiltyson Thanks for […]

by Peter Goffin· · Media
Unite Ryerson candidate applauds killing of New York City police officers

Unite Ryerson candidate applauds killing of New York City police officers

  By Billy Johnson and Nicole Thompson   The Ryersonian has obtained screenshots of remarks made by Zidane Mohamed condoning the killing in December of two New York police officers. Mohamed is Unite Ryerson’s candidate for vice-president for education in the upcoming Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) election. “Is it bad of me that I applaud the killing of the two […]

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The grand jury's decision not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the murder of unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, has re-opened the race dialogue. (Lauren Harris / Ryersonian Staff)

The “peaceful” protest: what is it good for?

The words “peaceful” and “protest” seem to contradict one another. Is it possible to be calm – to not be enraged – when society, or ironically, the justice system, has failed to provide justice? But more importantly, is the peaceful protest effective, or does it simply downplay the tragedies we so desperately want to stand up against? The Arabic poet, […]

by Lauren Harris· · Opinion

Taking back the tech

Bitch. Whore. Slut. If you’re a woman on the Internet, you’ll probably receive one of those insults at least once in your life. Chances are, you’ve already heard some of them. The reality is, social media is often an unsafe space for women. Outspoken women online brace themselves for misogynistic backlash that they feel is, unfortunately, inevitable. When sexism is […]

by Hana Shafi· · Features
A student exchanges opinions on a television show, while watching said show. Ryerson researchers say are exploring this phenomenon, dubbed the "second screen experience."

‘Second screen experience’: Ryerson researchers delve into new social media phenomenon

It’s common knowledge that Twitter is one of the world’s leading platforms for exchanges of opinion. But recently, people have taken the social media behemoth to a whole new level by tweeting their reactions in real-time as they watch TV. The phenomenon, dubbed the ‘Second Screen Experience’, has become so widespread that experts have begun researching the television viewers who […]

by Lee Richardson· · News
Kirstine Stewart and Sangita Patel. (Meg Campbell, Twitter)

Ryersonian reporter barred from tweeting at Twitter event

A Ryersonian reporter was barred Wednesday from attending, tweeting and taking photos at a Ryerson campus event featuring Kirstine Stewart, the vice-president of North American media partnerships for Twitter Inc. The reporter was turned away from the event, a conversation with Stewart put on by the RTA School of Media in conjunction with Women in Communications and Technology, by door […]

by Samantha Sobolewski· · Media, News, On Campus, students
Kirstine Stewart, CEO of Twitter Canada, with 2013 winner Samantha Sim.

In their shoes

Students across Canada are competing for their chance to spend a day walking in the shoes of a senior executive. “CEO x 1 Day” is organized by Odgers Berndston, a global executive search firm. After receiving positive feedback from its pilot last year, the company decided to bring the competition back and expand. A total of 21 CEOs — almost […]

Melissa Siu-Chong presented to Vatican representatives in June. (Courtesy of Kevin Tablizo)

Ryerson students help revamp Vatican’s social media — again

Vatican representatives are returning to Ryerson following a successful collaboration with students last year to revamp the city-state’s social-media practices. Melissa Siu-Chong, one of the students who presented social-media changes to Vatican visitors in June, said they were receptive to ideas and seemed active and eager to improve their social-media techniques. The hospitality-and-tourism student said the main problem was the Vatican’s social-media strategy was the use of […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, Science & Technology
Andrew Buck is moving on.

Sonian’s top 10 stories of the year according to you

10. “Meet the Rams’ first anthem singer” – March 2014 by Victor Ferreira Kicking off the list is a story about Ryerson’s first live national anthem singer at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC), Andrea Bartlett. Before Bartlett, a third-year human resource management student, the Rams opened games with an audio recording of an instrumental version of the anthem. Bartlett’s first […]

by Kalia Garcia-Rojas· · News, Off Campus, On Campus
(Russell Sabio/ Ryersonian staff)

This student vows to make Ryerson’s campus more positive

by Samantha Lui· · News, On Campus, Videos
(Christina Dun/ Ryersonian staff)

An exclusive chat with the “face” behind Ryerson Problems

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, On Campus
PM Tayyip Erdogan (left) has banned access to YouTube and Twitter. (Courtesy GovernmentZA / Flickr)

