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Canada West TV, the home for university sports out west, will charge viewers about $5 per game. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

OPINION: Students won’t pay for Canada West TV’s streaming service

On the bus? Stream the Jays game. In a boring class? Stream the Leafs game. On the toilet? Texans vs. Bengals should keep you occupied for the entirety of your stay. Earlier this summer, Canada West TV, the home for university sports out west, unveiled a fresh new look to go with their brand new, pay-per-view online video streaming system […]

by Daniel Marino· · Opinion, Sports
Brampton expansion ‘exciting direction’ for Ryerson: Lachemi

Brampton expansion ‘exciting direction’ for Ryerson: Lachemi

Ryerson University president Mohamed Lachemi says plans to expand a campus to Brampton will mark a new and exciting direction for the school. Lachemi told the Ryersonian Monday that a proposal for a shared campus with Sheridan College is not just a way to deal with the space crunch that Ryerson’s downtown Toronto campus faces. He said it also sets […]


Humans of Ryerson

“You don’t realize how on your own you really are.”

(Peter Goffin/Ryersonian Staff)

True or false? Ryerson students answer questions about the RSU election

Watch as Ryersonian TV’s Tagwa Moyo finds out what Ryerson students actually know about the RSU election. So, how informed are students after all?

by Allan Perkins· · Videos
(Katie Raskina/Ryersonian file photo)

Ohana slate accused of cultural appropriation

The Ohana slate came under fire on Wednesday when two public posts on its Facebook page accused the team of culturally appropriating Hawaiian culture. “Maybe your VP Equity could comment on why you chose a culturally appropriative name? How it’s native to indigenous Hawaiian culture? It doesn’t seem very equitable. You could’ve just chosen family and not taken from a […]

by Deni Verklan· · News, On Campus
(Courtesy Caterina Amaral)

‘Racism is alive and well at Ryerson’ open letter says

A group of students called Indigenous Students Rising sent Ryerson an open letter last week calling for the university’s support for the indigenous and black populations.

by Danielle Lee· · News, On Campus, Politics, Top stories
The Ryerson Theatre School will soon be moving from its current 44 Gerrard St. location. (Aengus Mulroney / Ryersonian Staff)

Community should be top priority for universities

The Ryerson Theatre School building has performed its final act. As of last week, 44 Gerrard St. is no longer the place for students to study theatre, dance and production. Instead, it is getting transformed into the Centre for Urban Innovation, which will house various research groups, such as Ryerson Urban Water, the Centre for Urban Energy, the Data Science […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
(Olivia McLeod/Ryersonian Staff)

Get technology out of classrooms

Recently, two political science professors at the University of Toronto, Ryan Balot and Clifford Orwin, wrote a column for the The Globe and Mail about why they are banning electronic devices from their classrooms. Their arguments claim that technology serves as a distraction, as opposed to a learning tool in the classroom, and that students learn more when they are […]

by Kayla Rosen· · Opinion
Posters at the Ryerson counselling centre . (Jayna Rana / Ryersonian Staff)

Depression, anxiety and suicide on the rise at Canadian universities

Depression, anxiety and suicide attempts are increasing among students at Ontario colleges and universities. The rising demand for mental health services is making it hard for campuses to keep up. The new mental health statistics were released today, in a report by the Ontario University College Health Association (OUCHA). The report analyzed responses from 25,000 students gathered this spring.   […]

by David Greenberg· · Health, News, students
(Katie Coombes/Ryersonian Staff)

Popping the homesickness bubble

I’ll never forget my first day alone in the city. My parents and sisters had dropped me off at residence the day before and as soon as they left I had a bizarre feeling in my stomach, something I had never experienced before. Homesickness. The next day I woke up in my residence room in the International Living Learning Centre […]

by Kaitlyn Coombes· · Opinion, Voices
Markus Harwood-Jones in the Trans Collective'd office in the SCC on Feb. 23, 2016.

