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Group photo of the League of Legends orientation night on October 5, 2016. (Brooks Harvey)

Where are all the women in competitive gaming?

When Christie Chung arrived at Ryerson’s League of Legends (LoL) orientation night on Oct. 5, she wasn’t surprised to find that the crowd was mostly male. Chung, a fourth-year Ryerson nursing student and organizer of the LoL club, believes women are not as involved as men in competitive eSports because the games played are geared towards men. “There’s a smaller […]

by Brooks Harvey· · Science & Technology, Sports
Students playing Journey, a PlayStation game, at the Student Learning Centre (Emerson Brito/The Ryersonian)

Pop-up arcade project proves video games more than just violence, a form of art

Female masters student wanted to share her passion in video games by creating a pop-up arcade for her project. So yes, women can love video games, too.

by Emerson Brito· · Interactives, News, On Campus, students
Video game designer Merritt Kopas speaks to Rye about the role of games. (Emily Joveski / Ryersonian Staff)

Dames Making Games: Q & A with Merritt Kopas

Video games often require you to hurt other characters in some way to win the game, but rarely is it because characters ask you to. That’s what makes the game Consensual Torture Simulator so unique. It’s a kinky interactive text-based game, made using the simple online game development platform Twine, where the goal is to make your virtual girlfriend cry. […]

by Emily Joveski· · Arts & Life, Media
Ryersonian reporter Emily Rivas says many women have been sexually harassed at ComCons. (Courtesy of Emily Rivas)

Being geeky isn’t easy sometimes

I remember my first comic convention vividly. It was 2012 and I had carefully prepared my Bioshock splicer cosplay with great detail — right down to the ripped tights, the fake blood and wrench, and the vintage-styled dress. As I eagerly walked around the Fan Expo grounds, I encountered everything I thought I would: The over-priced Jedi robe of my […]

by Emily Rivas· · Opinion
Ellie, a lesbian game character, defeats zombies in The Last of Us (Courtesy of Sony)

Play again: a new wave of LGBT gamers power up

When Samson Romero – a queer gamer and fourth-year social work student – and his friends play against online opponents, they often play with the audio off. “I can’t tell you how many times my friends who play Call of Duty get called the f-word,” said Romero. “There are only two insults in the gaming world: either you’re gay or […]

On the required reading list for a mandatory radio and television arts course: video games. (Arti Panday / Ryersonian Staff)

Swapping textbooks for video games

Instead of sifting through readings in a textbook, Brian DeSousa, a second-year radio and television arts student, is playing The Walking Dead video game — not just for fun, but for class. Video games are becoming popular teaching tools for professors around the world. Earlier this year, a religious studies teacher at a secondary school in Norway incorporated The Walking […]

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