Turkey’s YouTube ban called ‘attack on free speech’

The Turkish government blocked access to YouTube on March 27, less than a week after it blacked out Twitter — an act a Ryerson grad is calling a “full-fledged attack on free speech.” The last time Diran, who didn’t want to disclose his last name, visited his home country was four years ago. He remembers a ban on YouTube during […]

by Hailey Chan· · News, Off Campus
Ryerson ranks third in social media influence of Canadian universities.(Illustration: Hailey Chan/The Ryersonian)

Ryerson ranks top three on the Dean’s social media list

Ryerson’s social media sites are the third most influential among Canadian universities, a study shows. The study was conducted by MediaMiser, a site that focuses on media monitoring and analysis. Over the winter, it tracked the social media accounts of Canadian universities to highlight their online influence. The study looks at the universities’ Twitter retweets, followers and Facebook likes. Ryerson […]

by Hailey Chan· · News, On Campus
Photo via Twitter, @TheEllenShow

DeGeneres’s selfie cracked Twitter but not the millennial market

Ellen DeGeneres’s face gleamed when she announced something unusual at the Oscars Sunday night. “I just got an email, and we crashed Twitter.” The culprit was a group selfie that DeGeneres tweeted during the show, in which the emcee posed with 11 other A-listers including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper. As soon as the photo hit […]

Ramona Pringle, left, with panelists Jesse Hirsh and Lance Weiler. (Sarah Jones / Ryersonian Staff)

Dean lecture series: Résumés in a digital world

By: Sarah Jones The Internet is the new stomping ground for students, and they need to learn how to navigate it as professionals. That means developing a finely tuned set of technological skills. “I haven’t had a resume since I was 19,” said Lance Weiler, an American filmmaker. In an era of digitized communications, your name is a brand. An […]

Super Bowl 2014’s top five entertainment moments

Super Bowl 2014’s top five entertainment moments

Football fans were disappointed at more than just Peyton Manning’s performance during last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII. This year’s much anticipated TV commercials turned out to be less-than-average. From Ford Motor Company’s two-commercial spectacle featuring James Franco and Rob Riggle, to Maserati’s starring Quvenzhané Wallis, commercials were more confusing than ever. What didn’t disappoint though was Bruno Mars and Red Hot […]

Meet the man who gets all your @Ryerson tweets

Meet the man who gets all your @Ryerson tweets

Scott Ryerson has a problem. The Illinois native and IBM employee’s Twitter feed is useless. Ryerson (the guy) is the owner of the @Ryerson Twitter handle, and is inundated with tweets about the daily issues of Ryerson (the university) students. I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile. #in — Ryerson (@Ryerson) […]

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The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 9

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 9

We bring you a weekly wrap-up of Canadian campus news produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto, Canada. It features weekly news from, and from the Canadian University Press. Here are the stories mentioned in this week’s podcast: Mayor Ford stripped of some of his powers at rowdy council meeting Trudeaumania at Ryerson residence cafeteria […]

Tech Talk: Social media

Tech Talk: Social media

With Twitter’s IPO having gone bananas, some analysts wonder if we’ll see more advertising fused between our favourite tweets and facebook photos. Perhaps it’s time to step back from the major social media platforms that have most of us hooked … or maybe it’s just time to try out some other emerging platforms. Here are three free social media platforms […]

by Michael Duncan· · Arts & Life, Science & Technology
Storify: Twitter users turn Mayor Ford into national joke

Storify: Twitter users turn Mayor Ford into national joke

Police Chief Bill Blair announced a video file has been recovered that is “consistent with those images that were previously reported in the press,” through an investigation called Project Traveler. The Ryersonian examines how Twitter users humorously reacted on the social media website.

by Victor Ferreira· · News, Off Campus
The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 3

The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 3

In this edition of our arts and life podcast, Jonathan Forani and Lauren Murphy speak with next week’s “Voices” columnist, May Warren, about how she was stuck in traveler’s hell, aka Heathrow Airport, for days on end. We break down some of the week’s hottest topics including the latest Kardashian divorce and how Twitter may just be the future of […]

by Jonathan Forani· · Arts & Life, Audio
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