Ryerson Trans Collective tackles transphobia on campus

Starting in March, the Ryerson Trans Collective will launch a campaign to tackle systemic cissexism and transphobia in classrooms and on campus.

by Krista Hessey· · News, Top stories
'Role Models' talk about their experiences in postsecondary education for the Take Your Future Further campaign launched Feb. 2, 2016. 
(Curtesy Council of Ontario Universities)

Campaign tackles low Indigenous enrolment in university

Ryerson is one of 20 publicly-funded universities involved in the campaign, which aims to celebrate the accomplishments of Indigenous students and alumni as well as excite the next generation.

by Krista Hessey· · News
Drake's Jungle Tour makes a stop at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on June 2, 2015.

Study Beyonce and Kanye for school credit? Some profs say pop culture is relevant in the classroom

University courses focused on celebrities have gradually become a trend across North America. What’s Ryerson got to do to get Yeezy in the classroom?

Bad religion: talking about God in university

Bad religion: talking about God in university

Signing up for an existentialism course last term was a bit like being told I have to spend another summer in the remote village where my dad was raised.

by Vjosa Isai· · Features, students
A screenshot of cyberattacks around the world from Norse Attack Map.

Cyberattack struck Ryerson’s network before reading week

Just before students went on break, Ryerson’s network went under a cyberattack. Learn more about how it happened.

by Michael Chen· · News, Off Campus, On Campus
The future of Canadian science: Scientists and students speak out to make science an election issue

The future of Canadian science: Scientists and students speak out to make science an election issue

Science has become a major election issue for students, researchers and scientists across Canada, with many criticizing the Conservative government for cuts to funding.

Part-time job search kicks off for the new school year

Part-time job search kicks off for the new school year

As students search for ways to make ends meet for the new school year, the Ryerson Career Centre is trying to help. The centre last week organized the annual part-time jobs career fair that was aimed at helping students trying to gain work experience and earn some income at the same time.

by Veronica Cusi· · Business, Videos
RyersonianTV: Controversy on campus, student mental health and more

RyersonianTV: Controversy on campus, student mental health and more

The RyersonianTV newscast is produced by the School of Journalism’s masthead class. Watch us live, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon EST.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Newscasts, RyersonianTV
Your barista may just have the answers for the most pressing issues facing the world today. (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

The hidden advantage of post-secondary education: society has better baristas than ever

They say that our generation, often dubbed the millenials, is the most educated in history. This is especially true in our society, where the merits of a long and successful education are practically jammed down our throats since birth. And there are definitely advantages to an outrageously over-educated generation. It’s common knowledge that all the 20-somethings wandering around out there […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial
In this Apr. 2, 2009, file photo, Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses media at the London Summit in London, England. (Courtesy of Richard Lewis/

Bill C-51: PM Playing the fear game

As a Muslim, and more importantly as a Canadian, I am terrified to even imagine the kind of society we will live in if Bill C-51 is passed. The anti-terrorism bill, which is over 60 pages long, proposes radical changes to Canadian law and national security in ways that would do little to actually improve public safety. The worst part, […]

by Aeman Ansari· · Opinion
(Mei/Special to The Ryersonian)

The challenges of telling your story

I was met with silence when I finally found the guts to open up to my significant other about the painful experiences I had growing up with racism. The moments crawled by as he sat there, still with seemingly nothing to say until I couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out in an obviously shaky voice: “Forget I said anything. […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · Voices
Ryerson uproar: Opportunity for discussion not insults

Ryerson uproar: Opportunity for discussion not insults

A highly inflammatory article was published last week in The Ryersonian about two non-racialised student journalists getting barred from an event for racialised students. Safe spaces for any group are important, though not necessarily always understood – which is why the quality of the discussion around issues of inclusion is so crucial. “White students barred from funded Ryerson Students’ Union […]

by Dasha Zolota· · Opinion
(Illustration by Nadya Domingo/Ryersonian Staff)

Editorial Cartoon: Mar. 18, 2015

by Nadya Domingo· · Editorial Cartoon, Opinion
On Sunday Mar. 15, Sheldon Levy, on the right, attended the CIS Final 8 championship game.  (Courtesy of Marija Petrovic/Ryersonian Staff)

What does Ryerson need from its next president?

