The mystery of the anonymous Amazon packages

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Ryerson is not the only campus receiving anonymous Amazon packages full of mysterious gifts, including sex toys.

More than 10 university student unions across Canada have received up to 35 unsolicited Amazon packages since the fall of 2017. The contents of these packages include sex toys, record players, chargers, and school supplies.

“It’s almost like Christmas Day where you’re just waiting to see what you get as a present,” said Molly Hu, vice-president of the Trent Central Student Association’s (TSCA) clubs and external affairs.

Trent University is the most recent address that’s received these peculiar packages. And there is no explanation for these deliveries.

RSU president Susanne Nyaga says the repeated occurrences are very strange. “If this is a prank good job it happened,” she said. “This is a lot of money you’re investing into a prank.”

The speculation behind the sender’s motive varies from a harmless prank, to promotional advertising, to a nefarious plot.

This lack of information is concerning many people, from the students of the universities to faculty and administrators, to Amazon and the police.

The RCMP and Amazon have launched investigations to uncover who the sender is and why they’re sending these packages.

“This behaviour violates our policies. We remove sellers in violation of our policies… and with law enforcement to take appropriate action,” Amazon said in a statement. They claim that consumer trust is a top priority.

Several student unions have announced that they have no plans to keep the products and plan to give them away.

Among the Canadian student unions who have received these packages, are: Dalhousie in Halifax, Royal Roads in Victoria, and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

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