Toronto councillors call on Rob Ford to fess up

Three of Toronto’s veteran city councillors are calling on Mayor Rob Ford to come clean.

Toronto police chief Bill Blair announced at a press conference this morning that police had seized a video file which includes Mayor Ford and is “consistent with previously reported images of the mayor.” The Toronto Star and Gawker both reported earlier this year that reporters had seen a video of Rob Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

Ward 21 St. Paul’s Coun. Joe Mihevc, Ward 4 Etobicoke Centre Coun. Gloria Lindsay Luby, and Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth Coun. Paula Fletcher called on the mayor to finally acknowledge the allegations against him after months of denial.

Coun. Joe Mihevc/Ward 21

Q. Are you shocked?

A. “I’m absolutely shocked. We’ve been shocked frankly for a few months but the depth and breadth of the pictures, he clearly has misled Torontonians. I think Torontonians today are shocked and they are disappointed that the chief magistrate has … clearly addiction issues in one form or another. He associates with people that he shouldn’t be associating with and in the end he has led Torontonians on a misadventure of falsehoods and misdirection saying that the crack video didn’t exist that he’s on the up and up.”

Coun. Gloria Lindsay Luby/Ward 4

Q. Should he step down?

A. “It’s morally important for him to do that, I don’t think he will. His tendency would be to fight, just tough it out. It’s not a football game it’s time to come and admit what the heck is really going on, that would be very hard to do it’s not in his nature.”

Coun. Paula Fletcher/Ward 30

Q. Councillor do you believe the mayor lied to you?

A.  “That’s up to the mayor. He is going to have to say how he handled this. If he handled this in the best interest of the citizens of Toronto. I think his supporters are going to be so bitterly disappointed. The chief has said there is no conspiracy. The evidence put in to court says there is no conspiracy.

“It’s a really serious matter and I only hope that he is getting really good counselling from his supporters here at city hall including the deputy mayor who has a range of experience…”

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