The Presidential Selection Committee at Ryerson failed to find a new president and many are wondering if it has to do with the large shoes the next president will have to fill. Not only did Levy bring a vision to Ryerson University, he brought results. Since taking on the role of president 10 years ago, Levy has redefined the Ryerson […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
For many students, the idea of landing a job is just as stress inducing as not. This is what’s known as a career identity crisis.  (Courtesy of Wikicommons)

University ‘Demagnetizing’ Graduates and Employers

A couple of weeks ago, the Toronto Star published a feature addressing the challenges university graduates face when finding jobs. Their report said that 20 per cent of young Torontonians are unemployed. In part, the blame may be put on the less-than-demanding labour market, but liberal university education is also responsible. Universities are more focused on general education rather than […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
OPINION: We need to respect safe spaces

OPINION: We need to respect safe spaces

Last week The Ryersonian reported on an incident that involved two students who were turned away from an event because they are white. Since then there has been a lot of commentary on the piece and a lot of debate — a lot of the criticism is valid. There are two sides to the story: 1) the media has a […]

by Aeman Ansari· · Opinion, Top stories
(Courtesy of Concordia University)

SOURCES: Two candidates dropped their interest in Ryerson’s top job

Ryerson’s search for a new president failed when its two top candidates backed away from the job — one of them as recently as last Tuesday, The Ryersonian has learned. The university’s efforts to find a chief ended in surprise on March 5 when the university announced that out-going president Sheldon Levy would be staying for up to two years. […]

by Aeman Ansari· · News, On Campus, Top stories
Kadeem Green contributed 12 points for Ryerson at last Saturday's OUA quarter-final game against the Laurier Golden Hawks. (Courtesy of Ryerson Athletics)

Previews for each team playing in the CIS Final 8

#7 RYERSON RAMS The Team: Ryerson will be making its first CIS final eight appearance since the 2011-2012 season. Ryerson spent much of the season ranked third in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), finishing with a 17-2 regular season record. The Rams suffered back-to-back losses to rivals Ottawa and Carleton in late November, but rebounded with 11 straight wins to close […]

In this Jan. 16 file photo, Premier Kathleen Wynne meets with Ontario university and college representatives at Queen's Park. (Courtesy of Tristan Simpson/Ryersonian Staff)

Wynne’s plan for sexual assault policy on university campuses gives hope

This week, the Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson and the Ryerson Students’ Union are holding an open discussion about what the university’s sexual assault policy update should include. It’s the second time this year that Ryerson student unions are engaging with the people most affected by sexual violence on campus: students. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has released a plan […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
In this Apr. 2, 2014 file photo, Ryerson president Sheldon Levy addresses students. (Courtesy of Ryersonian Staff)

No new president: what went wrong?

Last week we were supposed to find out who the new Ryerson president will be. Instead we got more questions. After Friday’s announcement we know that Sheldon Levy will remain in Ryerson’s top job for up to two more years. We now also know that Alan Shepard, president and vice-chancellor of Concordia University, turned down the offer to replace him. […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
Nika Zolfaghari stands by her office in the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre. (Courtesy of Emily Joveski/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson pushing for more women in engineering

York University is loudly pushing for equal male-to-female student ratios across Canada’s engineering programs, while Ryerson University says they’re doing enough to address the issue. Last Wednesday, York announced a new $1.5-million initiative to become the first engineering school in Canada to have an equal number of male and female students. “Achieving a 50:50 gender balance should be a necessity […]

by Emily Joveski· · News, Off Campus, On Campus
Linh Nguyen says she was impressed with student engagement during the RSU election and hopes that it will carry on to October's federal election. (Courtesy of Deepika Shewaramani/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson economics student hopes to be Green Party MP

Linh Nguyen has tattoos, piercings and is only 27, but the fourth-year Ryerson economics student wants to be Mississauga’s next member of Parliament. Nguyen is the Green party’s MP candidate for the Mississauga East-Cooksville riding for October’s federal election. If elected, she says she hopes to keep a very grassroots, community-driven voice in politics. “It’s so important for me to […]

by Deepika Shewaramani· · News, Off Campus
A 2013 study by Industry Canada shows that more than half of medium-sized businesses have men-only ownership and only four per cent that are owned exclusively by women. (Courtesy of Samantha Crisp/Ryersonian Staff)

MasterCard to donate $60,000 for women startups

In an effort to encourage more female entrepreneurs to enter the world of startups, MasterCard’s Youth Entrepreneurial Success (YES) program is donating $60,000 to Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone. Six female entrepreneurs, who must either be a current founder, co-founder or CEO of a startup, will each be awarded with $10,000 in resources. Half of money will be in the form […]

Students can order these "Good Food Boxes," full of fresh produce, from FoodShare Toronto. They cost $13-$32 and can be delivered or picked up on campus and other sites around town.

