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Canadian police services boosting security for U.S. Inauguration Day

While there is an intense security crackdown in Washington over threats of violence on Inauguration Day, expect police in Canada to also be on guard for any possible incidents north of the border.

There is currently no public information of any copycat threats in Canada but law enforcement are still on heightened alert.

Government security analyst Stephanie Carvin, a professor at Carlton University says as a precaution, we may see a larger police presence around places like Parliament Hill, the U.S. Embassy and provincial legislatures.


Carvin says the mob storming of a building, like what happened at the U.S. Capitol almost two weeks ago, is unlikely but small groups or lone wolfs could pose a risk.

“We may not see a storming of a particular building but there may be other kinds of violence, extremists threats that security officials are worried about at the moment,” said Carvin.

The Parliamentary Protective Service, who is in charge of security on Parliament Hill, say they are monitoring all threats, will be adjusting its security accordingly and is “ready to respond to any eventuality.”

The RCMP is also working with local police to monitor any possible developments in cities that have U.S. Consulates.

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The Legislative Protection Service at Queen’s Park and Toronto police both have said additional security measures are being put in place out of an “abundance of caution.”

The Legislative Protection Service says the increases will be in “police and security presence in the city and Queen’s Park” specifically, citing the recent events in Washington coupled with the Inauguration.

Meanwhile, the U.S. embassy wouldn’t comment on matters of security, but says it is not holding any in-person events for the Inauguration due to the pandemic.