Pictured: Ice laid out with salt on the bridge to the Rogers Communications Centre. Photo by Nida Omar.

For a good chunk of the school year, Ryerson’s campus is covered with massive amounts of snow, ice and slush. While some students choose to go through the bridge between Kerr Hall and the Rogers Communications Centre to avoid the wintry mess outside, it seems they might be better off taking the outside route after all. Since the beginning of the semester, the bridge has been partly covered by patches of ice.

“I’ve slipped on the bridge three times since the semester started,” said Sabrina Scalfo, a second-year early childhood studies student.

“The first two times I managed to catch myself. Last (time), a guy tried catching me but I still went down on one knee pretty hard – hurt for the rest of the day,” said Scalfo.

“There’s a leak somewhere up there,” said a member of the Tim Hortons staff who works on the Kerr Hall side of the bridge. “It’s been happening all season.”

Laura Baker, a third-year professional communications student, also found herself slipping on the bridge a few weeks ago.

“I fell while I was walking across and hit an icy patch along the edge,” said Baker. Unfortunately, the bridge got the best of me.”

Salt is laid out on the bridge on a regular basis. However, the cause of the leak remains a mystery.

According to Ryerson Media relations, the maintenance team is aware of the issue on the bridge and are currently in the process of developing a long-term solution.

In January, two archways in Kerr Hall were closed off due to unsafe weather conditions. A notice was put out for a close on the North Kerr Hall entrance at 43 Gerrard St. E, as well as the Southeast Kerr Hall entrance on 50 Gould St.

Despite the warning sign on the door to the bridge to the RCC, and the numerous caution pylons laid out in the path, students still find themselves slipping on the ice.

“I don’t know why there’s so much water on the bridge,” said fourth-year political science student Amal Khalid. “Like, when will they fix it?”

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