Ryerson’s Good Food Centre releases first Hunger Report

Food insecurity may be a bigger problem at Ryerson than most expect, said Ryerson’s Good Food Centre in its first Hunger Report released on Feb. 26. The report revealed that more than 400 Ryerson students and faculty members signed up for the service and more than 2,500 visits were made to the Good Food Centre last year. The centre is […]

by Samantha Crisp· · News, On Campus
Ryerson releases results in board of governors election

Ryerson releases results in board of governors election

Ryerson students have chosen their representatives to the board of governors. Cormac McGee and Hannah Van Dyk and Jessica Machado will take seats with board, the university’s most important governing body for non-academic decisions including financial matters like capital spending and planning. McGee won with 858 votes, Van Dyk won with 797 votes and Machado won with 775 votes. McGee […]

by Marija Petrovic· · News, On Campus
An article from The Ryersonian featuring Muller. (Courtesy of The Ryersonian)

Former Ryerson player’s pro career cut short

Miruna Muller knows what it’s like to get a police escort to a hotel after winning a pro basketball game in Istanbul. She also knows how to recalculate your income tax receipts in Ryerson’s enrolment and student fees office. Muller, who played for the Rams from 1996-2001, had her pro basketball career halted by injuries. That led her back to […]

by Alex Lyle· · Audio, Basketball, News, On Campus, Sports
Ryerson to offer new program designed for Aboriginal students

Ryerson to offer new program designed for Aboriginal students

Ryerson is launching a program to incorporate indigenous content into the curriculum to appeal to the Aboriginal community. “(The program) is really designed for the Aboriginal community to be successful,” says  Diane Simone, the learning support facilitator at Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services (RASS), and the program’s instructor. “(At Ryerson), we’re working very diligently to create a curriculum that does have […]

by Lauren Harris· · News, On Campus
The Ryerson women's basketball team was able to create time and space on the offensive side of the ball, controlling the play and opening up high-percentage shots. (Courtesy of Ryersonian Staff)

Women’s basketball team advances to OUA Final Four for the first time in Ryerson history

Ryerson’s women’s basketball team is moving on to the OUA Final Four for the first time in school history after a convincing 73-47 quarter-final victory over the Ottawa Gee-Gees, on Saturday at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. The Rams were able to overcome an Ottawa team ranked No. 1 in the OUA in terms of defence. Led by star guard Keneca […]

by Ryan Skilton· · Basketball, Sports
Carter Grant, left, the vice-president of Students for Life at Ryerson says the group advocates human rights of all levels
of life. In the middle is the group's president, Nicole Bryck, and on the right is the group's secretary/treasurer Teresa Mervar.

Incoming RSU exec says he may have funded pro-life club

By Colleen Marasigan and Nitish Bissonauth An incoming student union executive says he may have funded a pro-life student group that was rejected by the RSU. Students for Life, a pro-life group, was unanimously voted down by the committee that reviews student group applications on Feb. 23. But Cormac McGee, the incoming vice-president education for the Ryerson Students’ Union, says […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, On Campus
Graphic shows comments that were written on the Dalhousie “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” Facebook page. (Courtesy of Susana Gomez-Baez/The Ryersonian)

The Dal ‘gentlemen’ aren’t the victims

*This article contains mentions of rape and violent imagery. Bang until stress is relieved or (girl is) unconscious. Someone punish her with their shaft. Lina up against the wall, we’re going to have a Heineken. If her pussy can’t hold it, her Heineken. Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is […]

by Nadya Domingo· · Opinion
Ryerson Close to Unveiling Updated Sexual Assault Policy

