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Illustration by Sumi Siddiqa

Why I Pay for my Music

I can still remember the days when my dad would take me to the nearest HMV to sift through all the latest pop hits. There was this feeling of wholesomeness that would wash over me when I’d stare at these shelves full of albums that I could pay for and own for the rest of my life. This was back […]

by Andre Varty· · Opinion, Voices
Lillian Greenblatt  (Ryersonian Archive)

Ending my silence on mental health

Depression is hard to talk about, especially if you have it. Just thinking about the possibility of other people knowing about your weaknesses and your fears induces anxiety. I grew up in India where the education system is fast-paced and competitive. Before I immigrated to Canada in 2004, I was enrolled in the school my mother taught at, so she […]

by Chayonika Chandra· · Food & Health, Opinion, Voices
(Rebecca Goss/Ryersonian Staff)

You can call me Paprika: Working at a summer camp has made me realize there is so much more to life than just the daily grind

Every summer since I was 16 years old I’ve worked at an outdoor education centre and summer camp just outside my hometown, Edmonton. From April to August every year, I go by the name Paprika. Paprika is my camp name – my alter ego. Paprika is a motivator at the zip line, an expert on nature facts and the world’s […]

by Rebecca Goss· · Opinion, Voices
A brief glimpse into Morocco

A brief glimpse into Morocco

Somewhere between bartering for fake wedding rings and riding camels into the Sahara Desert, I fell in love with an entirely misunderstood country.

‘In early January I was paid to have sex with someone’

‘In early January I was paid to have sex with someone’

A fourth-year student finds her first sugar daddy through

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
(Dyaa Eldin/ Unsplash)

Lucid dreaming: ‘I can control my dreams while I’m sleeping’

In my dreams, I’ve learned to fly. I’ve competed in professional sports. I’ve learned to neutralize nightmares by confronting them head-on.

by Daniel Morand· · Voices
In this file photo, Tara's daughter is at Point Pleasant Park in Nova Scotia. (Courtesy of Tara Lindemann/Ryersonian Staff)

Caught in the undertow

I watch my daughter drown. Every day. I watch her claw her way to breach the surface throughout the day, every day. I watch her clutch tightly to an interim sedative and slip into a fractured sleep, only to awaken under water. Again. I wonder how long it was there, that silent, unremitting undertow waiting to clasp her ankles to […]

by Tara Lindemann· · Opinion, Voices
(Mei/Special to The Ryersonian)

The challenges of telling your story

I was met with silence when I finally found the guts to open up to my significant other about the painful experiences I had growing up with racism. The moments crawled by as he sat there, still with seemingly nothing to say until I couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out in an obviously shaky voice: “Forget I said anything. […]

by Deborah Hernandez· · Voices
How media whitewashing affected me

How media whitewashing affected me

After the nominations for this year’s Oscars were announced, my best friend asked me my opinion about them. I first noticed that all 20 of the acting nominees were white, then that the only non-white directing nomination was for Birdman, a movie with no people of colour in its leading roles. This illustrates a systematic lack of representation in the media, […]

by Calvin Dao· · Opinion, Top stories, Voices
From Alaska to cancer; the next adventure

From Alaska to cancer; the next adventure

Alaska: a place known for gold rushes, bald eagles and dogsledding. With its nearly 55,000 km of tidal shoreline and 42,000 square km of land encased in glacial ice, Alaska is a place for adventures. Two summers ago, I went on that adventure — with my 85-year-old grandmother. Alaska was the first place to visit on my bucket list. Having […]

by Shannon Baldwin· · Opinion, Voices
The Viva bus — Richmond Hill's somewhat efficient bus system. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

A compilation of everything that has gone wrong while riding the TTC

When you commute in this city, almost every day presents a fresh version of hell. Trekking from home to school and back again means having to navigate pretty much every obstacle the public transit experience can throw at you. The best part is it’s never —EVER — anything you can really prepare for. So you just go along with it, giving […]

by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues· · Opinion, Voices
(Erin Petrow/The Ryersonian)

Living in a healthy and balanced way

It’s the end of the month, which means that gym rats everywhere are beginning to see the light at the end of the long January tunnel. The resolutioners are on their way out. After a long bitter month of awkward stretches, disorganized weight racks and packed classes, the Ryerson gyms should go back to normal next month. It’s the same […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
Graphic shows comments that were written on the Dalhousie “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” Facebook page. (Courtesy of Susana Gomez-Baez/The Ryersonian)

Dalhousie dental school’s ‘gentlemen’ misogynists

In the past month since the Dalhousie University incident in the dentistry program was reported, a nationwide collective anger has spread. The school has been met with demands by people from across Canada for the members of the Facebook group “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” to be expelled and their names released. Doing so would make becoming licensed dentists difficult. […]

by Edward Wilson· · Opinion, Voices
A letter from winter: Let it Go

A letter from winter: Let it Go

Being the most hated season is rough. Summer is praised like a god. Spring plays hard to get. Autumn is the most gorgeous of all. What do I get? Complaints and more complaints. I have a few faithful lovers that always come back – but mostly because I’m the only one that can bring the extreme temperatures to build ice […]

by Rebecka Calderwood· · Opinion, Voices
I was bullied by a Ryerson student group

I was bullied by a Ryerson student group

In my second year at Ryerson, I joined a student group that’s supported and funded by the Ryerson Students’ Union. Feeling acclimatized and accustomed to the commute and the campus, I felt it was time for me to get involved in a student club and make new friends. Well, that backfired. Instead of gaining new Twitter followers and invitations to […]

by Alisha Sawhney· · On Campus, Opinion, Voices
Accidental racism is still racism, and always warrants an apology

Accidental racism is still racism, and always warrants an apology

I hate going to work things. You know, the “Hey, we’re going to Moxie’s for a drink,” or, “Hey, we’re all going to so-and-so’s house to hang out.” No thank you. Well, I usually come up with something less direct and more polite, always accompanied by a smile and followed with a, “Thanks anyways, I’ll be there next time, I […]

by Keiandra Watkins· · Opinion, Top stories, Voices
Following in my father’s footsteps

Following in my father’s footsteps

By Allan Perkins Ryersonian Staff In the late 1980s, the Blue Jays were supposed to play an exhibition game in San Juan, Puerto Rico to honor the late Hall-of-Famer Roberto Clemente. Dave Perkins – my dad and a Ryerson alumnus – was travelling with the team to cover the game. He worked as a sportswriter for the Globe and Mail […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 3

The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 3

In this edition of our arts and life podcast, Jonathan Forani and Lauren Murphy speak with next week’s “Voices” columnist, May Warren, about how she was stuck in traveler’s hell, aka Heathrow Airport, for days on end. We break down some of the week’s hottest topics including the latest Kardashian divorce and how Twitter may just be the future of […]

by Jonathan Forani· · Arts & Life, Audio
The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 1

The Ryersonian Voices podcast: Episode 1

This is our weekly Voices podcast by Jonathan Forani and Lauren Murphy. In this edition, we speak with the latest Voices columnist Anam Latif about the culture clash of her Pakistani-Canadian marriage. We go head to head on the controversial blog “300 Sandwiches” and break down some of the week’s most interesting trending topics from the end of TV’s golden […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Audio
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