It can be just as difficult to obtain a radio licence in Toronto as it is in Ghana, RTA  professor Lori Beckstead discovered this year.

Beckstead returned home to Canada after building a radio station in a small Ghanaian community with a group of RTA students in February.

Beckstead was one of three speakers at the radio workshop that took place Monday night at Kerr Hall at Ryerson University.

Ryerson’s The Scope, CHHA 1610 and the National Campus and Community Radio Association collaborated to put on the event, which was the first of five workshops.

The event highlighted the importance and globalization of community radio, as well as the importance of providing radio licences to start-up stations quickly. The Scope at Ryerson is still waiting for its AM license from the Canadian Radio-televison and Telecommunications Commision.

Speakers included Beckstead, Jose Ignacio Lopez Vigil from and NCRA executive director Shelley Robinson.

Events will take place every night this week.

Check out our live blog below for full coverage of the workshop.

Sydney is a graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism and a former Copy Editor for The Ryersonian.