Ryerson Close to Unveiling Updated Sexual Assault Policy

Ryerson University hopes to unveil an updated sexual assault policy by the end of the academic year. Over the past few months Vice-Provost for Students, Heather Lane Vetere, met with student groups and stakeholders, such as campus security, counselling services and community activists, to determine what the policy update needs. “I’ve heard very consistent things, and I’ve distilled all of […]

by Danielle Gresko· · News, On Campus, students
A TA from York University walked in the march with University of Toronto TAs on Thursday. (Courtesy of Ashley Cochrane/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson early childhood education students affected by York strike

By Natasha Gan and Colleen Marasigan Even though our teaching assistants are still on the job, some Ryerson students are already feeling the effects of the York instructor strike. York University’s 3,700 TAs and other non-tenured instructors walked off the job on Tuesday, just one day after 6,000 U of T instructors went on strike. Emily Marks is an early […]

Under Ontario's new sexual education curriculum, Grade 1 students will learn about issues such as healthy relationships and consent. (Courtesy of Ged Carroll)

Ontario sex-ed reform: When it comes to sex-ed, ‘yes’ matters

In September, Ontario Grade 1 students will start learning about healthy relationships, consent and a wider curriculum that deals with other issues. In third grade they’ll learn about the concept of same-sex relationships and the next year they will start learning about how to be safe online, as well as how puberty works. In Grade 6, they’ll be taught what […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
The Ramsbot "brought a lot of cheering" from the crowd at the ACC says team member Michael Marmeto. (Courtesy of the Ryerson Rams Robotics Team)

Ryerson robot shoots lights out at ACC

Ryerson students will be watching a basketball-shooting robot at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) Final Eight next week. The Ryerson Rams Robotics student team showed off the robot, RamsBot, at Engineering Night with the Toronto Raptors on Feb. 27 at the Air Canada Centre. The event kicked off National Engineering Month across Ontario. The RamsBot shot 90 per cent from […]

A file photo from a TTC subway station. (Courtesy of Ryersonian Staff)

Students petition TTC to drop student ID card

More than 6,500 students across the GTA have signed a petition to urge the TTC to drop the post-­secondary student ID card. Jordana Schiralli, a third -year psychology student at the University of Toronto, started the online petition on Feb. 24 after she was kicked off a bus for not showing the card. “I was forced to go back into […]

by Deepika Shewaramani· · News, Off Campus, Top stories
Take a break from studying on campus this weekend. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Majority of Toronto students say they will vote in this year’s federal election: Poll

Most undergraduate university students in Toronto are likely to vote in this year’s federal election, according to a recent poll conducted by Ryerson University’s journalism and political science departments. Almost 60 per cent of undergraduate students say they will probably cast a ballot this year. About one-third of students polled said they are likely to vote and another quarter said they […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, On Campus
What to do on reading week besides reading

What to do on reading week besides reading

Despite its name, everyone knows that little reading gets done during reading week. Here are some things you could do instead of studying next week.   Niagara Falls Explore casinos, indoor amusement parks, the nightlife and the falls, just a short train ride from Union Station. Via Rail offers round trip service from Union Station for about $45, with trains […]

by Jordan Sprague· · Arts & Life
VIDEO: The Commuter Complex – Episode Two: Little Italy

VIDEO: The Commuter Complex – Episode Two: Little Italy

More episodes of the Commuter Complex: Episode one: St. James Town Episode three: West Queen West If you are interested in being featured in the Commuter Complex series, please contact us at

by Aaron Navarro· · Videos
Justin Trudeau favourite federal leader among young Toronto voters, poll suggests

Justin Trudeau favourite federal leader among young Toronto voters, poll suggests

By Kathleen O’Toole for JRN112 A poll conducted by Ryerson University undergraduate students last week suggests that young Toronto voters favour Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. The poll indicates that of the students who favour a leader, a little over half (53 per cent) favour Trudeau over leaders of the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, On Campus
Jean-Paul Boudreau, dean of arts,

Ryerson breaks down language and cultural barriers with new degree

The growing diversity at Ryerson University has spawned a new bachelor’s program. The department of languages, literatures and cultures anticipates the launch of the new baccalaureate in language and intercultural relations in the fall of 2016, following Senate approval at its Jan. 27 meeting. “Our team is energized and eager to demonstrate in these next steps the value and importance […]

by Rachelle Robitaille· · On Campus